WWE Raw House Show Results – 3/6/09
Location: Albany, Georgia

Matt Aldrich sent this report in:

We open with Tony Chimel announcing that Randy Orton would not be here and we could receive a refund until the end of the first match. (I had to ponder it for a minute)

*Match 1. Diva Tag Team
WWE Women’s Champion Melina and Kelly Kelly DEFEATED WWE Diva’s Champion Maryse and Beth Phoenix.

*Match 2.
Ted Dibiase DEFEATED Goldust

*Match 3 World Tag Team Championship
Miz and Morrison DEFEATED Cryme Tyme to retain the belts. (YAY!!)

*Match 4
Finlay w/ Hornswoggle DEFEATED Tyson Kidd

*Match 5 ECW Championship
Jack Swagger DEFEATED Christian to retain the ECW title.
(Before the match Jack Swagger cut a promo to get some heat going and botched it. He said they sure are stupid here in Albany, NY. (this is Albany, GA) When he realized what he done he laughed about it.

*Match 6
Kofi Kingston DEFEATED William Regal

John Cena and Rey Mysterio DEFEATED Chris Jericho and WHC Edge.

POP of the night. Cena (booooo)
Most Heat. Miz and Morrison.

All in all a great show. Was my first one since Goldberg won the WHC. I am looking forward to my ringside seats for Raw in Jacksonville, Fl on 3/9. I also took my ultra deluxe WHC replica belt with me and during Intermission about 10 different kids wanted their picture taken with it. I’m 24 years old and I had just as much fun as the little kids there did. A good show all around.