2/8 WWE Results: Sacramento, CA

WWE Raw House Show Results – 2/8/09
Location: Sacramento, California

Scott Barton sent this report in:

1# CM Punk bt. William Regal Via the GTS to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

2# The Miz & John Morrison bt. Goldust & GoldHaas via Morrison hitting the moonlight drive on Haas to retain the World Tag Team Championship

3# Mark Henry bt. Tommy Dreamer with the worlds strongest slam

4# Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston bt. Mike Knox & Kane via Mysterio hitting the 619 and splash on Knox

*Was announced that the Night of Champions ppv is to be held in Sacramento

5# Jack Swagger vs. Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle) for the ECW Championship ends in a No Contest

(Swagger attacked Finlay before he got in the ring, tried to attack Hornswoggle fails and eventually gets hit with a chair twice, which apparently Finlay no sold)

6# Beth Phoenix (w/ Santino Marella) bt. Kelly Kelly with the Glamslam to retain the WWE Women’s Championship

7# John Cena bt. Chris Jericho & Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match with the Attitude adjuster to retain the World Heavyweight Championship