From the Desk of Mr. V #66
April 29, 2010
By: Anthony J. Valvo of


Welcome once again class to “From the Desk of Mr. V”. I am your resident teacher of WrestleView and I will provide you with the good and bad of pro wrestling. Each week I will keep the predictions records up. Inside today will be a lecture on a few buzz worthy wrestling stories, detentions, Honor Rolls, and of course some freshly painted Gold Stars. Also, I would like some more takes on your thoughts from WrestleMania a few days ago. So students, have a seat and grab a beverage of your choosing. School is in session for the 66th time and I am your teacher. Let’s get started with a little tribute in “Quote of the Week”.

Quote of the Week

I could not wait until I got to #66 for this reason. No quote of the week, but allow me to present the greatest professional athlete to ever don the #66 on his way to greatness. Pittsburgh Penguins’ own…Mario Lemieux!

Let’s see, he is better than every NHL play for so many ways. He scored off a face-off.

He faced politicians…and WON!! In case you never knew, the Penguins were about to move out of town (Las Vegas, Hartford, and Kansas City come to mind) until our politicians met the demands of Lemieux and kept this proud hockey team in The Steel City.

No more videos. But let’s see, he owns most the Pittsburgh Penguins records. He bought the team out of bankruptcy and is running a very successful hockey franchise. He battled cancer and STILL won that scoring title the year he had it. I am not saying he is Chuck Norris or even Hunter Golden, but #66 is pretty close to it.

To the City of Pittsburgh, please create a statue in Mario’s honor.

Ok, now I am done being a mark for my city once again.

Teacher’s Lecture

1) WWE Draft – The Results

In case you were living under a rock, World Wrestling Entertainment had their 2010 WWE Draft last Monday night and continued with the Supplemental Draft the following afternoon. Since I had the day off from teaching, I told Adam that I would post the picks live. I had to endure three hours in the WWE Universe chat room (which I will go on a rant later) to get these last eleven selections. Overall the 2010 WWE had it highs and lows. I tried my best to look at things from an optimistic point of view and I think I did a decent job on each talent.

To see my thoughts on the 2010 Supplemental Draft, check out the article that I posted on WrestleView from Tuesday. Now I will grade each selection here, along with providing my thoughts and potentials (jobber, mid-card, main event, champion) for each selection. So, let’s get started with the picks (and grades) from the selections that occurred on Monday Night Raw.

Pick #1 (Smackdown) – Kelly Kelly

Thoughts: I thought this was a good move for Kelly. She really was not in the mix for anything on Raw and with Mickie James gone from the WWE, adding Kelly to this “Faces vs. LayCool” feud could be a good thing for Smackdown.

Potential – Best Case will be a diva that wins and loses matches. Worst case is just being nothing more than eye candy.

Grade: C

Pick #2 (Smackdown) – The Big Show

Thoughts: Well, Smackdown now has the giant dominating his presence on the Blue Brand. It really was not a surprise since Big Show was able to fight on both brands as a tag champ for Jericho and then Miz. However, Big Show was a former World Champ and I think he can do some good things as a face for the Smackdown brand (if he is a face). I assume he is a face since he punched out Miz Monday, right?

Potential – He will be a big draw on Smackdown, with at least a good bit of main event matches until The Undertaker is healthy again. Worst case is he gets injured and has to spend time in the tag team division.

Grade: B-

Pick #3: (Raw) – John Morrison

Thoughts: I like this pick. Morrison was slowly getting stale on Smackdown, but really boosted his stock with a few classic matches with World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Also, we may see a Morrison vs. Miz feud which ended way too soon last year. Morrison right now is in the upper-mid card level with a TON of potential to go main event level if used correctly.

Potential – He can go either way in 2010. Best case is that he escalades into the main event picture and at least grabs hold of a United States Championship. Worst case would be for him to “come a bit short” each time he is fighting in the main event.

Grade: B+.

Pick #4 (Raw) – R-Truth

Thoughts: R-Truth gets the crowd fired up each time he belts that theme song and raps along with it. Though I don’t think he will be fighting for any World titles in this Raw run I see him boosting that mid-card half of the Raw roster and even picking up a United States title by year’s end. Don’t worry class, R-Truth will not be buried with this move.

Potential – Best case is that he is involved in the United States (or Million Dollar) Title picture. Worst case is that he is in mid-card purgatory, helping guys like Sheamus and the upcoming Fortunate Sons go over.

Grade: B-.

Pick #5 (Raw) – Edge

Thoughts: This is very questionable. Sure, he was a big splash on RAW in years past but I am not sure about this move. Edge has a good crazy man gimmick, but he can right now only go so far. I wonder if this move will either put him in the title picture, or will be lost in this shuffle. On Smackdown, I think he is a main event guy. On Raw given the talent that is there right now, I am not so sure.

Potential – Best case would be nothing short of a WWE World Title run. However the worst case could be him chasing the spinner belt all year, only to get injured again.

Grade: C.

Pick #6 (Smackdown) – Kofi Kingston

Thoughts: GREAT MOVE!! Kofi showed signs of brilliance during his feud with Randy Orton and Legacy. If he brings that to Smackdown, I can seriously see him as at least an Intercontinental Champion. Kofi is on the cusp of greatness, and I bet that we will see his full potential on Smackdown. Get ready for Kofi!

Potential – Best case is the World Heavyweight Championship (if he stays on Smackdown he is a viable candidate). Worst case is holding the Intercontinental Championship. Either or, he will get gold in 2010.

Grade: A-.

Pick #7 (Smackdown) – Christian

Thoughts: I think this is a solid move as well. Christian can wrestle any talent, regardless of their status in the WWE, and make them look good. Christian is a true workhorse and does not need a title to prove that. With that said, I could see Christian instantly in the main event picture with Jack Swagger. Christian as a World Champ? I would love to see it…but right now I think the WWE will stick with Swagger as the face of Smackdown. That said, I think adding Christian to Smackdown will improve that show as a whole.

Potential – Best case for Christian is a good feud with the World Heavyweight Champion (no matter who it is). Worst case is that he beats the mid-card talents and loses “the big ones”. Here is hoping we see him with a World Title sometime in 2010.

Grade: B+.

Pick #8 (Raw) – Chris Jericho

Thoughts: It’s Chris Jericho! He can talk his way to a main event. This gimmick was perfect the moment he started the “I am a victim” character and going to Raw will help it even more. If WWE wanted the best heel go to Raw, they did it with the eight pick.

Potential – Best Case is that he is in the main event and wins the WWE Championship. Worst case is that he loses matches, but his promos after those losses would be gold. Either or, I can’t think of a worst case scenario.

Grade: A+.

And now, for the Supplemental Draft choices there were chosen last Tuesday. I already provided thoughts to those selections and you could see them at this link. I will only post “grades” under here.

Pick #9 (Raw): The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh (Grade: D)
Pick #10 (Smackdown): Chavo Guerrero (Grade: C-)
Pick #11 (Smackdown): Cody Rhodes (Grade: B)
Pick #12 (Raw): Natalya (Grade: C+ if she wrestles; C if she is just a manager)
Pick #13 (Smackdown): Chris Masters (Grade: D-)
Pick #14 (Raw): Ezekiel Jackson (Grade: C-)
Pick #15 (Raw): Goldust (Grade: C)
Pick #16 (Smackdown): Hornswoggle (Grade: D)
Pick #17 (Smackdown): Rose Mendes (Grade: D+) **
Pick #18 (Raw): Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith (Grade: B)
Pick #19 (Smackdown): MVP (Grade: B-)

**Originally pick #17 was supposed to be JTG. However minutes later, it was announced that JTG was to stay on Friday Night Smackdown.

Overall, one has to state that Monday Night Raw easily manhandled Smackdown in the draft.

I don’t know the reasoning for Raw to add all the main event talents, but adding Jericho, Edge, Morrison, and The Hart Dynasty are improvements over what they had. R-Truth is a very entertaining man and he does not have to win every match to go over with the crowd. If healthy, Jackson can be a BIG help to the Raw brand. I think adding Goldust and (soon) Khali will be entertaining for a show that is feeling like Saturday Night Live at times. Finally, Natalya in that Diva’s division will be a huge improvement to a roster that lacked a technical, clean women’s wrestler.

Smackdown, do not fear. Though this brand lost main event start, they can elevate these guys that Raw just did not have time to push. Guys like Christian (who deserves it), Kofi Kingston (who I expect will go far on Smackdown), and MVP, who may have the biggest improvement of them all. They needed divas as well, and adding Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes also helped in a very shallow pool of women’s talent on Smackdown. Also, they sort of got that main event star in The Big Show. Sure, he may be a worn down version of himself, but he can still grab anyone’s attention and a win over him could help a wrestler out in the long run.

Finally, here are some superstars and divas that were NOT drafted. These are the ones I think have “won or lost” based on these results.

Carlito (Raw) – I just can’t see him surviving another “chain roster cut”. He is a boring wrestler.

The Dude Busters (Smackdown) – I can see Trent Barreta do great things for this team, but Caylen Croft I am not so sure about.

Finlay (Smackdown) – Sometime in the future, he WILL be reunited with Hornswoggle.

Evan Bourne (Raw) – He will sadly be a jobber to the bigger, stronger talents.

Kane – (Smackdown) He will just beat people up.

CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Serena, and “Mystery Guy” (Smackdown) – I think they will be trusted in being the top heel faction on Smackdown. A great and exciting move here.

Matt Hardy (Smackdown) – Must be thanking the WWE for not putting him on Raw.

Zack Ryder (Raw) – Better watch out for Vince McMahon’s assistants. That said, I think Mark Henry and Santino Marella should take notice as well.

Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown) – Should be an Intercontinental Champion by December.

Drew McIntyre (Smackdown) – Good talent, but still a mid-card guy on a watered-down brand.

If you want to present me your grades, you can do so at I will make sure to read them and maybe event post them in an extra column if I get a few.


This could be fun…

Matt Striker – Again, I hate to place you here. But when you do commentary, it is ok to let the other guys talk once in a while.

Drew McIntyre – He is the Intercontinental Champion, yet was eliminated by Yoshi Tatsu in that Raw vs. Smackdown Battle Royal. Again, why is this guy carrying a secondary title?

Shannon Moore – For you “tweets” bashing the WWE. Way to talk bad publically about a company your wife works for. Look it up, it is true. Thanks to my friends Anthony and Kevin for saying that on their show.

Matt Hardy – With his comments this week, do I need an explanation?

ETS and The Praxis Series – Honestly, I am running out of ideas to put them there. Eh, maybe for one more week.

HDNet – For not having a market in Pittsburgh.

Mark Cuban – For not having HDNet in the Pittsburgh (your hometown) market.

Pittsburgh Pirates – I think this will be a trend. Losing 20-0 and 17-3 would be embarrassing in a football game, let alone a baseball game.

Hulk Hogan’s Lawyers – For actually letting Hogan sue Wells Fargo. Seriously I may back track about Brett Favre being the biggest diva in sports, I think it may be Hogan.

The “Burger King” – He totally freaks me out. I mean, how many people had nightmares that he will kill you with four whoppers.

Duct Tape – You held Batista down on Sunday.

If you have any suggestion for this list, please let me know. I am pretty open for these opinions.

Dunce Cap of Doom goes to…WWE Universe Chat Room Moderators!

Ok, so I am in this chat room waiting…and waiting…and waiting for these selections. Then the moderators welcome Melina in there and thanks to reading her posts I now am annoyed by Melina. I was actually annoyed by everything in that room. They also have the Fink shouting out everyone who can’t spell their country or state right.

I could not stand it. I just could not. The people who got their comments posted don’t even have a brain in their heads (ex: HBK to Smackdown)…HBK IS RETIRED YOU BAFFOON!! To me, it felt like a trip to Wal-Mart. The intelligent people go unnoticed by the average consumer. It is the parent with a kid on a leach or someone yelling about eggs are the ones that grab the attention of the innocent consumer.

Folks, that is what the chat room is like, an overbearing pile of manure. It is a car accident that (for some) has to watch. It is worse than those chats on By all means, if you want to see a wreck, go on there during a WWE Draft and see what some morons’ type.

Their excuse was that there were too many people in the chat. I understand that. So, bring in someone that can moderate it better. We probably had some that had good opinions only to be buried for their honest opinion. I wished for a TNA crasher to write something stupid, but NOOOOOOOO I did not get even that.

I should note that I am not calling any of my readers “morons or buffoons”. Just those 9-year old kids (and some 20-year-old kids, obviously ones that don’t read my columns weekly) that were eating ice cream sandwiches and playing hooky from school just to type that “they LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE John Cena”, “Hornswoggle is still real to me”, or my personal favorite “I think Melina is better than Trish Stratus”. To copy The Miz (who I have new respect for) “REALLY…REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!?”.

Ok, I hear a couple of you saying “Breathe Mr. V…breathe”. Ok, I will breathe now. To avoid another rant, I got more dunce caps for every single one of your moderators. Stay there until I tell you are dismissed.

Past Dunces in Mr. V’s classroom: Kate Gosselin, Bubba the Love Sponge (twice), Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Ben Roethlisberger, and Michael Cole (twice).

Mr. V’s Honor Roll for the week of April 19 – April 25, 2010

This Week, I will not be able to provide thoughts on each match. I just hope that if you watched all the programming you would agree that these were the best three matches of the week. I am sorry to disappoint.

Here was Mr. V’s schedule in regards to grading these matches.

4/19 – Graded WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA Impact matches
4/20 – Graded WWE NXT Matches
4/21 – Column Writing. After that, I watched ROH on YouTube and recap the show.
4/22 – Graded WWE Superstars.
4/23 – Graded Smackdown Matches
4/24 – OFF DAY
4/25 – It will now be an OFF DAY until I finally get an FCW link.

**No FCW or ROH recaps this week. I did not get a stream for any of them. My apologies, but we are stuck with WWE and TNA this time around**

Distinguished Honors – The Undertaker vs. Jack Swagger, Monday Night Raw, April 19.

How it ended: The Undertaker hit Jack Swagger with the Tombstone Piledriver to win a hard-fought contest by pinfall.

Grade: A- (leaned toward the A).

High Honors – Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy, TNA Impact, April 19.

How it ended: After a ton of back and forth work, Van Dam hit the Five-Star Frog Splash on Jeff Hardy and won a World Heavyweight Championship match later that night (RVD won that match to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion).

Grade: B+ (leaned toward a B).

Honors – Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles, TNA Impact, April 19.

How it ended: For the second time that night, Rob Van Dam hit the Five-Star Frog Splash. This time, he hit it on AJ Styles and won by pinfall. Thanks in part to that finish, Van Dam became the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Grade: B.

And now…Mr. V’s Overall Grade book

A+, A, or A-: The Undertaker vs. Jack Swagger (Raw)

B+: Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy (Impact)

B: HHH, Rey Mysterio, and Edge vs. CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Chris Jericho (Raw); Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles (Impact); and John Morrison vs. Jack Swagger (Smackdown)

B-: Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry, Abyss, and Samoa Joe vs. Sting, Desmond Wolfe, Robert Roode, and James Storm (Impact); Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder (Superstars); and John Morrison vs. Carlito (Superstars)

C+: Justin Gabriel vs. David Otunga (NXT) and CM Punk and Luke Gallows vs. Rey Mysterio and Kane (Smackdown)

C: Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy (Raw); Darren Young vs. Skip Sheffield vs. Michael Tarver (NXT); Heath Slater vs. Chris Jericho (NXT); and Shad Gaspard vs. Goldust (Superstars);

C-: MacGruber/The Great Khali vs. Vladimir Kozlov (Raw); Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler vs. Matt Hardy and R-Truth (Smackdown); JTG vs. Mike Knox (Smackdown); and Michelle McCool and Layla El vs. Beth Phoenix and Mickie James (Smackdown)

D+, D, or D-: Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky vs. Daffney and ODB (Impact)

F or INC: None to report.


As of WWE’s Extreme Rules (previous PPV standings in parentheses)

1) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)……………….28-16 (5-2)
2) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and RAW Recapper)………….27-17 (6-1)
3) Matt O’Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)…………………………27-17 (6-1)
4) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)……………………………..26-18 (4-3)
5) Students of the Week (The Best from Prev. PPV)………………26-18 (5-2)*
6) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)……………………………………26-18 (5-2)
7) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)………………………..25-19 (5-2)
8) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champ)………24-20 (5-2)
9) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)……….22-22 (6-1)
10) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)………………………………………..21-23 (2-5)
11) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and NXT Recapper)…………………20-17 (6-1)
12) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)………………………………….20-24 (3-4)
13) Jeff Springer (WWE Superstars Recapper)……………………………18-14 (4-3)

Among Students of the Week, Jeremy Samples (4-3), Josh Logan (6-1), and Eric Marin (4-3) averaged approximately 4.6 wins. By estimation, they went 5-2 on average. However in this PPV three WV Students went 7-0, so none of them retained.

Among the Faculty, David Stephens, Matt O’Brien, Anthony Valvo, and Mike Tedesco posted a Faculty-best 6-1 record for Extreme Rules.

Out of the Students, we had a three-way tie for the win. David Sumroy, Crystal Mai, and Michael Phillips went a perfect 7-0 and will be the Students of the Week for the TNA Sacrifice PPV in three weeks.

Overall, we had 21 “WV Students”. They averaged a win total of 5.3. Since I estimate the student’s picks, I had them marked as 5-2.

Past Students of the Week: Evan O’Brien, TJ Patton, Ricky Langston, Craig Alan Cope, Paul Lyons, SUPERSTARZZ, Jeremy Samples, Josh Logan, and Eric Marin.

Mister V’s Gold Star Segment (Sponsored By: JR’s Family Bar-B-Q!!)

There are a TON of free shipping items from JR’s restaurant on his website. Support the man and buy the “Let’s Play Ketchup” package. For $23.88 you get three bottles of the famous JR’s Chipotle Ketchup (with one of them…get this…AUTOGRAPHED!!). Pick up some this week!

Once again, the gold stars were plenty among wrestlers and students alike. Here are the people and things that I will present a Gold Star to this week.

Crystal Mai, David Sumroy, and Michael Phillips – They all went 7-0 in the Predictions from the Faculty Extreme Rules Addition and they will all be a part of the “Students of the Week” portion for TNA Sacrifice.

Jeremy Samples, Josh Logan, and Eric Marin – They all did very well as “Students of the Week”, but just came short this past weekend. Here is hoping they participate once again.

David Stephens, Matt O’Brien, and Mike Tedesco – Other than yours truly, these three split with the best record among Faculty members at 6-1. I blame JTG for that loss.

Josh Boutwell – He is still the current “Dean of WrestleView”. He will maintain the spot for at least a couple more weeks.

To those completed the Homework Assignments – Thank you very much.

Eddie Edwards – Though he won the ROH Television Championship weeks ago, it was official this past week on ROH.

Beth Phoenix – She defeated Michelle McCool to become the NEW Women’s Champion.

John Cena and Jack Swagger – Both men defended their World Heavyweight Championships.

Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith – The Hart Dynasty are your NEW WWE Unified Tag Team Champions! Honestly, it could not happen to a better tag team. Finally, a true tag team that earned these championships.

WWE Raw – They did not have a guest host for the three hour draft, but it was a great Monday Night Raw.

Wayne Brady – He will be the guest host next week on Raw. I know I enjoyed the break from guest hosts earlier on, but this guy I can tolerate for two hours. Plus, if Wayne Brady sings it will be comedy gold (as per his amazing work on Whose Line is it Anyway?):

Jack Swagger – Another Gold Star for your great work in the ring recently.

Ted DiBiase Jr. and R-Truth – For the segment in which Ted wanted a “Virgil”.

Joe Hennig and Brett DiBiase – Coming soon to WWE…

Bryon Saxton – Because his voice on WWE Television is sorely missed. Honestly, why do we have to listen to Michael Cole for three hours a week?

New York Mets – My adopted favorite Major League Baseball team has won seven in a row since I started to wear their hat around. With Jason Bay on the team, I can’t help but to cheer them on.

Whoever invented wasp killing spray – Thank you, I actually have a couple cans stored in case they try to attack my car again.

To all my friends who are “teachers” – You are all a part of a great fraternity. Plus, our three month vacation is coming up shortly.

Mike Tedesco – For his amazing work on the NXT recaps. I have been disappointed with the show recently, but his recaps are informative as well as entertaining. Seriously do we need these stupid challenges.

Jose Marrero – He earns one because my column would not be complete without giving “The Gold Standard” a Gold Star. Hey, Shelton is gone from the WWE so that nickname is Jose’s alone!

Rick Jackson – For giving me that South Park “wrestling” episode. It was awesome.

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance ( – I got a friendly e-mail from Tom Leturgey (ring announcer for the ten-year promotion) introducing me to this Pittsburgh promotion for professional wrestling. Don’t be surprised if I write a little column for this on both and WrestleView because we all know that I can’t pass up anything Pittsburgh.

And finally, a Gold Star goes to…My Father! Yes, class. Today, April 29, one of the greatest men who ever lived was born back in 19XX (I will not say how old he is because he could still kick my @$$ if I did tell the Internet). The man ruled the “V” household with an Iron Fist and if not for drilling morals into my young mind I would never be the man I am right now. So from one Mr. V to the “wiser” Mr. V I would like to say Happy Birthday, Dad. I totally respect this man (if I said “love”, then yes he would do a snapmare takedown into a headlock). Honestly, he is a good man who I think already bought his birthday present (a 2010 Ford F-150 with EVERYTHING…Take THAT fuel-efficient automobiles!)

Homework Analysis

Last Week, I asked this question to the students of WrestleView:

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling recently gave their World Heavyweight Championship to Rob Van Dam. Was this a good idea for the company, or a bad idea?

Here were a couple of very good answers that I got from this question. Accept this Gold Star as a token of my appreciation.

From Suzanne Abshire:

Yes putting the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on RVD was a good idea however the execution of it was a very bad idea. They should have dragged this out at the very least until the next PPV.

From Jeremy Samples:

I think TNA’s decision to make Rob Van Dam the champion was a GREAT idea. In the almost 8 years now, that I have watched TNA, AJ Styles has by far, been the best wrestler in the company. To me, listening to the different crowd reaction at each different venue, he was also the most over star that TNA had in their company. The key word to that is “had”. Now, with the influx of talent in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, I believe that RVD actually has the role that AJ Styles once had. Rob, himself, has talked about what great of a reaction that he has gotten in the Impact Zone. Also, stating how loud the crowd is. Rob’s promo this past Monday night, on how “times have changed”…is exactly the reason why he has the title now.

Not only does his title reign cement himself further with the “new” Impact Zone crowd, as Row 3 seems to be slowly disappearing, which to me is both a good and bad thing for TNA…but it also cements TNA as the new, exciting program that they want to present themselves as being to an audience that would check them out. They see RVD as one of the greatest wrestlers that they remember, and will be looking for any chance they can to see him again. To see the new shot, that this up-and-coming TNA wrestling company, is giving him. We’ll have to wait and see what exactly the PPV buy numbers are for TNA with Rob defending his title. However, I cannot see any way that they could not be improved from AJ Styles title defenses.

This will be the greatest reason for Rob to become champion, and why it will be such a great move for TNA in the long-run. With Rob’s post-show comments this past Monday night, on AJ Styles being the longest running TNA champion, with a 7 month title run…I’ll estimate that his will be even longer than that. This move will be what TNA needs to catapult themselves to the next level of a professional wrestling company and truly go into war with WWE.

If I did not get your assignment on time, my apologies. Many thanks to Suzanne and Jeremy for completing this assignment.

Good Ideas and Bad Ideas (by: the WrestleView Students)

From Rick Jackson

Good Idea: Future-endeavoring Jimmy Yang, Sho Funaki, Mike Knox, & Ray Gordy

Bad Idea: Future-endeavoring Shelton Benjamin & Mickie “Don’t Call Me Fat” James. Hey Vince you hear that? That was the sound of Dixie Carter thanking you.

If you have any good ideas or bad ideas, send them over to

This week’s Homework Assignment

1) Out of all the WWE 2010 Draft Picks (and Supplemental as well), which superstars do you believe won and lost? It also can include superstars and divas that were not drafted to a different brand. (Due 5/5/10)

2) (From Mr. V #64) Finally, which show in professional wrestling do you believe is the best one so far. Summarize your reasoning as to why you believe it is the best show on television right now. The choices are Raw, Impact, NXT, Smackdown, Superstars, FCW, and Ring of Honor on HDNet. (Due 5/6/10)


Well, that does it for me this week. I thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this column as much as I typed it out. If you want to get a hold of me during the week, please e-mail me at or by leaving me a message on Facebook. I do get a lot of e-mails and may not reply in a timely fashion, but I will do my best to give you a quicker reply.

Now, students you are allowed to leave the classroom. Please push in your chairs, line up straight, and exit to the closest door around you. Until my next Ring of Honor on HDNet recap (which should hopefully be up soon), you are all……DISMISSED!!!!

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Finally to end this column, I would like to thank those who read all of my work. My ROH Recaps are still among the most viewed and my Examiner page is among the top 5 among all examiners in the Pittsburgh Area. This is the most motivated I have been in writing in some time, so thanks to all of you.

If not for the students, there would be no Mr. V. Thanks for reading my column.