WWE Smackdown House Show Results – 3/28/09
Location: Amarillo, Texas

Rocky Jimenez sent this report in:

Just a little side note, I know alot of us here in town were wondering whether or not the show would go on, seeing as we had that HUGE blizzard come through town on Friday, but the snow melted away very quickly today, so the show went on!

Match One
R-Truth VS Chavo Guerrero

This was a very quick match, with Chavo on the offensive for most of the match. When it seemed as if Chavo would win, a spinning shoulder tackle would knock off the man who used to ride the little fake horse on WCW.

Winner: R-Truth

By the way, can anyone tell me how Truth could go to WWE, TNA, AAA, and even JCW and use THE SAME THEME?!?!?! *SIGH* I guess when you want to the rappin’ and wrestlin’ legend, you got to have your mixtape all ready to take with you everywhere. Also, I don’t know how many people saw it, but I know I watched closely as R-Truth PLACED Chavo’s hand onto the bottom rope. Ron, bro, please, try to cover that kinda stuff up.

Match Two
The Brian Kendrick w/ Ezekiel Jackson VS “The Punjabi Playa” The Great Khali

This was a very simple squash match. Khali tossed Kendrick around like a ragdoll, gave him a STIFF boot to the face and pretty much massacred him!

Winner: The Great Khali

Who came up with Khali’s new gimmick, cause I want to buy them a Big Mac and a McCafe coffee! I love The Punjabu Playa! They need to keep this one up for a little while!

Match Three
Jimmy Wang Yang VS Vladimir Kozlov

Another sqaush match, even if JWY did get a shot here and there. It was no use, though, as the Moscow Mawler would chew up Jimmy and spit him out!

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

Oh man, I had a ball with Vlad, because I gave him crap about him being in “Double-Double-Eee”, and he even told me to shut up. Oh what a proud little fan am I! *Smirk*

Match Four
MVP VS Shelton Benjiman
For The WWE United States Championship

This match started real slow, with MVP etting some cheap pops with the Amarillo crowd and even calling Shelton yellow! (By the way, if you didn’t know any spanish before this show, MVP taught us the meaning of Amarillo. I guess Matt Striker and Mr. V aren’t the only teachers in the wrestling.) Both men showed us why they are in the Money in the Bank match, as these two had maybe the best match of the night. MVP teased us with a “Ballin'” taunt, but was cut off, and as Shelton set up for a T-Bone, MVP fought out of it and hit him with a PlayMaker, calling for the finish.

Winner and STILL Champion: MVP

One girl went so far as to bring up Shelton’s mama before the match got underway, and helped cause heat for him, as he got pissed at her. Oh man, I miss the old WWE on TNN/Spike TV days. This watered down crap is is just that, CRAP!

Match Five
Michelle McCool VS Gail Kim

Oh man, this is the best WWE Diva’s match I have seen in a long time! They were on cue, work great, and, even when Gail slipped up on the ropes, the two covered it up well! This was an even match, but, in the end, Kim made the best of one of her first matches since redebuting on SmackDown this past Friday night!

Winner: Gail Kim

Ok, Michelle McCool is McFlat in the places a “diva” is know for, but Gail Kim, no matter what, is the hottest woman wrestler I have EVER seen. Plus, it was great to see her back in action since the whole Awesome Kong loss almost a year or so ago.

Match Six
Big Show VS Jeff Hardy

Preety decent for the semi-main. These two worked all out, but I think they could hve done more during the match to lead up to the ending.

Winner: Big Show

After the match, “Black Cloud” Matt Hardy came out and Pearl Harbor’d his younger brother. He thought it would work, but instead he got a Twist of Fate and Swonton Bomb for his efforts. I can’t wait to see this match at Mania!

Main Event
Triple H and Undertaker VS “Legacy” Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase Jr, and Cody Rhodes

It started out as a tag match after Hunter ran Orton out, but after the younger guys took the brunt attacks, Orton retaliated and returned. Then, Legacy took control until Taker grabbed a water bottle and went crazy before the hot tag. The finish saw Orton get thrown out of the ring and DiBiase and Rhodes receiving a Pedigree and Chokeslam.

Winners: Triple H and Undertaker.

I do want to say that I found out what IED really is, and I made a sign for the show telling Orton what it is since I was on the front row (let’s just say his personal “Legacy” is the one with the problem. Think about it…). Anyway, I’m sure the faces celebrated around the ring before leaving, but I can’t say for sure, because I left after the three count.

All in all, a decent show. Not as great as last year, but with Mania around the corner, it gives us a good little program to plug both Mania and 12 Rounds!