Predictions for No Way Out

Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
PPV: WWE No Way Out (February 15)

A pleasant Sunday to you all, my students. I know that classes are in session only five days a week. However, since this is a grand occasion that is a WWE Pay-per-view, six columnists, and yours truly, decided to work an extra day to bring you our latest picks for No Way Out, brought to you by some company whom were sold out to the man. We are going to include these picks in our win loss record for all the PPVs of 2009. So far, out of the eight of us columnists, only one was ?perfect?. The columnist with the best win-loss record shall be named ?Dean? of the WrestleView faculty. Although he stated he does not watch a lot of TNA, ?Baiamonte Casa’s? own Joe Baiamonte is declared ?Dean? of the faculty after a solid 7-0 record.

Current Standings are as follows:

Joe Baiamonte…..7-0 (Appointed Dean until he is replaced for 1st place)
Matt O?Brien…..6-1
The WrestleView Students…..6-1 (FYI: I average W-L records from students predictions)
David Stephens…..5-2
Phil Chrogniger…..4-3
Anthony (Mr.V) Valvo…..4-3
Sean Hurley…..3-4
Josh Boutwell…..3-4
Jose Marrero…..2-5

And since we enjoy feedback from our students, we would like to know what your predictions will be by e-mailing me at The best record will get a special recognition award on my column this coming week.

So without further interruptions, the Faculty Predictions:

ECW Championship Match ? Jack Swagger (c) vs. Finlay (w/Hornswoggle)

Sean Hurley ? Swagger
Matt O?Brien ? Swagger over Finlay
?Dean? Joe Baiamonte ? Swagger wins
David Stephens ? Swagger
Jose Marrero ? Swagger over Finlay. I don?t know if it will be clean but it will happen. I wouldn?t be surprised if Christian somehow inadvertently costs Finlay the match.
Josh Boutwell – Jack Swagger (c) over Finlay to retain the title
Just a match to make Swagger look stronger going into the feud with the Instant Classic.
Anthony Valvo ? Swagger wins by clean pinfall, retains

No Hold Barred Match ? Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon

Sean H. ? Orton
Matt O. ? Orton over Shane. Orton then goes to WM to challenge both Cena and Edge in a Triple Threat. Probably not, but it would be cool.
?Dean? Joe B. ? Orton wins
David S. ? Orton
Jose M. – Randy Orton over Shane McMahon that’s just a no brainer.
Josh B. – RKO over Shane O’Mac
Expect an ass whoopin like only Shane can take in this one.
Anthony V ? Orton (At least this is not Booker T vs. Shane Sewell)

Winner Takes All Match ? John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Shawn Michaels

Sean H – HBK, freeing him of JBL, hopefully to move on to a feud with Taker. God I hope so.
Matt O. ? HBK over JBL
?Dean? Joe B. ? HBK wins
David S. ? HBK wins
Jose M. – I think Shawn is going to pull it out over JBL somehow the only way I would consider putting JBL over is if they are going to put this into a program with Shawn and Taker somehow and that would require breaking the mania streak for Taker and I don?t see that happening.
Josh B. – HBK over JBL
Time for the end of the feud and hopefully we get a crazy beatdown in this one.
Anthony V. ? HBK, he is free from JBL’s detention

World Heavyweight Championship in Elimination Chamber: Participants are John Cena (c), Kane, Kofi Kingston, Mike Knox, Chris Jericho, and Rey Mysterio

Sean H. ? Cena
Matt ? Cena
?Dean? Joe B. ? Cena
David S. ? Cena
Jose M. – Cena wins last pinning Jericho. I wouldn?t be surprised to see something from Ric Flair or even Mickey Rourke here just to get things going to the next program for mania.
Josh B. – John Cena (c) retains over Knox, Kofi, Rey Rey, Kane, & Y2J to retain the World Title
Come on, does anybody really believe Cena is dropping the title?
Anthony V. ? Cena pins Jericho last, retains title

WWE Championship in Elimination Chamber: Participants are Edge (c), Jeff Hardy, Big Show, HHH, The Undertaker, and Vladimir Kozlov

Sean H. – Edge (although my gut feeling tells me they won’t have two champions retain their titles in the chamber matches. My gut tells me HHH is going to win, but I’ll ignore my gut feeling)
Matt O. ? Edge
?Dean Joe B. ? Edge
David S. ? Edge
Jose M. – Edge wins I would say he would pin HHH here just so that he can have that he has already pinned HHH if they do indeed go to the HHH vs Edge program right after this.
Josh B. – Edge (c) over HHH, Kozlov, Taker, Hardy & Show to retain the WWE Title
I just dont think they’ll have the title change hands 4 straight months but wouldn’t be shocked if HHH won.
Anthony V. ? Edge pins Big Show last, retains.

Analysis ? This will probably be the only time the faculty predicts the same thing. I can?t really come up with any ?quirky? sayings because we predicted the same way. In other words, if you bet on professional wrestling (and if you do, give yourself a demerit point) the betting men are Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, HBK, John Cena, and Edge. We all agree this might all be entertaining, but in a way be REALLY predictable. Also, no matter what the outcome is, in our next batch of predictions we know one thing is certain: Joe Baiamonte WILL be your ?Dean of Wrestling Predictions? by the end of the pay per view. Enjoy No Way Out students!! If you want to get in the game, e-mail me at Until my next column students, you are…DISMISSED!