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Ring of Honor
?HDNet TV Tapings?
Philadelphia, PA
Former ?ECW Arena?
January 8th 2010
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Yes ladies and gentlemen it is that time of year again, yours truly is home from college for a Winter hiatus. While I am home I am going to be taking you to a series of shows. This first week is set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is none other than that of Ring of Honor. I have had a little bit of a falling out with Ring of Honor as I used to be a huge fan of them back in 2003, but have been less than thrilled over the past couple years with their product. I’m starting to come around to them once again so we’ll see how it goes. I will be taking you next week up for the debut show of the new EVOLVE company run by Gabe Sapolsky. I’m personally looking forward to that probably more than any show I have been to in over a year. Finally, the weekend after that I?m heading to JAPW for their anniversary show. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s step on back and let’s look at this week’s show, Ring of Honor back in Philly.

For one reason or another I tend to be lucky when I attend wrestling shows. Tonight my luck came in the form of very good tickets. The Arena was absolutely packed, there was barely standing room at all. The entire place was already full when I arrived, but the ticket seller actually gave me third row seats that he had been saving during the night for people that he knew would stay for the entire tapings. He even gave me a five dollar discount! So thank you ROH, much appreciated from this poor college student.

Warning! This WrestleView Road Trip contains spoilers. This report covers the matches for TV tapings. For those of you who do not know, ROH tapes three weeks of programming within one night. They are actually back in the same arena tomorrow afternoon to once again tape three more shows. I will not be going overly in depth into each match or segment that occurred. This is for two reasons; first, I?ve done two recaps and this will be my second column of the week and my wrist is beginning to hurt; and second, it’s a TV product you really should watch it. Nonetheless, I will give you my thoughts on some things that happened as well some quirky little stories that quite frankly I just have to tell you.

Opening Segment
Cornette comes out to get the crowd hot and introduce the show. Tyler Black & Austin Aries soon enter to cut promos on each other. Focus is on the ?Glory by Honor? show in which the two fought in a 60 minute time-limit draw for Aries? ROH Title. There will be a rematch for the Title at February’s show. In case it also goes to a draw, there will be three judges on hand to select the winner. Aries, Black & Cornette will all select a judge, to be announced later in the evening.

Earlier in the week Jim said that watching the happenings on Monday night made him feel like he was being raped. Seriously, that’s what he said; look it up. That’s not at all relevant, just thought that I’d share.

Briscoe Brothers def. Cheech & Cloudy
The Briscoe Brothers are much larger than I remember them. Very solid opening match.

?Skull Crusher? Rasche Brown def. Bobby Shields

Holy cow, that was one massive, dominant, athletic black man. Bobby never had a chance.

Kenny King def. El Generico

I’m really starting to come around to Kenny King. He had great presence of mind in the match, always aware of the camera. Also, an incredibly charismatic performer. I could definitely see him as a decent midcarder In the WWE.

Judge Selection
Cornette, Black and Aries all return to the ring to make their judge selections. Tyler Black selects Roderick Strong. Austin Aries selects Kenny King. Jim Cornette selects? himself!

Sara Del Ray def. Portia Perez

Poor Portia, I?m a big fan but she got destroyed. On a side note, I STILL hate Sara’s eyebrows.

Colt Cabana def. Sonjay Dutt

Never really got into Cabana despite the hype, but he impressed me tonight. Dutt seemed to just be working his set. In contrast to a ?performer? in the manner of Colt he seemed to be missing that ‘something extra? which would have put him over the top.

The Embassy Segment
Something went down that had members of the embassy, including Prince Nana and Shane Hagadorn in the ring. Eddie Kingston came out to interrupt. Joey Ryan & Erick Stevens then came out which drew the referees and staff to break it up. Necro Butcher charged out with a traffic cone, which apparently is great not only for vehicular instructing, but clearing a ring.

I mean really, what else can I say?

TV Main Event Match
Tyler Black def. Roderick Strong

I don?t understand this Vince Russo booking sometimes. Why would Black choose him as a judge and then wrestle him? WAIT! This is Cornette NOT Russo? Weird?

Eddie Kingston & Necro Butcher def. Joey Ryan & Erick Stevens (20 Second Count-out)

Nice match. All the men looked strong coming out of it.

Kevin Steen & Steve Corino def. Alex Payne & Bobby Dempsey

For the love of God, Steve Corino needs to get a new ring attire or never wrestle again. He is actually my favorite ROH Commentator of all time, but the guy was old and kind of gross to look at if I?m being honest.

Dark City Fight Club def. Jobbers

2 minute squash? if that long.

#1 Contenders Match for ROH Tag Team Titles
The Young Bucks def. The American Wolves

Easily stole the show. This is one of the last matches the Young Bucks will have in ROH, and the crowd appreciated the effort. I?ve followed the Bucks for awhile, and I?ve seen them live at least three times. The amount they have grown has been very impressive. I look forward to their time in TNA. Yes I?m looking forward to TNA? believe it!

I?ll be back next week when I take WrestleView on the road to EVOLVE. Check out my ECW Recaps and column ?That’s a Wrap?. Until next time, remember to visit your local Indy!

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