The Rise and Fall of an Underdog #45
February 12, 2010
By: AJ Pearce of

Welcome once again to The Rise and Fall of an Underdog and the story of Jake’s journey into the world of professional wrestling. As always I can be reached at with any comments or questions. Thanks for reading and enjoy.


Chapter 37

Jake was going to be a father. And Jake was going to have a tryout with the WWE. Two totally different things and yet, while some people would argue that one of them was far more important than the other, Jake was conflicted. He was over the moon about becoming a father but still he found himself spending every waking moment in the gym or training. It was early on in the pregnancy, Alana would be alright. If everything worked out, and the suits at the WWE liked him, he would be able to afford a life for his child that he certainly never had. He had been through so much recently and all the trials and tribulations had only made his resolve stronger and his desire to make it in the industry even greater.

So, while Alana threw up, he pumped iron. Weight training alone would never get Jake up to the standard of the physiques in the WWE. So Jake decided to get a little chemical help. He started on a fairly risky dosage of HGH; a dosage so large that even the guy selling it to him offered a warning. Jake protested that he knew what he was doing and even believed it for a second. The weight training also wreaked havoc on his injured back and forced Jake to up the dosage of his pain pills. They did the job and he was now benching and squatting more than ever before. He also hadn?t realised until the first time he lifted a weight how badly he had injured his hand in Germany. He had probably broken it when he punched the oncoming steel chair in that drunken brawl in a pub in a rural German town, and now it hurt more than ever. But he just taped it up, popped another pill and kept going. This was the big leagues we were talking about here after all.

The WWE TV taping was now a week away and in two and a half weeks Jake had managed to put on over fifteen pounds of new muscle and he looked better than he ever had. His moods were all over the place and he had a constant pulsating headache, but he looked good. He had started to work on a new move too; a shooting star press. But this was no ordinary shooting star press. Jake positioned his opponent almost all the way across the ring forcing him to jump higher and farther than he ever had before. From the added height and distance the impact was even greater on his body. He felt it every time but, much like his new toned body, it looked good and as such, was worth the pain. The other trainees were amazed by it but the Crusher could see right through it.

?You?re gonna kill yourself doin? that move kid? he grumbled as they enjoyed a post workout beer. ?And I know you?re only doin? it to impress the suits.?

?And isn?t that a good enough reason??

The Crusher sighed. ?I just don?t want you to get your hopes up is all. These guys see a hundred guys a month just like you kid. I?m not saying you?re not the best damn prospect out there, because you are. It’s just that I don?t want you crushed if it doesn?t work out.?

?Well, thanks for the vote of confidence.? Jake mumbled as he finished his beer and got up to leave.

?Don?t get smart with me kid. I?m your friend remember. I?m the guy in your corner. I?ve gone up to bat for you a hundred times before and I?ll do it a hundred more. Don?t ever forget that. You should think about the people behind the scenes a bit more I think. How’s your wife??

?Fine. Thanks for the beer.?

Jake left the Crusher’s office with a bad taste in his mouth and a redness in his cheeks that definitely wasn?t from the beer. He loved the Crusher, he knew that, but at that moment he could have swung for him. Maybe that’s why he made a hasty retreat; a hasty retreat to the nearest bar. He was totally wiped from all the work and needed to unwind. Deep down he knew that he should just go home and be with his pregnant wife, but every man was entitled to some down time weren?t they? Jake crept into bed in the wee hours of the morning and was gone before Alana got up. One more week. One more week and he could then give her all the attention she needed and deserved. One more week and he would be on the biggest stage of them all. One more week and Jake would be a star.

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