I know this is kind of off topic for me, as I primarily deal with current topics of the product over the course of the weeks, but still off the response and positive vibes I got from the ROH show, I thought of trying to come up with a booked supershow, ROH vs. WWE. I came up with a few matches, and I’ll try and come up with some ideas as to why I am picking these matches. I’m curious to know what you would think to this card. I’m re-opening my wordpress blog in the coming days, so anyone who has an idea to correct what I’m gonna write here, email me, (the link is below), and I’ll post it to my blog.

Ok, let’s go.. Ring of Honor vs. World Wrestling Entertainment

Match #1
R-Truth vs. Kenny King
With King getting the push he apparently is getting as a midcard wrestler in ROH, and R-Truth’s push seemingly going in the same direction, these guys can provide a good opening contest. Nothing substansial, just enough athleticism to get the opening match rolling. I had originally thought of Delirious vs. Matt Striker in this opening contest, but I had a better opponent for Delirious, so I had to use this as an emergency second choice. This one is open for debate, and definitely worthy of editing as fantasy bookers see fit.

Match #2
The Brian Kendrick vs. Rhett “Addicted To Love” Titus
The Battle of Arrogance Personnified. Titus is not on Kendrick’s level from a skill set perspective, but simply based on gimmicks, this match would be more than fun to watch, I would think. Kendrick would need to be on an ROH vs. WWE show for the obvious roots he has in ROH. But, with the focus more on the bigger sized talents, he’d be forced to be relegated to an opening match setup. He’s not title material, much. And neither is Titus. Although, the real question is, can both of these egos fit in to an arena? It’s a viable question.

Match #3
Umaga vs. Bobby Dempsey
Pure comedy from the word go. Dempsey would get murdered, but he would look good and funny as the match progresses till the 1 minute mark, where Umaga spikes Dempsey in to the middle of the next month. End of story.

Match #4
Adam Pearce vs. William Regal
Two men who could deifnitely brawl with the best of them. Both men are heels, both men have acted or are acting in roles of management for their respective companies, and I would suspect, if given the opportunity, both wrestlers would be able to mat wrestle themselves in to a scientific clinic. One thing would be, with the egos that both men have, which one of these two would take a short cut? Question is, not who, but when, and how fast would it take?? Answer, not too long, and if I had to guess, Pearce would first.

Match #5
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Brent Albright
Intensity, hard hitting, and absolute brutality. No questions asked. Albright and JBL are probably two of the hardest hitters in the business, and I would suspect a match like this would be incredibly fun to watch, and damn brutal. Right up my alley.

Match #6
Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Erick Stevens, Roderick Strong & Kevin Steen
In the same facet as the last match, this match would be just as vicious. While I am taking apart the world tag champs from ROH in this fantasy world, the fact is, Steen is as intense competitor as anyone, and I would think these six men would beat the crap out of each other until there’s not much left to give. I would defy you to come up with a better option.

Match #7
The Big Show & Edge vs. Naomichi Marufuji & Takeshi Morishima
Seeing how the world’s largest athlete would be able to handle the NOAH monster is worth the price of admission. Also, would and/or could Edge handle the sky high antics of one Naomichi Marufuji? Intriguing, to the last, and something I would pay good money to see.

Match #8
Kane & The Undertaker vs. The Embassy of Bison Smith & Jimmy Rave
You know the Brothers of Destruction have to be on a supercard fighting against the odds. Nana brings his entire troops from Ghana here, and still has the team of Smith and Rave fall to the future WWE Hall Of Famers. Although, I would love to see Bison Smith square off with Kane or the Undertaker, just once, inside a squared circle.

I still have 7 matches to go.

Match #9
Delirious vs. Evan Bourne
There is no way on the planet that, if this were to ever happen, that you couldn’t provide a new life to a rivalry that ROH had for years that lit up the company. Evan “Matt Sydal” Bourne and Delirious tore it up before Bourne hit it big, and if there was ever a time where the companies would meet, these two men would have to roll it out there one more time. Entertainment, to the last.

Match #10
El Generico vs. Rey Mysterio
Two latin luchadors need to face off. How much else can be said about this match? Not too much, if you ask me.

Match #11
Colt Cabana & Ace Steel vs. Kofi Kingston & CM Punk
You knew that the Saints had to reunite here, and face their former colleague. Punk’s latest tag venture was with Kofi, and that is the reason he’s in to this match, although the focus would be around the men from Chi-town. It’d be fun to see Punk and Cabana team again. I wish WWE was smarter than they were with Cabana, and gave the man a chance. Oh well, c’est la vie. WWE’s loss is my gain.

Match #12
Bryan Danielson vs. Shawn Michaels
Teacher vs. Pupil. Fitting, to the last. I would have to think this match would be amazing to watch. Danielson is as complete a package as there ever is or was in the business, and Michaels is a bonafide hall of famer. Seeing these two superb talents collide would be nothing short of an honor.

Three more. You could call these the main events.
Match #13
The Briscoe Brothers vs. Carlito & Primo
We all know blood flows thicker than water. This match would test it to its ultimate level. The Colons are champions. The Briscoes have been multiple champions. Who would come out of this with their hands raised? I couldn’t pick this one, it’s too evenly matched, as far as I am concerned.

Match #14
John Morrison & The Miz vs. The American Wolves
There isn’t enough room on the bloody planet for the egos in this match. And that, would make it fun. Fun for the entire family.

Main Event
Nigel McGuinness vs. Triple H
Champion vs. Champion. You ask why Edge or Swagger isn’t here? It’s simple. For the better part of the last year, both men have been either champion, or on the cusp of being champion. You could say Edge is close there behind, but he’s had help. Nigel and Triple H have done it the old fashioned way, by earning it. Sure, it may not be the honest way of earning it, but they both did earn it. And if this were to ever happen, and there would be a need for a main event, there’s no way on the planet that anyone from ROH would get the slot outside of the champion.

UPDATE: 7:45am on Saturday
I do have another 2 matches I would add. It’s the closest I could come to similar opponents. A four corner survival match with Chris Jericho vs. John Cena vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tyler Black.

The other match I would consider adding, and I think I have to credit some early emails for this idea is Austin Aries vs. Shelton Benjamin. Both men are so highly athletic that this match would be incredibly aerial, and insanely fun to watch. Incredibly aerial, is that a phrase I can use?? Oh well, I just did. I’d add these two matches just before the main events, maybe split the matches in to two days.

Credit for these ideas goes to my pals Frank from Brooklyn, and Pinakin from India. Thanks a lot gentlemen.

Day One
Kendrick vs. Titus
Pearce vs. Regal
JBL vs. Albright
Delirious vs. Bourne
Morrison & Miz vs. American Wolves
Aries vs. Benjamin
Briscoes vs. Primo & Carlito
Danielson vs. Michaels

Day Two
R – Truth vs. King
Umaga vs. Dempsey
Generico vs. Mysterio
Big Show & Edge vs. Morishima & Marufuji
Cabana & Steel vs. Punk & Kingston
Stevens, Steen & Strong vs. Legacy
Jericho vs. Cena vs. Jacobs vs. Black
Kane & Undertaker vs. Smith & Rave
McGuinness vs. Triple H

Ok, there’s my card. Well, it was one big card, but now it’s two bigger cards. I’d like to see yours. In the coming days, I will be reopening my blog at mikesiciliano.wordpress.com, and when I do, good cards that I get in the email will be printed there. Provide me your first name and hometown when you submit them, and I’ll give you the credit.

Thanks to the early emails I received, which prompted me to update this thing as of 7:45am on saturday.

In the meantime, sed me a message at my email to discuss these ideas by clicking here.

Thanks for reeading.