The Shoot #8
March 31, 2009
By: Joshua Piedra of

Hello everyone and welcome to the eighth edition of The Shoot. A few of the columnists here at, along with myself, had asked ourselves a question. That question was: Whatever happened to Ecto Cooler? If you are old enough to remember this nectar of the gods, then bless each and every one of you. If you have no clue as to what I am talking about? Wikipedia or google is your friend! As the columnists here have aged from our innocent childhood and bloomed into the journalistic phenoms of pro-wrestling that we are today, we often wonder how life would be just that much sweeter have we had the ability to have Ecto Cooler back in our lives. There has already been talk of an Ecto Cooler and Vodka drink, but those who desire this delicious discontinued liquid are denied unless? more on this later. QUICK SHOTS AHOY!

-Quick Shots-

It seems that Mr. Shane Douglas has been itching to do, yet another, Hardcore Reunion with the old ECW band members. You know? I really appreciate the fact that ECW provided all of us wrestling fans with great entertainment as well as lasting memories, but nostalgia only works for so long and ECW is becoming more annoying than Hulkamania. There are times where things just need to be left dead and buried and ECW is one of them. Re-creating those ECW moments will only attract those niche fans that just can?t seem to let go. Is the passion for ECW still that strong or is this just another attempt to squeeze blood from a broken stone? If it’s supposed to be all about nostalgia, where is my WCW Reunion?

It appears that John Cena has challenged Dwayne Johnson for a match at Wrestlemania XXVI. Whether or not the former Brahma Bull will accept the challenge remains to be seen, but I, for one, will be shocked if he does. Mr. Johnson has expressed on numerous occasions that he is finished with professional wrestling and has no real desire to return to the ring, but who knows. The old adage is never say never in the wrestling business. Maybe if a big enough pay day is tossed in the direction of The Rock, it may coax him to come out of wrestling retirement just once and dance one more time on the grandest stage of them all. I?m sure Arizona is eagerly awaiting The Rock’s reply. I, on the other hand, have higher hopes for the return of Ecto Cooler than to see Cena vs The Rock.

By the way? did you know that John Cena was in a movie called 12 Rounds? Just checking?

Finally, since this has been a rather slow news week, I?ll point out an interesting Wrestlemania Moment that WWE neglects every time they recap Wrestlemania XV. As we all know, the WWE was erroneous, albeit deeply inept enough to not correct itself, about Wrestlemania XXV being the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. Anyone with an intelligence quotient above 50 can tell you that you never count the first year, so the true 25th Anniversary will be NEXT year in Arizona at Wrestlemania XXVI. So please allow me to indulge myself a little here by saying that this is the 10th Anniversary of one of Wrestlemania’s most entertaining moments. Of course, the moment of which I speak is our beloved Michael Cole blowing the results of the main event before they happened! I only hope that in celebration of this momentous milestone that Michael Cole repeats history and tells me who I can meet and greet as the new WWE Champion after Wrestlemania comes to a conclusion so I, too, can point at the screen and say ?That’s VINTAGE Michael Cole!?

And now? without further adeux, I bring to you, like a sweet sweet glass of Ecto Cooler, Part III of The Hobby of E-Wrestling!

This week, to wrap up this three part expose, I?ve decided to take a look into how an E-Fed gets its name out there. The best thing to do is to check around for E-Wrestling news sites. Just like covers news on the world of professional wrestling, there are sites out there completely dedicated to E-Wrestling. One site that has been a home to me for years as well as a site I frequent to keep up on some of the characters that I loved to follow is

This is a prime example of an excellent website to not just get your news on E-Wrestling. The biggest part of this site is the resources available to E-Fed owners. Here you can find scripts that you can run on your site to give your fed a more professional feel, such as a locker room script, as well as an abundance of items such as Championship Belts, prop items for those who run Poser Software, as well as backstage board scripts and news scripts. In addition to this, the site offers tutorials that can help guide some of the more inexperienced fed owners through more complicated features that they may want to incorporate into the E-Fed. These tutorials include explaining what an angle fed is, dialogue and pronunciation, as well as a wrestling dictionary to help those who wish to chain moves together when they are writing a match. While these resources can help build a site, the site also features hosting so you can have your fed run on an already established domain.

Once you have all of that set up, it’s time to promote your E-Fed. features a news headline section where any E-Fed can submit news ranging from signing new wrestlers, the latest card results, or they can plug or advertise their upcoming PPVs or even put over a current storyline. If you have a news bit that you feel will help draw attention to your fed, submit it and they will post it for the world to see. Ewmania doesn?t rely on everyone doing the work, however. They, too, monitor feds and those who shine will be recognized through their recognition feature on their front page. Once a month, they will choose an e-Wrestling site of the month as well as an e-Wrestler of the month so if you have had an outstanding string of shows or if your work has really shone, then you could get some free publicity.

If submitting news and information or waiting to be recognized isn?t your cup of tea, there is the forum community where different E-Fed handlers and owners gather to discuss all there is about E-Wrestling. Of course, they have off-topic forums as well pertaining to pro-wrestling, sports, music, writing, etc, but the main focus here is e-Wrestling. Here, users can post their creative writings, advertisements, more up to date character/fed news, or hold competitions. Of course, each and every E-Fed is catalogued on the site for east browsing as well.

So now that we have a means of advertisement, another way to get your name out there is to have a great looking website. The early days where a free angelfire account were considered fashionable are now over. A lot is now to be expected about an E-Fed’s website. Many expect the site to have its own domain name and a snazzy design. In a world where technology continuously grows, having a site with the best eye candy always attracts visitors.

One E-Fed that has been around for as long as I could remember was the fans Wrestling organization or the fWo. One look at and you?ll know what I am talking about when I say that a well designed site catches the eye. Advertisement banners (no.. not those spyware ones), mouseover drop down menus, a rotating image banner for news headlines, event calendar, and front page news blurbs complete with relative photos give off a professional feel. In fact, if it weren?t for the Poser models, one might think that they stumbled upon a website for an actual wrestling company. Thanks to the magic of Caf? Press, the fWo even has its own merchandise store where, yes, you can purchase real merchandise from this fantasy league. It just goes to show you how in depth a hobby E-Wrestling has become.

That’s going to wrap up my expose on The Hobby of E-Wrestling. I hope those who read all three parts enjoyed it. This miniseries was designed to enlighten and open the minds of wrestling fans to an alternate world out there that you may not have known to exist. For those who didn?t enjoy it, my humblest apologies. You can be rest assured that The Shoot will return next week for more rants on the world of professional wrestling. I will leave no stone unturned nor will I leave no date of the Macho Man un diddle diddled.

With that said, at this point in the column, I would usually go to reader e-mail and then tell you write me with your thoughts, but instead, I don?t want you to write me this week. I want you to write to someone else. I want you to go old school and get a pencil and some paper and write a letter to the following address:

The Coca-Cola Company
ATTN: HI-C Department
P.O. Box 1734
Atlanta, GA 30301

In your letter? please state your unrequited love for the product known as Ecto Cooler. Tell them that this generation demands that this sweet substance needs to return and find its way back onto supermarket store shelves. We will not lie down and settle for Shoutin? Orange Tangerine or Crazy Citrus Cooler. We demand that the formula be resurrected from the dead and that this heavenly concoction see the light of day once again. Once you do that, THEN I want you to E-Mail me if your words were successful.

Remember? don?t just do it for me? do it for Anthony ?Mr. V? Valvo. Do it for Phil Chroniger? but most importantly? do it for yourself!

Or not. If you choose not to partake in the revolution, just send all thoughts and feedback to

Until next time…

Because I can!