Craig King sent in this report:

I realize you have a report but here’s a second one. 😉

Alright, just back from that show that I harped on about for months to anyone that would listen. It was awesome! I would say that though. Anyway, here’s my report. Pictures and Videos will be posted in here whenever I can get them on the computer.

So, yeah we didn’t have a fantastic time getting there. I mean, nothing bad happened it was just a pain because usually it’s my other brother or sister who takes it but that didn’t happen so we had to get the bus. The first one was into town and the second took forever to come and forever to get there but we get there at like 6:50.

It was eventful to say the least, at first we stood outside getting something to eat watching the fireworks and then some woman faceplanted it on the pavement so my brother went to help her.

Anyway, we get into the arena and everything goes dark. Justin Roberts comes out and welcomes us and then introduces the first match.

Match 1
Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero

It’s quite funny, the first time we went Bourne was the opening person too. Anyway, the match was decent enough, it’d be nice if they built Chavo up though. So, one section just kept chanting Chavo counter-acted with Evan. So, after some cool Evan moves he hit the Shooting Star Press and won the match.

Then, Justin Roberts says Gail Kim is somewhere in the audience and then the spotlight focuses on her and she was actually very close to us. She asks the family she’s with to name a finishing move of DX and one kid says Pedigree so they get front row tickets. Bourne celebrated with one of Scotland’s flags afterwards. The WWE guy got a good picture of it.

Match 2
Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella

Swagger got booed pretty loudly and Santino got cheered pretty loudly. Lots of ‘Santino’ chants. Swagger dominated the match and then Santino hulked up but missed his headbutt and Swagger picked up the win.

Then Justin Roberts says the following match is an ECW match.

Match 3
The Hurricane vs. Paul Burchill (minus Katie)

Burchill, being English got booed quite a bit and the face, well he got cheered. The match was alright but the crowd was much quieter than the previous two matches. The match was pretty even though and the end came when Hurricane hit a crossbody but Burchill kicked out and nailed Hurricane with a jackhammer for the win.

Match 4
Sheamus vs. Primo

Beforehand, Sheamus says that people think Irish and Scots are very much alike but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sheamus says Scots are just second-rate Englishman and then says tonight he’ll prove why Ireland is better than Scotland in every way. He also spoke about kilts.

Primo got little reaction until the match, I forgot how awful his music is. Anyway, domination from Sheamus with Primo getting little in the way of offense. In the end Sheamus won with the big boot.

Match 5
Mark Henry vs. Chris Masters

The matches so far were all very predictable but anyway. Henry was super-over. Some funny bits at the start with Henry offering a test of strength. Masters worked mostly on Henry’s knee but Henry ended up winning in what was a rather quick match with the World’s Strongest Slam. Afterwards, he brought a kid into the ring and raised his hand to cheers. Henry celebrates with the flag.

Justin Roberts then says it’s time for intermission.

Afterwards, he says WrestleMania 26 takes place in Phoenix, Arizona and introduces the Honey Monster who asks a question and Roberts tells you how to enter to try and win tickets.

Match 6
WWE United States Championship Match
The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston vs. MVP

This was great. Miz came out and says that he is the best ever and says he is awesome. MVP comes out and does Ballin and Kofi does ‘boom, boom, boom’ with the crowd. Anyway, the match was great, lots of cool spots and hurricanranas. Miz went for the Skullcrushing Finale on MVP, MVP reversed and went for the Playmaker but then Miz fought out. Kingston went for Trouble in Paradise and Miz ducked hitting MVP. Miz then threw Kingston from the ring and covered MVP.

Justin Roberts thanks everyone on WWE’s behalf for coming out tonight. He says WWE returns to Glasgow on November 10th and 11th I think for RAW/ECW and SmackDown/ECW respectively. He says it’s time for our main event.

Main Event
DX and John Cena vs. Legacy

DX came out first, arena darkens and glowsticks galore! It was awesome. Anyway, they come out and the crowd go nuts. Triple H then says that they flew a long way to get here, the crowd cheer that. Then, he says they flew all that way to know one thing: Are you ready? The crowd cheer, he climbs onto the turnbuckle… ‘NO, GLASGOW! I SAID ARE YOU READY?’ I remember it all, and the crowd cheer once more.

He then says ‘Well then, for the thousands in attendance…’ he stops and looks around and says ‘and for the millions not watching at home… because, you know this isn’t televised.’ Then he stops and says ‘But, that’d be cool wouldn’t it? If we brought TV to Scotland?’ The crowd cheer this obviously and he says ‘We could have a big stage up there and big logo, do you want that?’ or something along those lines and the crowd go mad again. ‘Myself and Shawn will see what we can do.’

I hope they do come to Glasgow for TV btw but they’re in London next April anyway for TV.

John Cena comes out to cheers but you can hear boos in there too. Also, DX threw glow sticks everywhere. It was weird seeing glowsticks flying across the arena every couple seconds.

Randy Orton and DiBiase and Rhodes come out to boos. Anyway, this was awesome stuff. At first, Triple H was beat down but then Triple H ended up pulling Orton’s trunks down to expose his ass and then Rhodes and DiBiase tried to run in but HBK and Cena attacked them and ended up exposing their asses too. Anyway, HBK is tagged in and gets beaten down for ages. He eventually tags Cena.

Then, HBK and HHH got sent from the ring and Legacy cornered Cena but Hornswoggle then runs in, in DX gear and Legacy round up on him. HHH and HBK come in, Sweet Chin, Pedigree, Attitude Adjustment and then Cena wins for the team. Loads of celebrations after with Triple H, HBK and Cena clapping all the fans hands and that’s a wrap!

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