The Shoot #50
February 2, 2010
By: Joshua Piedra of

-The First Shot-

Hello one and all and welcome to the 50th edition of The Shoot. To commemorate the 50th edition of The Shoot? this entire column will be tinted in gold font. If it’s not? blame the boss? not the author!! Gold or not?you can all rest easy? the awards.. the spotlights? everything is done and over with and we will resume our regularly scheduled column this week. I have quite an interesting topic to discuss this week based on an E-Mail that I got from one of my readers.. so stick around for that.

On top of that and your usual Quick Shots, I have a new holiday for all of you to worship in Culture Shock along with my picks from the Royal Rumble. Should be a fun little column this week? at least it was in my mind before I started writing it? but nevertheless? here’s your Quick Shots.

-Quick Shots-

First, before I get into the news headlines, I wish to offer my condolences to the Brisco family as we lost one hell of a wrestling legend back on Monday. Jack Brisco was a pioneer in tag team and singles wrestling and it is always sad and tragic when one passes. May his soul rest in peace.

So Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms went and got themselves arrested. It seems that, according to TMZ, that a woman, who was a little drunk, was in a cab with them sandwiched between. Apparently Helms and Jericho got into a scuffle? and by scuffle I mean just screwing around? and the lady inadvertently ate an elbow to the head. So Jericho and Helms got arrested and were bailed out on a bond less than $200. I kind of had a smirk across my face when I read the news story. It kind of reminds me of how most WCW Monday Nitro episodes were booked.

It seems that Ring of Honor is joining the NWA in trying to get money back from Ric Flair. As you would remember, Ric Flair owed money to the NWA for appearances that he got paid to do and never did and it ended up costing Ric Flair his NWA World Title belt that they had to auction off. Now, Ring of Honor is doing the same exact thing. They paid Ric Flair for appearances that he never made so now they want their money back in the amount of $10,000. They paid Flair $35,000 for appearances and I guess he made $25,000 worth. For as little as we saw Flair, I?d like $25,000 for about ten minutes of total work! I don?t suppose I could work something out with Adam and Hunter, eh?

Chris Jericho ended up responding to Eric Bischoff’s comments about him liking Jericho, but he believes that Jericho can?t and doesn?t deserve to headline. Jericho responded by saying that he can?t headline in TNA because he’s not in his 50s. While it is a jab.. it’s kind of true. Look what happened recently?. Hogan, Hall, Nash, Nasty Boyz, Team 3D, Ric Flair? a lot of people who are on TV? may not all be in their 50s, but those who aren?t are pretty close. To TNA’s credit.. they are trying to elevate some younger talent. Styles and Daniels are examples of this, but as I am sure that we could all agree, TNA could be doing a lot more? but that could be a column in and of itself.

-The Big Shot: Revitalizing the WWE’s Women’s Division-

Okay? for those who know me? you know that I HATE the WWE women’s division and don?t really like women’s wrestling in general? well? I should rephrase that? I don?t like DIVAS wrestling in general. Japanese Joshi wrestlers would even put men to shame. Bull Nakano, Megumi Kudo, Azumi Hyuga, Meiko Satamura, Manami Toyota and many others would break most men in half. But women’s wrestling doesn?t have to be a bunch of career and life threatening moves and spots? but there needs some better wrestlers in the ring. It needs more storytelling and it needs some wrestlers that can actually use some moves. I know that word is a bad karma around these parts.. but I?m not talking about 450 splashes, standing shooting stars, or starship pains? *cough*? but I am talking about performing wrestling holds that look a little more believable? and having wrestlers in there that won?t botch them or put the crowd to sleep.

In my opinion, there are four women in the wrestling world that can do that to revitalize the women’s division and the WWE already has one of them in Beth Phoenix. Back at the Royal Rumble on Sunday, Beth Phoenix came out, much to everyone’s surprise, and eliminated The Great Khali. She then went toe to toe with CM Punk and actually looked pretty damn good, in my humbled opinion. She could be one of the four cornerstones of the new women’s division that could really pour some fresh air into a stale environment.

I wasn?t the only one who thought this way? in fact, like I aforementioned, this whole column was spawned by a message sent to me by one of my readers. That reader was Frank Lamia. Here is what he had to say:
?Hey Josh, I know you have a column on wrestleview and i read that Beth Phoenix has taken some shots on Chyna verbally speaking. I started thinking since Chyna has wanted to return to the wwe could this be her ticket to return in a feud against the glamazon? your thoughts?
With that being said, it’s pretty easy to see who the second person would be that should be brought in for another run in the WWE. Of course, that would be Chyna. Chyna would play the role of the veteran to help current WWE Divas in improving their game all while putting on an clinic in her teachings with Beth Phoenix in what would be one hell of a feud in my opinion.

But let’s be honest here. We?re going to need more than Beth Phoenix vs Chyna to revitalize the women’s division. It would be great for maybe a month or two, but where do you go from there? Mickie James? I know she’s been around the independents as Alexis Laree as well as in TNA during their early Wednesday night PPV days. She also wrestled in Ring of Honor so she would probably feel a little more comfortable in the ring with someone who knows how to take a move, but let’s take a step back here and be a little more honest with ourselves? would we really want to rest the entire women’s division on the shoulders of Mickie James after Chyna and Phoenix are done with their program? No no no? I wouldn?t.

That’s where these next two women come into play. One of which may or may not still be with TNA at this point in time? but if she were to officially get what she wants? which is her release, I believe that Amazing (Awesome) Kong would be a solid addition to the WWE Roster and bring some more credibility to the ?Divas? division. With people like Phoenix and Chyna on the roster and? to an extent? Mickie James, those three would be a great foundation for the new division. Now we have a few more options for matches that would actually look good on television, probably have little chance of botches (aside from Kong’s boobs popping out) and they could sell and tell a story which are things the Divas division SORELY is missing.

So we have Amazing Kong, Beth Phoenix, and Chyna. We need one more pillar for this women’s division and there is one woman that comes to mind that just oozes a tough and gruff look and would probably look a little more tough and gruff without the facepaint. She is a staple of the Ring of Honor women’s division as well as a former SHIMMER champion? and that is the one and only Sara Del Ray.

If the WWE can make a big deal out of Stacy Keibler’s legs? then imagine how they could sell and market Sara Del Ray? I won?t lie?. Del Ray and Phoenix would be a dream match of mine? two good looking, yet powerful women, just going at it. The selling and storytelling they could do in that match would be amazing. Ray, Kong, Phoenix, and Chyna. Add in some of the more experienced WWE Divas that have an actual wrestling background and there could be many MANY different match possibilities and, for the first time since Trish Stratus held the Women’s Title, there would actually be credibility to the championship. You could even divide the four of them on both shows so both the Divas Title and the Women’s Title would gain notability or treat the Women’s title like the Unified Tag Titles and have them wrestle on both shows occasionally and just kill the Divas Title all together.

But I won?t go into more detail since that will go into an armchair booking style column? but I am giving you some food for thought in the form of a ?What If? scenario? but I really think that these women could create a much more believable? a much more watchable? and a much more credible women’s division.

-One Extra Round: WWE Royal Rumble Predictions Results-

Well.. depending on what you go by? I went out with a major bang in my predictions? but only if you look at it a certain way. If you went by Anthony Valvo’s column? I went 4-1? but if you went by what I said on Wrestleview Radio? even though I didn?t get the number right, I got the winner right and went a perfect 5-0.

I also, usually, offer my thoughts, but I haven?t seen the entire PPV yet? so I?m just going to refrain from offering my comments. Sorry about that, but I had a busy weekend and wasn?t able to catch the Rumble. I have creatively acquired it as of the time of this writing, but have yet to see the whole thing so it wouldn?t be fair to offer thoughts of what I haven?t fully seen. With that being said? here’s how I did:

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Michelle McCool (Champion) vs Mickie James
Winner: Mickie James
Pick: Mickie James

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker (Champion) vs Rey Misterio Jr.
Winner: The Undertaker
Pick: The Undertaker

WWE Championship
Sheamus (Champion) vs Randy Orton
Winner: Sheamus
Pick: Sheamus

ECW Championship
Christian (Champion) vs Ezekiel Jackson
Winner: Christian
Pick: Christian

WWE Royal Rumble Match
Winner: Edge
Pick: Edge on Wrestleview Radio
Pick: Shawn Michaels on Mr. V’s Predictions Column

Thoughts: For all intents and purposes, I?ll claim myself as 4-1 on the show. Most of my prediction recaps are all based off of what I pick for that column so I?ll be fair and call that one match a loss. Calling myself 5-0 because of a pick on radio would just be selfish. I can be humble? and if I can?t be, I?m sure the Iron Sheik will make me so anyway.

-Culture Shock-

If you?ve been following me on Facebook, you would have noticed me talking about something called Winter-een-mas. It isn?t an officially holiday, but it has been around for a few years now. It was created by web comic artist Tim Buckley (artist and creator of the web comic CTRL+ALT+DEL). It is basically a one week celebration of video games and gamers. People are usually encouraged to play video games, host LAN parties, etc to help celebrate this great entertainment medium that we all love and cherish. If you want more information on this event, you can check out

So what did I do for the week of Winter-een-mas? (Which is January 25th to January 31st by the way). Here’s a breakdown of the gaming I?ve done.

Monday: Mega Man Classic Marathon? played Mega Man 1 through 9.
Tuesday: Mega Man X Marathon? played Mega Man X through X8
Wednesday: Final Fantasy IX Perfect Run Part I
Thursday: Final Fantasy IX Perfect Run Part II
Friday: Final Fantasy IX Perfect Run Part III as well as Tatsunoku vs Capcom
Saturday: Final Fantasy IX Perfect Run Part IV and GunZ: The Duel
Sunday: League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and yes, more Final Fantasy IX

Even though Sunday was the last official day, the FF9 perfect run is still ongoing. As of this writing, I just got the Hilda Garde III as well as my Gold Chocobo. I?m supposed to be going to Ipsen’s Castle, but I?ve been too busy doing every side quest that I could possibly do at this point. I am using a walkthrough to make sure I don?t miss anything. What I laugh at is the walkthrough suggest that I be level 37 at this point? yeah.. I?m level 52. I?ll be sure to let you know when I complete this ?perfect run? of acquiring everything possible in the game. I did the Excalibur II quest the first time around when I beat the game? I didn?t like it and I?m cringing the thought of doing it? also once I hit level 99 with ALL characters, I will take them to fight Ozma since I haven?t done that before.

Also, something that made me happy? the full version of Toki no Mouka, Maboroshi no Sora came out over the weekend. It is the opening theme to Ookami Kakushi. The song is absolutely AMAZING and it wasn?t slated until a February 27th release? so the early release made me very very happy. You should check it out.

Still waiting for the full version of the opening theme to Durarara!! As well.

-The Final Shot-

That’s going to do it for me this week. If you would like to submit anything as far as column feedback, wrestling discussion, culture shock topics, anything? you can do so by using any of the methods below.




Until next week?

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