Pro’s from the Palace (#348)

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready, as I present to you the world’s biggest bunch of hypocritical idiots this country, this planet has ever seen.

Total Non Stop Action Wrestling.

TNA signed Hogan. Big deal. Hogan is so old he makes the paint in my kid’s room look new. What’s he going to do? Go up against some of the old vets in the business that are traversing the TNA locker room, and demnad they carry him to victories in the six sided ring?

Give me a freakin’ break.

They have spent the better part of a year, a YEAR, playing out a storyline where the veterans demand respect from the younger TNA stars, and now that this particular angle appears to have finally run its course, and TNA was prepared to focus on the core talent their roster DOES possess, they go out and spend millions of dollars on two men who are more likely to cause dissension and controversy than foster amity and cooperation in attempting to build TNA to the next level.

Anybody who thinks Hogan is going to go to TNA, and be supportive and nuturing to guys like Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Beer Money, Homicide, Nigel, et al is insane. Hogan is going to demand he be the center of attention, and TNA is going to put that spotlight right on his wrinkled up old ass, and let him ride the boat straight on to the shore line, and crash it in to the pier, making it sink to the depths of cancellation.

When TNA signed Kurt Angle, I wasn’t this upset, because A) Angle CAN wrestle, and B) Angle knows the game. Even though his ego is also massive, and how he and Hogan are going to coexist is a mystery to me, but Angle does know his bread is buttered with the success of the young guns of TNA, and he has shown that, especially with the work he’s done with Morgan and Styles over the past few months.

I do not see Hogan doing anything like that whatsoever. I don’t see Hogan taking one of the young guns under his wing, and mentoring him to the next level. Not to mention that Hogan cannot wrestle worth a damn. His health is so piss poor that he’d be lucky to bounce off the ropes without one of his bones turning in to dust.

Now, I could spew venom from here till doomsday about this, but let’s try and look at this diplomatically and with some assemblance of unbiased journalistic integrity.

Does Hogan provide instant publicity and notoreity to TNA Wrestling? Indeed.

Does Hogan provide ratings for Spike TV? I would believe so. Only time will truly tell, but I would surmise the ratings will increase.

Does Hulk Hogan HELP TNA Wrestling in the SHORT TERM become a viable competitor to WWE? Probably.

Does Hogan take away ring and television time from talents who desperately need it? Indeed he does.

Does Hogan take away a lot of the possible, I am not going to say definite because we all know who runs the creative aspect of TNA Wrestling, but does Hogan take away a lot of the possible creative angles that TNA COULD do with their core talent? Certainly.

Does Hogan have an instant issue with the man who allegedly is the leader of the script writing team for the company, hence, causing immediate tension and confusion backstage, even more so than usual?? Indeed he does.

Does Hulk Hogan help TNA Wrestling long term, does Hulk Hogan make TNA Wrestling viable to become a participant in the 2nd edition of the “Monday Night Wars”? My answer is simple.


The ONLY positive I can see out of this whole fiasco is this may be the end of Vince Russo in TNA wrestling. I would not be the least bit surprised to see Dixie Carter give Russo his walking papers in order to appease Hogan, and eventually, Hogan’s runnin’ buddy Eric Bischoff. (Is Jimmy Hart too far behind?)

That may seem like a pretty good side effect to this signing, but I would believe that the political cancer that is Hulk Hogan is going to do more harm than good to the TNA Wrestling locker room.

And there are a ton of guys in that locker room that are vital to the long term success of that company. Guys that now, are going to be buried even further than they already have been, by an administration that appears to be looking for the instant band aid to fix the sinking ship, instead of trying to build a foundation for a successful run.

In closing, I’ll say this. I have a large collection of TNA Pay Per Views in my DVD collection, and quite a few of them I enjoy immensely. If the forthcoming pay per views involve Hulk Hogan as a wrestler, you can count my money out of the TNA pockets, because there is no chance in the pits of Hades that I am going to spend one red cent to watch a feeble washed up old man trying to rekindle past success step in to a ring and look older than Kevin Nash.

I think this signing will be the eventual doom to TNA Wrestling. And I’ll stand by that statement until I see otherwise. If I’m wrong, I’ll come out and publish the words, “I was wrong about the Hulk Hogan signing.”

I don’t think I am though.

I am DYING to hear what the fans of think of this signing. Drop me a line via email by clicking here. I will publish any feedback on to my blog at If I get a ton of feedback, I’ll make a full fledged column out of it and publish it here on Wrestleview.

I haven’t been this charged up about a wrestling story since Glory By Honor 8.

I wish it was positive energy, but it’s not.

What do you think?

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