June 22, 2010
Manchester, NH
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The NXT intro video plays and we’re brought into the arena with some pyro. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show. We are one week away from the first round of voting. They then send it to the newest member of the broadcast team Ashley Valence.

Ashley welcomes us to the show and says it’ll be the rookies’ last chance to make a first impression. NXT’s first poll will take place next week. We can vote on WWE.com next week starting at 10 PM to let them know who we want to be the next breakout star. We’re half the criteria. She then introduces the other half: the WWE Pros. The WWE Pros come out to the stage and take their seats to observe the matches.

The Miz & Alex Riley (1-0) vs. MVP & Percy Watson (1-0)

Alex Riley and MVP will start it out. Riley talks trash to Watson so MVP tags him in. Watson is, for lack of a better term, weird. Riley kicks him and gets a side headlock. Watson whips him off but takes a shoulder block. Riley quickly gets on the turnbuckle and taunts the crowd. They lock up and Riley gets another headlock. Watson pushes him off and takes another shoulder block. Riley goes into the ropes and takes a pair of dropkicks. Watson hits a drop-toe-hold and puts a front face lock on. MVP is tagged in and they hit a double team hip toss.

MVP throws Riley out of the ring and taunts. The Miz gives him an angry pep talk and tells him to get into the ring. The Miz then tags in. Watson is tagged in and he takes a snap suplex. Miz drills him with some elbows and slaps his throat. Miz takes him down with a straight right hand and tags Riley in. Riley whips him into the corner and splashes him. The referee is distracted as Miz chokes Watson on the ropes. Does that mean he’s fired? Riley applies a chin lock and keeps him grounded. Watson eventually fights up and hits a jawbreaker.

MVP is tagged in and he comes in with a nice belly to belly overhead suplex. MVP hits a clothesline, back elbow, throat thrust, and a face buster. MVP hits the BALLIN’ Elbow Drop and goes for the kill but Riley holds the ropes. Riley kicks MVP in the knee and pushes him into Watson, tagging him in the process. The Miz is also tagged in and he gets taken down by Watson with a diving clothesline. Watson gets the crowd into it and hits a 180 body splash. Riley breaks it up and is then taken out of the ring by MVP. Watson charges Miz, who flapjacks him on the top rope. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Miz & Alex Riley (2-0)
Match Rating: * 3/4

The Miz and Alex Riley celebrate but MVP still raises Watson’s arm as he put out a good showing. I just don’t know what Watson reminds me of. It’s some movie character.

A video airs for Titus O’Neil. He had a tough childhood. Now he has two kids and wants to be a role model. He was a great athlete and made the University of Florida Hall of Fame. He’s got a good look but he has to do a lot more to impress me.

Titus O’Neil makes his way to the ring accompanied by his WWE Pro Zack Ryder.

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews discuss the assault by the NXT Seven on Mr. McMahon. Later tonight we’ll see the footage and have an update on this “terrible” situation. Is it really terrible?

-Commercial Break-

Michael McGillicutty makes his way to the ring with WWE Pro Kofi Kingston. They show a pre-taped interview with him. The WWE means everything to him and his family. His family was emotional over his first win last week. That’s a moment he’ll never forget.

Titus O’Neil (0-1) vs. Michael McGillicutty (1-0)

They lock up and O’Neil powers him to the corner where he digs some shoulders in. McGillicutty blocks a punch and head-butts. O’Neil catches him charging and slams him into the corner. O’Neil whips him hard into the turnbuckles a few times for a near fall. O’Neil stomps him and sends him to the ropes for a clothesline. That gets him a near fall. O’Neil applies a chin lock but doesn’t get a submission. McGillicutty fights up and punches out. They botch a Samoan Drop spot for a one count. O’Neil hits a body slam and goes for a big splash but McGillicutty gets his knees up. McGillicutty hits his neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Michael McGillicutty (2-0)
Match Rating: 1/4 *

They go over how you can vote next week. Polls open next week on WWE.com at 10 PM.

They give the Tale of the Tape on Kaval versus Eli Cottonwood. It is a bit mismatched.

-Commercial Break-

Kaval (0-1) vs. Eli Cottonwood (1-0)

They’re really hyping this up as a complete mismatch. Cottonwood takes some kicks before powering him to the corner. Kaval kicks him away and hits a flying wheel kick. Cottonwood catches him sliding through the knees and tosses him into the corner. Cottonwood steps on his midsection and applies a bear hug. Kaval punches and puts him on the top rope. Kaval applies a Fujiwara Arm Bar on the top rope.

Kaval kicks him from the second rope. Cottonwood rips him of but Kaval lands on his feet and springboards off the rope with a kick. Cottonwood flings him over the top rope and takes some kicks. Kaval comes off the top rope with a Double Stomp to the back of the neck! Kaval covers for a near fall! Kaval goes to the apron and springboards into a one man flapjack. Cottonwood covers and picks up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Eli Cottonwood (2-0)
Match Rating: 3/4 *

John Morrison joins his rookie in the ring and raises his arm. Morrison looks happy with what he’s seen.

A video plays for Lucky Cannon. He’s had a few close calls in his life, hence the name “Lucky.” He was hit in the back of the head with a pipe and was in a coma for three weeks. He had to learn to walk and talk again. Now he’s here on NXT.

Lucky Cannon will take on Cody Rhodes in the main event. We’ll see the footage of the NXT Seven attack on Mr. McMahon next.

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Kaval is backstage with Lay-Cool. They try to give him a pep talk before giving him a shirt that says “Property of Lay-Cool.” This sucks.

Matt Striker joins Michael Cole and Josh Mathews at the announcer’s table. Striker isn’t happy and we see footage of Cody Rhodes attacking him and throwing him off the stage. Striker says he’ll be professional and wants to move on since this is about the rookies. They then show the footage of the attack on Mr. McMahon. I didn’t think it was that good that it needed to be shown in its entirety.

Husky Harris comes out with Cody Rhodes. Rhodes takes on Lucky Cannon next.

-Commercial Break-

They changed the ring announcer from the beginning of the show. She’s blonde now.

Rhodes grabs a microphone and says things are going to be different here. Last week he said he’d be lucky if he lasted five minutes with him. Tonight we’ll have a five minute challenge. He has a feeling that his luck will run out before the five minutes do.

Five Minute Challenge
Cody Rhodes vs. Lucky Cannon (0-1)

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee, starts the match and a clock appears in the lower left part of the screen. They lock up and Rhodes powers Cannon into the corner, counting to the clock. Rhodes backs up and circles him. Rhodes gets a hammerlock and knees him in the midsection. Cannon hits a forearm but that just angers Rhodes who slaps him in the face a few times. Rhodes hits a headlock takeover and we’re at 4:15. Cannon grapevines the neck and Rhodes gets out at 4:00, quickly hitting a dropkick. Cannon rolls out.

Rhodes punches him on the outside and taunts the crowd. Rhodes puts him in the ring and Cannon hits a double leg. Rhodes rolls through and stomps away at him. We’ve got three minutes left. Rhodes goes for an inverted chicken wing type submission but Cannon gets a roll up and a two count at 2:15. Cannon punches away and hits a flapjack at 2:00. That gets a two count. Cannon sends him to the ropes but lowers his head and eats a kick. Rhodes goes into the ropes and eats a big boot for a near fall. We have 1:30 left. Rhodes reverses a whip and Cannon slingshots over. Cannon then charges and Rhodes springboards off the second rope with a kick to the face! Rhodes smiles now and hits Cross Rhodes. Rhodes gets the win with 1:02 left.

Winner by Pinfall: Cody Rhodes
Match Rating: *

Cody Rhodes taunts about beating him within five minutes before having words with Matt Striker. What’s his problem with him? Mark Henry comforts his rookie in the ring.

The NXT Rookies will give closing arguments next.

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Worldwide voting opens next Tuesday exclusively at WWE.com starting at 10 PM EST.

Matt Striker is in the ring with the NXT Rookies. It’s only been three weeks since they’ve entered a WWE ring and now they’re on the verge of a precipice of a milestone. One week from tonight the WWE Universe and Pros will voice their opinions on how they feel each of them is doing in the competition. Next week we have the future of the rookies in our hands. They’ll have 45 seconds to tell the world why they will be the next breakout start and why they should earn a championship match on PPV.

Alex Riley says he doesn’t need it but he has a question. Do you recognize him? He says ten years ago he was stuffing the nerds (the other rookies) into lockers and stealing their lunch money. What is this an 80s high school movie? Riley says nothing has changed except he doesn’t have to pick on little kids on the bus. Now he’s getting paid to beat up losers. The buzzer sounds but he keeps talking so they buzz him more.

Kaval, wearing the pink “Property of Lay-Cool” shirt, has 45 seconds. Kaval says 10 years ago he tried to get his foot into the door of WWE. They told him he was too small. 10 years have passed and now he’s standing in the ring. Without question what he will prove… The buzzer sounds and Striker takes the microphone.

Titus O’Neil says he’s had to work just like everyone in the crowd and at home to get what he wants. He’s been told all his life what he won’t do but in the end he will make it a win. That’s some catchphrase…

Michael McGillicutty says he made it a win tonight before looking at Titus O’Neil. Unlike his competition he possesses no weakness. He’s undefeated on NXT. His name is Michael McGillicutty and he is WWE’s next breakout star.

Eli Cottonwood has 45 seconds. This should be interesting. The talking ruins his look. Not only is he the baddest and meanest one here, he’s patient. He’ll hide in the weeds and shadows, striking with a vengeance. His actions will speak louder than any of his words.

“Showtime” Percy Watson is up. Watson says everyone knows what time it is with him. He likes to have a good time like the WWE Universe. He’s a heavy hitter and not a quitter. He fast talks and says he has two words for us: Oh yeah!

Lucky Cannon says he’s not lucky because he gets the best hand in cards. It’s because he wakes up in the morning. He’s lucky because he gets to do what he loves to do. He’s lucky because he lives in a country that allows that. He may not be in the finals yet but he is WWE’s next breakout star.

Husky Harris says he doesn’t need 45 seconds and hits Matt Striker from behind! Harris hits his running senton on Striker and leaves the ring! Cody Rhodes likes what he’s seen and they go to the back.

Quick Match Results

The Miz* & Alex Riley (2-0) def. MVP & Percy Watson* (1-1)
Michael McGillicutty (2-0) def. Titus O’Neil (0-2)
Eli Cottonwood (2-0) def. Kaval (0-2)
5 Minute Challenge: Cody Rhodes def. Lucky Cannon (0-2) w/ 1:02 left

Bump of the Night: Harris’s senton splash on Striker
Match of the Night: Miz & Riley vs. MVP & Watson * 3/4

Mike’s Thoughts

This was a pretty good edition of NXT. I like that this season has some direction. My main criticisms of the first season were that it seemed they were making things up on the fly. The challenges lasted too long and the season turned a lot of people off. Well if you’ve been turned off by the first season you need to come back to this one. It’s much better.

The matches weren’t that bad. They were all pretty much showcase matches except for the first one. The only one I didn’t care for was the main event. We know Rhodes is an established star and a good wrestler. I don’t think we needed to see him dominate Lucky Cannon for four minutes. Cannon barely got in two things of offense and then before you knew it he was beat. I haven’t seen anything from Cannon yet but that’s because of booking. He’s tough to vote for right now as it stands.

I also am displeased with how they are handling Kaval. It’s still early but 0-2 screams Daniel Bryan to me but at least Bryan got beat by main eventers for his first few losses. Then making him look like a complete tool by wearing that pink Lay-Cool shirt is just a sin. You have to question his manhood on the show now. Why would he just take that? Low-Ki was a great wrestler but Kaval is just a wimp.

Well make sure you log on to WWE.com at 10 PM EST on Tuesday to vote for who you want to be the next breakout star!

Final Rating: ** 1/4

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