WWE Raw House Show Results – 1/9/10
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Joe O’Connor sent this report in:

Hello this is Joe from Omaha, i attended the Lincoln show tonight and it was alot of fun. First house show i’ve been to almost 6 years, and first i’ve ever seen it Lincoln. My very first front row seats aswell! The arena was small, very small, but looked close to a sell out.

(1) MVP beat Jack Swagger. Crowd was hot the entire match, Swagger dominated for the most part but MVP picked up the win with the play maker.

Eve asked three kids where wrestlemania will be held this year; they answered correctly and were moved to the front row the entire night.

(2) Evan Bourne beat Johnny Curtis. No one knew who Curtis was, huge heat from him, especially from little kids. Various kids were asking who he was, he got on the mic and talked about being the future of Raw, and how the young stars are taking over. Evan came out to a huge pop, and laughed at my friends “Matt Sydal was Better” sign. Curtis dominated the match but Bourne won with the Shooting Star. Afterwards Bourne was attacked by Cody Rhodes but Primo made the save.

(3) Cody Rhodes beat Primo. Cody dominated for the most part but Primo got a few spots in aswell. Cody won with the cross rhodes.

(4) Gail Kim & The Bella Twins beat Maryse & Alicia Fox & Jillian Hall in a Six-Diva tag match with Santino Marella as the special guest referee. Huge pop for Santino, and all the divas got a good pop from the males in attendance. Very fun comedy match, including Santino catching a Bella, knocking down Maryse by mistake(kayfabe) then Kim, then dropping said Bella. Kim got the win over Jillian. Very sexy ladies in person i might add.

(5) Chris Masters beat Carlito . Good heat for Carlito, decent pop for Masters, who came out to new music. Carlio was a ragdoll for the most part, Master wins with the Masterlock.

Intermission/shirt tosses

(6) U.S. champion The Miz beat Kofi Kingston to retain the U.S. Title. My friend had a sign saying “Embarrassed Miz Fan” while wearign a paper sack with eyes cut out, which Miz took notice of. Miz talked on the mic of timberland giving Kofi a shot 2 weeks ago, then turned his attention to my friend, calling him fat & stupid, great mic work from him here, lots of fun fan interaction. Kofi came out to a huge pop, great match, Miz won with the Skull Crushing Finale.

(7) WWE champion Sheamus beat Mark Henry to retain the WWE Title. Sheamus got massive heat, and Mark Henry with a pretty damn good pop. My friend had a sign that said “Sheamus + WWE Title = Bad Ratings” to which Sheamus saw and destroyed. Slow but decent match, Sheamus won with the bicycle kick. Afterwards Henry received a standing ovation and huge pop.

(8) Unified tag champions DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) beat Big Show & Randy Orton to retain the Unified tag titles. DX came out to the pop of the night, it was amazing and did the usual mic work and joked abotu the freezing weather Nebraska has had recently. Show then came and to decent heat, got on the mic and spoke of DX not being worthy champions, and how he no longer has a best friend/partner on raw but has found a better partner. Out came Orton to heat of the night, a kid in the front had an “Orton Sucks” sign which Orton stared at, cold & calculating, then walked off only to turn back quickly and snatch the sign and rip it, he then asked the kid if he still sucks, the kid replied with YES. Great heel is Orton, and the kid was a great sport. HHH got on the mic to defend the kid & asked the crowd to chant Randy sucks. In a funny moment Orton seemed saddened until Show walked up to console him. Lots of staredown by all the competitors & lots of filler but what a match it was. Orton played an amazing heel tonight, and even did his old arms extended pose a couple times. Match ended with a pedigree to Show along with HBK splashing him at the same time.

Great show, Biggest pop went to DX Most heat went to Orton and Sheamus.

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