WWE Smackdown and ECW House Show Results – 1/24/10
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Sean Steiner sent this report in:

Howdy, figured I’d throw some results your way, trying to remember everything as best I can, may not be in order.

Show opened with Teddy Long coming out and apologizing for The Undertaker not being there as was promoted. Jericho came out to saying they should just give him the title, so Teddy said if he beat his new opponent tonight he would get a title shot on Friday. Undertaker would be replaced by Triple H.

First match Fatal Four Way for the IC Title
R Truth v Morrison v Hardy v McIntyre
McIntyre Won

Divas Tag Match
Mickie and Maria v Beth and Leila
Mickie and Maria Won

Hart Dynasty v Wang and Slam Master J
Match was so slow and boring that I actually dozed off so no clue who won

Christian v Jackson
Christian Won

Reks v Goldust
Reks won

Finley v Ziggler
Finley Won

Punk and Gallows came out, picked a local wrestler from Cleveland out of the crowd to be saved.
Punk and Gallow v Mysterio and Kane

Mysterio and Kane won
(on a funny note in this match, Rey climbed onto Kane’s shoulders to jump up, lost his balance and just fell backwards)

Jericho v Triple H
Triple H won

For a house show it was quite crowded, they didn’t sell tickets for the upper bowl, but floor, lower bowl, and club levels were all full, which with no stage setup there were more floor seats.

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