WWE Superstars
November 26, 2009
Hershey, PA/Bridgeport, CT
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

The WWE Superstars video plays and we?re brought into the arena with a great pyro display. Michael Cole wishes us a Happy Thanksgiving and says Superstars is the new Thanksgiving tradition. Our Main Event will be R-Truth taking on Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz vs. Santino Marella

The match begins and Santino soaks in the chants. Santino fakes some kicks and shows the cobra (not that way). They lock up and Miz gets a quick hammerlock. Miz hits a headlock takeover and cinches it in. Santino fights to his feet and whips Miz off but gets shoulder blocked down. Miz talks some trash and Santino pushes him. Santino then takes him down with a headlock takeover. Miz whips him off but Santino ducks a pair of clotheslines and shoulder blocks Miz down. Santino hits a pair of arm drags but Miz hits a forearm shiver to stop the third. Miz grounds and pounds Santino for good measure.

Miz goes into the ropes and hits a running kick to the face for a two count. Miz locks on an arm trap chin lock. Santino fights to his feet and tries to get out but Miz takes him down. Miz sends him sternum first into the corner and clotheslines him for a near fall. Miz rubs Santino’s face against the mat before getting him in the corner and choking him with his knee. Santino finally blocks a punch and starts hitting some of his own until Miz cuts him off with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Miz punches him down and drives him into the corner. Miz hits his trademark corner clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope and jumps right into a punch from Santino.

Santino hits some punches and a nice back suplex. Santino gets pumped up, splits under a clothesline, and hits a hip toss. Santino breaks the cobra out and goes for the strike but Miz kicks him and hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: The Miz
Match Rating: * ?

A Thanksgiving themed Ask the Divas segment airs.

Vladimir Kozlov is seen walking backstage with William Regal. They look upset about Ezekiel Jackson leaving.

-Commercial Break-

Josh Mathews and Byron Saxton welcome us back to the show. They recap Ezekiel Jackson leaving the Roundtable.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Goldust

The bell rings and Goldust quickly goes for a lock-up but Kozlov pushes him away. They lock-up and Kozlov shoves Goldust into the corner. Goldust pushes him, ducks a punch, and punches him. Kozlov goes for a single leg takedown but Goldust gets out with a punch. Goldust gets a headlock until Kozlov whips him off into a shoulder block. Kozlov goes for a clothesline but Goldust pulls the top rope down and Kozlov flies over. Goldust hits a flying punch off the apron. Kozlov hits a quick kick and goes to smash him into the ring post but Goldust slides off his shoulder and sends him face first into the post instead. We?ll take a break here.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Goldust controlling Kozlov with an arm bar. Goldust elbows the shoulder and keeps it on. Kozlov gets to his feet and shoves Goldust into the corner. Kozlov hits some shoulder thrusts before sending Goldust to the opposite corner. Kozlov charges into his boots. Goldust then comes off the second rope right into a Battering Ram Head-Butt. Goldust rolls outside the ring.

Kozlov goes outside and throws him back in the ring. Goldust hits some desperation punches but Kozlov under-hooks the arms, hits some head-butts to the chest, and hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Kozlov pushes Goldust into the ropes and hits some forearms for a two count. Kozlov locks on a grounded bear hug. Goldust fights to his feet and kicks away. Goldust hits a nice uppercut and some more punches. Goldust ducks a kick and hits a clothesline.

Goldust has a whip reversed on him but he counters with a face buster. Goldust punches him in the corner but has a whip to the opposite side reversed on him. Kozlov hits a cross-body in the corner but Goldust catches him and body slams him for a near fall! Goldust goes for an elbow drop but Kozlov lifts his knee up. Kozlov hits the Iron Curtain for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: * ?

After the match William Regal takes out Goldust with a Knee Trembler. Kozlov puts on his pedophile smile and they stand dominant in the ring.

Still to come tonight is R-Truth taking on Dolph Ziggler.

-Commercial Break-

Did you know WWE offers all U.S. military personnel free tickets to all its live events in the U.S.?

A John Cena Superstars video plays.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us back to the show. Matt Striker does a Jesse ?The Body? Ventura impression (it was good) and they bring us to the Raw Rebound. They then run down the TLC card.

R-Truth makes his entrance. He?ll take on Dolph Ziggler next.

-Commercial Break-

R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and they take some time taunting to the crowd. They finally lock-up and Ziggler gets a quick hammerlock. Ziggler gets a side headlock on before punching him. Ziggler quickly gets out of the ring to avoid R-Truth. Ziggler gets in the ring and puts himself through the ropes to keep R-Truth away. Ziggler then hits a cheap shot. Ziggler hits a snapmare and a rolling neck snapper for a one count. Ziggler gets an arm bar on and talks some trash. R-Truth arm drags out and hits a big right hand. Ziggler rolls out of the ring to recover.

Ziggler gets back in the ring and they lock-up. Ziggler backs R-Truth into the corner until R-Truth comes back with some right hands. R-Truth taunts the crowd as Ziggler recovers, which is a poor move. Ziggler kicks him and talks some trash. Ziggler punches him in the corner before whipping him to the opposite corner. Ziggler talks more trash as he kicks at him. Ziggler whips him to the opposite corner but R-Truth slingshots over him, splits under a clothesline, and hits a spinning heel kick. R-Truth then hits a nasty over the top rope suicide dive as we go to commercial!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Ziggler trapped in an arm bar. Ziggler fights up and punches out. Ziggler goes into the ropes and runs right into a kick. R-Truth goes for a Scissors Kick but Ziggler avoids it. R-Truth quickly goes back into the ropes and goes for the Lie Detector but Ziggler moves. R-Truth rolls out of the ring in pain. The referee nearly counts him out until Ziggler dropkicks him off the apron. Ziggler goes outside and bounces his face off the apron. Ziggler puts him in the ring and chokes him using the bottom rope.

Ziggler locks on a chin lock and really cinches it in. R-Truth fights up and tries to punch out but Ziggler snaps him down. Ziggler kicks him and talks more trash. Ziggler hits a body slam and a few elbow drops before hitting his big one for a near fall. Ziggler grounds and pounds out of frustration before hitting a guillotine choke. R-Truth eventually fights up and elbows. Ziggler cuts him off with a kick and goes for a neckbreaker but R-Truth counters with a backslide for a two count.

R-Truth ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. R-Truth hits another and then a hip toss. R-Truth hits a suplex into a stunner for a near fall! That was an awesome move! Ziggler counters a whip into an X-Factor for a near fall! Ziggler goes for a corner splash but R-Truth moves. R-Truth hits a Scissors Kick for a near fall! Ziggler gets a quick inside cradle for a near fall and R-Truth turns it for a near fall of his own. Ziggler goes for a Scissors Kick of his own but R-Truth moves and hits the Lie Detector for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: R-Truth
Match Rating: ** ?

R-Truth celebrates with the crowd as this Thanksgiving edition of Superstars ends.

Quick Match Results
The Miz def. Santino Marella (non-title)
Vladimir Kozlov def. Goldust
R-Truth def. Dolph Ziggler

Bump of the Night: R-Truth’s suplex into a stunner!

Match of the Night: R-Truth vs. Ziggler ** ?

Mike’s Thoughts

There’s not really a lot to say other than this was a nice holiday edition of the show. I hope everyone had a fun, filling, and safe holiday ? I know I sure did. I?ll see you all later for Smackdown!

Final Rating: ** ?

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