The Shoot #37
November 3, 2009
By: Joshua Piedra of

-The First Shot-

Greetings everyone and welcome to your 37th edition of The Shoot. I know there wasn?t a column is last week, but unfortunately it could not be helped. Sunday night of last week, I came down with a pretty bad bacterial infection. My original column was inspired by Bragging Rights where I was going to review and rank the six iron matches in WWE history according to my opinion, but that would require me to watch about six hours of wrestling which I didn?t have the strength to do so perhaps I?ll save that topic for a rainy day.

Without a topic in mind and with wanting to at least give you something this week, I?ll pull a page out of the ROH playbook and do my own version of ?Unscripited?, or in my case, Random Wrestling Thoughts II. Because these will mostly be random thoughts about news, events, shows, etc, there will be no Quick Shots this week since, well, the whole column will be like one bit Quick Shot segment. Besides, too much has happened for me not to comment on it anyway!

-The Big Shot: Random Wrestling Thoughts II-

1) Hulk Hogan and TNA: Ok? so everyone and their mother has commented on this from all the dirt sheet sites, to the media, to fellow Wrestleview columnists. Ah screw it, I?ll throw my name into the proverbial opinion pool. I think this may work. Yes? you read that right. As much as I hate, loathe, despise, and am disgusted by Hulk Hogan, I?m thinking at this from a business sense. As long as he doesn?t step into the ring and kind of becomes an ambassador for TNA, this may actually work? and maybe? MAYBE? and I do mean ?maybe? in the slightest possible way imaginable?. If they use him for a big match at, say.. Bound For Glory 2010? then that might be fine? but until then? stick to the microphone. Eric Bischoff tagging along can possibly help TNA through his media company, but outside that, I don?t see anything else that Bischoff can bring to the table for the company, but this is something that we?ll just have to wait and see.

2) Sheamus on Raw: A lot of people were confused by this move and, quite frankly, so am I. If you haven?t seen ECW Tuesday Night, then my apologies for the spoilers, but the ECW General Manager, Tiffany, stated that if anyone didn?t want to be on ECW, then she didn?t want them there. By reality standards, would there by anyone left on the roster if that were the case? But anyhoo, Sheamus was one of those people who wanted to be somewhere else, so she said that he can go to Raw after his match with Shelton Benjamin that night. Well? as far as I recall, the only notable thing Sheamus did was have a feud with Goldust. After that, he just started this feud with Shelton Benjamin, and right in the middle of it WWE decides to just pull Sheamus over to Monday Night Raw? What kind of hole in the head decision is that? What makes you think this irish milkshake has what it takes to be on the company’s flagship program!? He doesn?t have what it takes yet and needs to sit and stew in ECW for about another year before he can be re-evaluated for a brand move and even then, I?d ship him to Smackdown.

3) Yoshi Tatsu vs Christian: Another observation from ECW, but I thought that this was just a fantastic match. I like how they built up Yoshi as an underdog here and teasing that he could actually unseat Christian and become your new ECW Champion. The match itself told that story as well as we saw Yoshi get some very very close calls and at one point it almost looked like he got a three count. The audience popped huge when that happened as well, and from the waving, jumping, and standing fans in the background, that wasn?t no piped in cheering over the speakers. It was fairly obvious that Christian was going to retain the championship here as it is very rare for the WWE to put a major title on someone’s first opportunity when they are still ?wet behind the ears.? I saw this as nothing more than a reaction gauge from the fans to see how they would react should they decide to put the championship on Yoshi. I think it’s safe to say that the fans wouldn?t mind seeing it, but with the language barrier, not sure if he could carry a brand, promo-wise. It doesn?t hurt the WWE to test the waters like this every now and then, though.

4) Renaming the TNA Legends Title: I am not sure that this was a smart move or not. Ring of Honor has the same issue with just having a World Title and a Tag Title and no real mid-card belt. TNA tried to do this with the Legends Title, but it became more of a gimmick more than anything, and sadly, with the belt being changed to the Global Championship, it’s still a gimmick that barely anyone on the TNA roster can compete for since the majority of these international wrestlers are already in World Elite. Why can?t TNA just create a NORMAL freakin? championship for their mid-card level guys? Seriously? is it really that hard to do?

5) ROH on HDNet (last week): This show felt very ?C Show? to me. This is one thing that bugs me about ROH is that they have this television product to try and get their guys over and each and every week we see a bunch of local jobbers, low carders, and wrestling academy students plastered all over with the big names saved for the main event. I don?t want to tune in to ROH on HDNet to see Sami Callahan or Alex Payne or Grizzly Redwood or any of that. I?d rather see some bigger names on the program to help establish it. This week there was no Austin Aries, no Briscoes, no Wolves, no Steenerico, no Chris Hero, and even though I hate him, no Tyler Black. They should be pushing these guys on television a little more, but that’s just me.

6) ROH on HDNet (this week): Now here’s a better example of what needs to stop. We have Cabana and Nigel which is a great main event.. Young Bucks vs Briscoes which will be everyone’s ‘set spot? match? but then you have Claudio vs Grizzly Redwood and Rhett Titus vs Alex Payne. Why in God’s green Earth am I going to tune in to watch two overglorified squash matches in a row? That’s the kind of crap the ROH TV show needs to stop booking. Give Rhett and Claudio some credible opponents for once.

7) Ozzy Osbourne hosts Raw: As always, my little disclaimer? this column is written before Monday Night Raw, but I am really looking forward to this to see if Ozzy can maintain a PG level rating? especially after his last appearance at BlizzCon2009 where they touted that Blizzcon is a ?family game company? and then Ozzy shows up and drops the F bomb like it was going out of style. Just as long as he doesn?t try to perform live?

8) The Rock says ?Know Your Damn Role?: So Rocky decided to snub an autograph seeking fan? I bet he didn?t think anything would come of it until it made the papers. Once that happened, Dwayne Johnson seemingly tried to save face by apologizing, giving the guy the autograph, and then offering him a walk-on part in his upcoming movie. Ah how I love Hollywood politics. It may actually be the most entertaining part about Hollywood these days!

And finally? something that put a smile on my face?

9) The WWF Lives: While I usually wouldn?t comment on something this small, I couldn?t help but laugh when Rhino and Kip James were scheduled to shoot off a cannon during a college football game and were announced as ?WWF? stars. I can?t begin to think of how wrong that is? but that’s ok.. I was too busy laughing to care about what was wrong with that.

Sorry about the fill-in column this week. I actually started writing this last week while I was sick, but never got around to finishing it. I could have written a new column this week, but leaving things unfinished usually bug me so I decided to just go ahead and finish it off. As a consolation, you?re about to see the horror of my WWE Bragging Rights PPV picks? trust me? they weren?t pretty.

-One Extra Round: WWE Bragging Rights PPV Picks-

Six Divas Tag Match
Raw Divas (Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, and Melina) vs. Smackdown Divas (Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Michelle McCool)
WINNER: Smackdown Divas
PICK: Raw Divas

Thoughts: I should have known better and picked Smackdown here, but I was thinking that Raw might do a clean sweep on this pay-per-view, but once the show started and they announced the addition of the trophy, I knew that I was screwed with my picks from the get-go. The match itself was decent, but nothing to really write home about.

John Morrison vs. The Miz
PICK: The Miz

Thoughts: Fun little opening, but it didn?t really bring out the attitude too much that they had been touting. This match seemed like it belonged on Smackdown more than a PPV.

Bragging Rights Tag Match
Team Raw: HHH, Shawn Micheals, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, and Big Show vs. Team Smackdown: Chris Jericho, Kane, R-Truth, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Tyson Kidd, and DH Smith
WINNER: Team Smackdown
PICK: Team Raw

Thoughts: Yeah? like I said? had I seen the trophy, I would have changed by vote, but even though I had forseen the Big Show betrayal a mile away, I still figured DX would still end up winning the match for Team Raw. I missed the boat completely on this one here.

Fatal Fourway for the World Championship
The Undertaker (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio
WINNER: The Undertaker

I predicted that Batista and Rey would eliminate each other from the equation and I was half right with that! (Come on.. you have to give me that after seeing how horrible I?m doing here!) I figured that CM Punk would steal a pinfall on either Batista or Rey to recapture the championship, but nope? Taker pulls it off and retains.
Anything Goes Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena
WINNER: John Cena
PICK: Randy Orton

Thoughts: I guess the thought of sending Cena to Smackdown to boost that shows credibility in order to land a new home on television didn?t exactly fall through with WWE Creative because Cena’s the champion, Cena’s still on Raw, and now we have a very VERY odd Face vs Face vs Face triple threat match for Survivor Series as a result of it. Very odd booking here by the WWE? odd enough to almost completely blow me out of the water this month.

So yeah? 1-4? I hang my head in shame? so shameful!

-Culture Shock-

So while I was fever-induced, I came across a song last week that I fell in love with and not just because it came from the mind of Maynard James Keenan (lead singer for Tool and A Perfect Circle for you non-audiophiles out there). The song is from MJK’s side project called Puscifer and the song is called ?Polar Bear? YouTube it, head to Puscifer’s official MySpace page? do whatever you?d like, but check out that song, it just reeks of complete awesomeness and I hope it, one day, ends up as Song of the Night on a Wrestleview Radio Network show!

My Japanese song of the week is the opening song to Darker Than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini. It’s called Tsukiakari no Michishirube and it is performed by the artist Stereopony. Yeah? I know, it’s an odd name, but the song is very upbeat and very very catchy. I can?t wait for the full version of the opening theme to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun comes out? that song is even more catchy.

Also, if there are any Naruto fans out there who know of the release date of the full version of ?Sign? by FLOW, drop me an E-Mail.

Speaking of Naruto, what I have feared most has happened. They began airing Naruto Shippuden on DisneyXD and already they have edited out the good stuff. In the Japanese version, Deidara throws clay bombs that resembled spiders down to the guards who are guarding Gaara. The spiders attach themselves to the guards? faces and BOOM? goodbye heads. Although the missing heads are not shown, you can pretty much tell they?re dead. In the Disney version, they?re on the ground moaning in pain and any blood has been edited out. While I commend Disney of doing a nice job of covering that up, I wonder how they will cover up the entire Hidan vs Asuma fight or the Pain vs Jiraiya fight. Hell? pretty much any fight. This show should have been on Adult Swim? period.

-The Final Shot-

That’s going to do it for me this week. If you would like to submit anything as far as column feedback, wrestling discussion, culture shock topics, anything? you can do so by using any of the methods below.


Until next week?

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