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2/12 Raw house show results from East Lansing MI

Yoshi Tatsu v. Steven Regal
Tatsu wins by pinfall after high kick

Kelly Kelly picks a kid out to be guest bell ringer after he successfully names the next ppv title

Evan Bourne v. Chavo
Bourne wins by pinfall after an A+ shooting star press

Masters w/Eve Torres open masterlock challenge
Santino accepts, with Eve on the line
Santino hulks up twice, but fails as only Santino can

Us champ triple threat
Miz (boasts about being first simultaneous US/unified tag champ) v. Kofi v. MVP
Miz pins MVP after dumping kofi post trouble in paradise
MVP and Kofi shake and leave together

Dx v. Rhodes and Swagger
Full intro, HHH mentions HBK has been down lately (bad luck, taxes, etc) plays up him quitting yearly and coming back, and not to worry for him
Rhodes mentions dibiase out due to weather
HHH invites front-row heckler early on to the ring, crotch chops en masse towards heels
Heels get viciously pantsed, walk around ring showing the goods to everyone
Both heels layer out after being distracted by Hornswaggle, swagger pinned by HHH

Kelly Kelly comes back out, started throwing merch to crowd after it was pimped; there are exciting offerings from signed Cena photos to a collectable fountain cup!


Jillian/Maryse/Jillian v. Bellas/Gail Kim
Plenty of risqu? spots, Kim pins maryse with her chin-breaker finish

Carlito v. Mark Henry
Henry pins carlito following worlds strongest slam

Wwe title
Cena v. Sheamus
Sheamus bumps the red following a 2 count after his big boot, Cena locks in the STF just as ref calls for the dq bell. Sheamus lays out Cena, then Cena closes the show with an attitude adjustment as Sheamus celebrates to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest pops:

Most heat:

The crowd was HOT. The crowd loved every match start to finish, and the only blown spot was during the womens match. The pantsing during the DX was a little prolonged, but the crowd seemed to like it.

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