Ok, let’s think about this for a minute here, ladies and gentlemen. Destination X is this Sunday, live, and only, on pay per view, even if you need a damn telescope to find the channel on your cable remote. One of the staples of Destination X is the extreme X division match, like elevation X the past two years, and this year, the advertised Ultimate X. One question though, with one week to go, and the show leading to the pay per view already in the can, here’s an obvious query.


I mean, we’re days from a pay per view, and what’s coming out of the Impact Zone and Nashville? They’re promoting Lockdown, which is weeks away, and especially promoting the ridiculously insane and assinine charade that’s going to be this match of some sort involving this so called wanna be celebrity who is so desperate to be on television and in the news that he’s willing to bleed like a stuck pig inside the six sides of steel!

There’s also been another aspect of the Lockdown PPV that has been teased through commercials in Philly and elsewhere, but I won’t mention it here, because it’d be considered a “spoiler.” I will say this, if this match that is rumoured does come to pass, it would be, in my opinion, a pretty significant blow to the product as a whole, and a pretty significant strike in the general direction of the primary storyline from TNA Wrestling.

This all may be moot, as I don’t remember the spoiler resuilts for this upcoming thursday’s Impact, and we may find out who exactly is in Ultimate X. I may have to eat some serious crow, but who cares, because frankly, this move seems just as amateurish to me as the move I bitched about for a bunch of words last chapter involving JBL and the Intercontinental title.

Now, one thing needs to be said, moving on, and going to the JBL thing for a minute. It’s being rumoured all over the place that JBL may be putting the trunks up for good this time, and doing it soon. Now, if that is the case, and the send off is JBL defending the intercontinental title at Wrestlemania, and retiring as a champion of any elk, well, frankly, I got no problerm with what has transpired, because, whether he was a political juggernaut and a bully behind the scenes, it cannot be denied that John Bradshaw Layfield gave his all for the business between the ropes, and it would be fitting for JBL to retire as a champion. Not to mention the fact that the after effects of a champion stepping down and leaving with the title in tact would be most intriguing to experience.

I gotta figure something out here. TNA has Kiyoshi, Akira Raijin, from All Japan Pro Wrestling, on its roster already. They have a team poised to challenge the Guns for the IWGP Jr. tag team straps in NO LIMIT, Yujiro and Naito, either coming in, or already there. According to a reliable source, NO LIMIT has been in the states since the beginning of this month. If TNA is willing to debut guys like Brutus Magnus, who has yet to impress me one bit, and dump on guys like Kiyoshi, Tanahashi when he was here, and not allow guys like this team take a chance to bring home the belts that belong to New Japan, I think they’re making a huge mistake. It’s unique, it’s different, it’d be a hell of a way to promote Global Impact, when they play the matches from the 1/4 Tokyo Dome show, and frankly, I wanna see it. I wish it would happen, although, somehow, I kind of doubt it.

WWE’s insane opinions of what is being leaked, and what’s not being leaked on the internet is bordering on the paranoid. Stephanie McMahon is allegedly leaking fake stories to the net to throw off some of my colleagues. Has this forum made that much of an impact on the shows as a whole? If so, someone needs to show me where that impact is, because I don’t see it.

Ken Shamrock has tested positive for steroids. The cycle never ends.

Kizarny apparently is not miffed at the lack of run he got while in WWE’s main roster for all of 5 minutes. Someone wanna zehihit Kizarny with a ziechair? I think he zieneeds a ziereality ziecheck. (Sorry for the pun, Mr. Miz, sir.)

Did I just use the word sir next to the Miz’s name?? Excuse me for a minute, I have to go somewhere and vomit.

I am really wondering why WWE has not pulled the string and put DH Smith back on the Raw roster, and placed him in Legacy. The puzzle here seems to fit like a glove, and there must be something, something in Vince’s craw to make this thing not happen. It’s a shame, for Smith, as I don’t know how many more chances he’s going to get.

A short one for now, just some rants here and there.

Thanks for reading.

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