Wrestling Rumblings #61
April 2, 2010
By: Jose Marrero of WrestleView.com

You know it took me a while to even decide whether or not I should even write a column this week. After all what can really be said about this past week that you haven’t heard a million times already? Shawn Micheals and Bret Hart had their final matches on the same night, John Cena is once again a world champion, Impact once again lost to WWE in ratings and Jack Swagger shocked the world. Here I am in my Wrestlemania afterglow, recovering from a trip to Phoenix that involved 6 hours of sleep over 82 hours, 5 shows in 3 days and 5 audio appearances in the duration of the week. If it needed to be said I probably said it already. So what about “Wrestling Rumblings” for this week? I’m due for a brief break aren’t I? I’m sure the “powers that be” here at Wrestleview wouldn’t mind it if yours truly took a week to recharge the batteries but after some thought there is one thing to devote a column to this week that will be totally unique unlike any other thing you will read this week and that’s all of you…you’re reading “Wrestling Rumblings.”

Yes I am the guy who went on this trip, who did the shows, who wrote the reviews and who went days without proper rest in a strange place but there were so many people who made this trip so enjoyable for so many reasons and since you never hear of guys do it I am going to take this week to sort of single out some things that I want to acknowledge because well there were many fans from literally all over the world. Some of you already sort of knew me from Wrestleview and others were meeting me and hearing about Wrestleview for the first time, and well you all made this trip by far and large my most favorite Wrestlemania trip yet and have me looking forward to going to Atlanta next year. This year was definitely 3 times for the good times, next year I hope it’s 4 to score.

To the family I met literally before I even left New York who were on their way to Phoenix and by the time this goes up should have enjoyed Lego Land in San Diego I hope you had a blast. My only regret of our meeting was that I never managed to catch your names. Your son was awesome and he reminded me of all the young fans we were about to meet on this trip and well I just think it’s great when families can enjoy wrestling together. I know the father wasn’t exactly the biggest fan but the mother in this group still had enough enthusiasm that sort of reminds me why I do this stuff in the first place. You definitely helped get my trip off to an awesome start and I hope this isn’t your families’ final wrestling event.

To the “frigid bitch” (if you listened to FYB Radio you got the reference) on the airplane ride to Phoenix. Thanks for giving me something to laugh about throughout the plane ride and for that matter throughout the first day in Phoenix. I am sure me and David will be using the word “Disgusting” for years and laughing and thinking of you. You may have hated us (or me specifically) but you were really just so much fun. I really wish you knew who I was or anything about this because maybe it would caution you not to be as loose with your mouth as you will know be immortalized in print forever because of your ignorance.

To Gabriel Iglesias thanks for showing me exactly how I don’t want to be when people recognize or approach me. For those who don’t know Gabriel Iglesias he is a comedian who I believe began his career in the national spotlight on “Last Comic Standing” and lost but would rise up in Comedy Central specials. For those who don’t know I am a big fan of standup comedy and well after the run in with the “frigid bitch” we actually ran into Gabriel at the airport wheeling through the airport as quickly as possible and well we couldn’t even get the guy to look at us, much less acknowledge us with a wave or something. Way to treat your fans Gabriel and believe it or not I was a fan…key word “was”. From one not as fluffy guy to the fluffiest of guys (those who have seen his standup will get the fluffy reference) have a nice tall glass of “kiss my ass”.

To the woman who stood in front of us at the Fox Rental Car place thanks for showing me that ghetto people exist no matter where you go and it’s not just a New York thing. This woman while standing on line proceeded to steal electricity for Fox Rental Car by plugging in her phone charger to their outlet while standing on line. It really shocked me to see something like that from a tourist literally 20 minutes off the plane, it just goes to show you expect the unexpected at all times. Hey lady, here is an idea how about next time you just wait till you get to your hotel instead of having everyone on the line look at you like you’re a loser…I’m just saying.

To the clerk at Fox Rental Car thank you for showing me that people in Phoenix take advantage just like anywhere else in the world. After dealing with a 6 hour flight this awesome piece of humanity somehow swindled extra insurance for the car out of David when we already had insurance for the car. The whole scenario was very similar to a game you play with your kids, you know the one where you go “Yes” your kid says “No” and you go “Yes” and your kid again says “No” and you go “No” and your kid goes “Yes” and it’s “Aha gotcha”. Thank you so much you sloped faced sloth for charging David and having him unknowingly sign for extra insurance even though you heard me say more than once we had insurance for the car and didn’t need the upgrade. I guess you needed the money more than we did you crook. Well for the extra 80 bucks you swindled I will tell the 13 million people who hit this site up every month that Fox Rental Car in Sky Harbor is not to be trusted, great payment for publicity.

To the inn keeper at American Executive Inn, thanks for the sweet room and awesome hospitality. I’m not just saying this but out of all the hotel rooms I have ever stood in this was by far my favorite considering what was spent on it. I recommend this hotel to everyone if you ever get a chance to stay in Arizona its right inside Mesa. I still miss that room.

To the idiot who was working the door at ROH for the first night in Phoenix thank you for not letting me get my camera in the building and then 10 minutes after I put it back in the car and came back letting everyone else do it. I suppose I could’ve complained to Cary Silkin or someone else considering why I was going to the show and how it was that I was there in the first place but I didn’t want to throw weight around and be just like everyone else, not treated worse that’s not the way you treat your fans.

To Jim Cornette thanks for signing the picture of you and Diablo (along with the rest of the Midnight Express) at the ROH Midnight Express Reunion Show. I was happy you remembered it without me having to tell you when it took place and even more happy that you signed it for Diablo who I am sure will put it with all his wrestling stuff in his awesome bar in his even more awesome house.

To Tammy “Sunny” Sytch thanks for taking a few minutes during your watching the show to talk to me and give me some time and even more importantly give me an autograph for David who wound up missing you at the beginning of the show thanks to me. He really appreciated it and well so did I. Fans can say whatever they want about Tammy and lord knows most of those in attendance did and got away with it but what they can’t say is that for someone who takes so much abuse from people who don’t even know her that she doesn’t care about her fans, love you Tammy.

To all the Ring of Honor wrestlers’ thanks for giving me two days of entertaining shows, I am probably harder than anyone on Ring of Honor but make no mistake about it I am a fan of the company. Say what you want about ROH but you can never doubt the effort that those guys put in night in and night out and you guys gave it your all both nights in Phoenix. I hope everyone is healing well and that the Big Bang Internet PPV is a success this weekend.

To Rodney from Australia thanks for being such a fan. I had a pleasure of talking to this gentleman for a few minutes and found myself being rejuvenated all over again for the rest of the weekend. I personally can’t imagine myself coming to Australia for anything so anytime I see any fan from another country come to the United States for Wrestlemania it really amazes and humbles me. I hope you enjoyed the show and had a great time in the states and a safe trip back home.

To Gabe Sapolsky thank you for playing, the good news about what happened in Phoenix with DGUSA is that you have nowhere to go but up. I think anyone else in my position who had the interaction with you that I had in planning this trip would probably jump up to gloat and make fun of you but I said it before and I will say it again all my other previous interactions with you have been pleasant and I like you. It is not good for anyone when a promotion like DGUSA doesn’t draw but it can only get better. Here is hoping that you took away something positive for the experience and next time out the gate have a better experience.

To Ross, Cary and the fine folks at Ring of Honor thanks for taking care of me and David. We have been to tons of ROH shows and always enjoy ourselves and have a good time and well the Wrestlemania shows are typically the best from a fan energy standpoint and we appreciate you guys making it easier for us to be part of those shows.

To the guy who sat next to me whose name I never caught at the second ROH show, thanks for the entertaining MMA talk. After no sleep and just wrestling I sort of needed a break from it and you gave it to me when I needed it you were right about Carwin what can I say? I’m still a fan of Frank Mir though.

To the old ROH fan I approached at intermission wearing the “Heart Attack Grill” shirt thank you for giving me the 411 on that restaurant. I enjoyed it very much and thanks for cracking me and David up by referring to the waitresses there as “Hot Sluts” it was very funny to see an older gentleman like yourself be so filthy with your mouth.

To the group of fans who let me know how Dragongate was the night before at the WWE Hall of Fame thank you. I know you guys looked at me strangely when I said I was with Wrestleview but well now you can see that indeed I am and your information went to great use and your enthusiasm for DGUSA is duly noted. Dragongate USA needs fans like you if it is going to have a chance next year in Atlanta.

To everyone on internet sites who didn’t go to the WWE Hall of Fame thank you. As far as I know I was the only one who did and if anyone else did they didn’t have audio up describing the inductions before Wrestleview did. I’m someone typically who would rather be right than first which is why I don’t do a whole lot of newsbreaking at times because everything you hear even from wrestlers is so suspect at times in wrestling but it was nice to be first and right at the biggest weekend of the year.

To all the WWE Hall of Famers thank you for your contributions to the wrestling business. Many fans took shots at this year’s Hall of Fame but I am being dead honest when I say this was my favorite live Hall of Fame experience ever. I am a student of the business and even in the case of guys who are not really in the business like Bob Eucker I get it, I really enjoyed myself and I am so happy that two of the men who I pulled for last year around this time (Mad Dog Vachon and Stu Hart) finally got induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. There were 3 more guys on that list though guys and if you need more I can tell you who to put in. We got to get this done right.

To the fine employees at the Heart Attack Grill thanks for such a comical experience. If any of you go to Phoenix I highly recommend you checking this place out. The food will quite honestly be the unhealthiest thing you ever had in your life but that’s just the point of this place. Oh yeah and the waitresses are not hard to look at, so says the ROH fan who referred to them to me as “Hot Sluts” the night before. Sluts I don’t know about, but hot they were.

To Santos and his crew thanks for giving us awesome conversation at the Heart Attack Grill. I hope you checked the site out as promised as I really enjoyed talking to you, your wife/girlfriend and your other friend. I meant it when I told you guys I loved Houston last year but I must confess I kind of want to die in Phoenix after this year. Regardless it was great to meet and greet you guys and make friends.

To WWE thank you for Wrestlemania, the reason I am down there and quite honestly the big reason most of the people who check this site out every week are wrestling fans. It was a fun time, anyone who hasn’t had the chance to watch a Wrestlemania live I highly recommend it as it’s a lot harder to be critical of Wrestlemania live as it is when you are home watching it on TV. I truly enjoyed this year’s show more than last year’s show and well I can’t wait for Atlanta.

To Vickie Guerrero I don’t thank you but I apologize for the comments I made on the Wrestlemania wrap up show here on Wrestleview.com. I was trying at the time to be funny but it was in poor taste. It didn’t quite hit me until later on the next day and well I am sorry. Eddie was one of my favorite wrestlers and I wouldn’t want to do anything to disgrace of make light of his passing. I was trying to be funny and obviously wasn’t to you and anyone else who heard my comments and was offended I apologize.

To everyone who enjoyed the “FYB Tour” shirts thank you. It’s a little known fact but a “FYB Tour” shirt and for that matter even a “Jose Cool” shirt (Last year’s shirt) will get you over pretty well with the bouncers, dancers and staff at a Gentlemans club maybe I should start making more of these things and making a profit.

To Adam Martin, Hunter Golden and Doug Lackey thanks for letting me crash the Wrestlemania PPV recap show and bring the FYB Tour to its official end, knowing you guys were doing your show made me feel like I put the weekend in capable hands and let me relax the rest of the way.

To Mike Siciliano and Andy Knowles of the Pro Wrestling Rewind, thank you for having me on your show. It was a good time talking wrestling with you guys and well all I am going to say and he should know exactly the 2 things I am referring to is Mike I was right.

To David Stephens and Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo thank you for having me as the very first guest on the first ever “Teachers Lounge” before my trip even officially started. I said it before the show, I said it on the show and I will say it now you two are my two favorite guys on this site. David I have often said I consider you my “little brother” when it comes to this kind of work and Anthony you’re often my sounding board and sometimes the reason why I don’t just jump off the ledge here at Wrestleview. I was honored that out of all the guys to have you had me as the first guest and hopefully I will someday be the first 2 time, 3 time and 4 time guest on your show.

To everyone who took the time out of there day to listen to the two “FYB Radio” shows that me and David did thank you. I never claimed to be the most charismatic guy on the radio and quite honestly don’t even try to but I wanted to do something for the Wrestleview VIP members and I hope those that listened enjoyed my contribution to the network for the weekend, next year let’s do it again.

To Isis and Isa thanks for letting me steal your father for the weekend. Then again I was stuck with him all weekend so maybe you should be thanking me, regardless I hope that Isa enjoys her Wrestlemania souvenir from her Uncle Jose and you guys let me steal David again next year.

To my brother from another mother and my best friend German Velez thanks for getting me started on doing this crazy trip every year. It’s a shame that you couldn’t make the trip this year but there is always next year. Big congratulations to you and Megan on your firstborn son and my god son Christian Velez. I’m hoping to see you soon and remember you’re my hero now. Christian your Padrino loves you.

To my “big brother”, cousin, mentor and at times protector Luis “Diablo” Santiago. Thanks for checking in with me especially after my bout with “5 Hour Energy”. The T shirts we wear every year is my way of saying thanks and keeping your name out there and hopefully as we have talked about next year you’ll make the trip with us. I love you.

To my girlfriend Jessica Marcano, thank you for pushing me to make this year’s trip when things were probably a lot harder than years previous. I am not the easiest guy to get along with and lord knows it is not cool watching me prepare for all these shows the way you spent your last few weeks doing but you deal with it and for that I love and thank you.

To my other brother from another mother David Miranda thanks for making the trip with me for the second year in a row. To those of you who didn’t listen David also co hosted FYB Radio with me and didn’t do so bad for a guy who watches wrestling maybe 4 solid months out of the year. Thanks for letting me drag you all over, sharing the experience and understanding my passion which probably drives you nuts most of the time. If being my girlfriend is the hardest thing in the world for Jessica, being my best friend is probably number two on the list. Thanks for taking the lumps, jokes and wearing the shirts that are really done for my amusement. Let’s do it again next year.

To anyone I might have left out I apologize but know that I had the most awesome time and you all impacted the experience for me. I love Phoenix it was a great time and if I ever get a chance to go back I am there.

On that note I am going to wrap up this week, of course I have to give you guys something to do and that’s order the Big Bang Ring of Honor Internet PPV at Go Fight Live. The main event is going to be Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong for the ROH Title and it will have another strong match in The Briscoes defending their ROH Tag Team Titles against the Kings of Wrestling. It should be an excellent show and if you have nothing else going on you should check it out Saturday or whenever you get a chance after.

Of course if you like this column, hate this column, have a comment or just want to talk wrestling you can do so at wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com that’s it for this week, next week I will try to do better and until then I am out.