WWE Smackdown House Show Results – 3/7/09
Location: Augusta, Georgia

James Taylor sent this report in:

WWE Smackdown; 03/07/09-Augusta, GA

We were welcomed to the James Brown Arena by ring announcer Justin Roberts.

Match # 1
Great Khali defeated Chavo Guerrero

(Chavo taunted the crowd before the match; challenging anyone to get in the ring & fight him)

Match #2
Michelle McCool defeated Eve Torres

Match #3
Festus(w/ Jesse) defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

Match #4
WWE Tag Team Championship
Carlito & Primo defeated The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson to retain the titles

Match #5
R Truth defeated Eric Escobar

(R Truth came out of the balcony doing his “whatz up” rap)

Match #6
United States Championship
Shelton Benjamin defeated MVP to retain the title

Main Event
Jeff Hardy & Undertaker defeated Big Show & Umaga

(Matt Hardy came down & slapped Jeff in the face but it backfired. Matt got in Jeff’s face after the match. Undertaker came up behind Matt. Jeff pointed to Matt to turn around & when he did he got chokeslammed)

Biggest Pop: Undertaker

Most Heat: Chavo Guerrero

Bump of the Night: Undertaker chokeslamming Matt Hardy

I enjoyed the show. My son got to sit up front at ringside in his wheelchair despite us having tickets 6 rows back. Security guy told me to bring him up close so he could see. What a thrill being his 1st ever live event.

James Jowers sent this report in:

Just some quick results here from the show.

The Great Khali def. Chavo Guerrero

Michelle McCool def. Eve

Festus def. Jimmy Wang Yang

WWE Tag Team Championship
Carlito & Primo def. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson to retain

R-Truth def. Eric Escobar

United States Championship
Shelton Benjamin def. MVP to retain

The Undertaker & Jeff Hardy def. The Big Show & Umaga
Matt Hardy showed up towards the end of the match to cost Jeff and Taker but it didn’t work. After the match, Matt got in the ring and pushed Jeff, but Jeff left him. Taker choke slammed Matt and posed to end the show.