I’m not going to pull any punches today, because I just don’t have it in me, so let’s do the picks for the pay per view tomorrow night.

The match between Intercontinental Champion John Morrison and United States Champion The Miz is very likely to end up a no contest, I believe. Both men are so evenly matched, its almost scary. Neither man will lose any significant stature by a clean win, and neither man will lose any significant push by a clean loss. It’s basically a push from the word go. I am picking Morrison because truthfully, my loyalties lie with Smackdown, because I can watch that show weekly. However, either whcih way would not surprise me at all.

Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya over Melina, Gail Kim & Kelly Kelly. There is way too much momentum being put in to the Smackdown team right now. McCool is women’s champion. Phoenix just came over, and is hot on McCool’s trails, and Natalya just managed her team on to the main tag match for this pay per view. Melina is suffering a bit as Divas Champion, and Kim and Kelly have been teaming with celebrities in exhibition matches with no real meaning in them whatsoever. Kim has been buried since she came back to WWE, and although Kelly has improved dramatically, she’s not close enough to step in with the big cats in this match.

Team Raw defeats Team Smackdown in the cluster bomb of a tag team match. 7 on 7 is just insane if it’s just one fall. I believe the end result will see Jericho and Big Show begin to see their team disintergrate during the match, with Show playing some role in getting Jericho pinned for the Raw team to win. There’s more cohesion, if there is such a thing to say for this match, with the Raw guys than the Smackdown guys. Smackdown could use the rub, but I don’t see it.

The Undertaker retains the World Title over Batista, CM Punk & Rey Mysterio This match is weird to me. First, Rey Mysterio comes back from suspension, and gets two championship matches in two months at two pay per views. I don’t understand that in any sense of the word. Second, I understand completely why this was booked as a fatal four way, to limit the Undertaker’s bumps and spots during the match. One thing, however, is simple. If Punk didn’t get the job done during the attempted re-screwjob scenario, it’s not going to happen here. Batista is not on the level to challenge for the gold, and Rey, well, Rey being here is a stunner to me, so I see only one thing happening, Dead Man Walking.

Randy Orton wins the Iron Man match This could be one of the most entertaining matches in a long time. Both of these men can get violent. Just ask Mick Foley and JBL. This match better see blood, and a lot of it. Because the stips demand it. Nevertheless, I don’t see Cena getting out of this one. I see Cena getting beaten to holy hell, just as much as I see Orton taking the pounding of his life. But, when the smoke clears, the bottom line is, Smackdown needs more main event talent immediately. Edge is not close to returning, and with the Taker in serious health jeopardy, the next best thing is to return Cena to his home turf. Cena’s done all he can do on Raw. He’s won the WWE title. He’s won the World title. He’s been a tag team champion. I don’t see him ever getting close to the mid card belts. The next thing to do is to go to new feuds and new surroundings. More importantly, Smackdown with John Cena on it makes it a marketable asset when WWE tries to find a more stable home for the show when their current contract expires, which we all know is soon.

Oh, one thing, I have to mention this. How bad does WWE look changing up 5 out of the 7 men on the Smackdown team on the week of the pay per view. Not for nothing, but if I’m the guys who got snubbed, I’d be pretty pissed off. Oh, speaking of the snubbed guys, who the hell decided Eric Escobar was worthwhile to bring up to the main roster ANYWAY?

I know that this is a short listed card, especially for the sixty minute match, and the length of time it’s going to take for the intros to the 14 man tag match. But, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a bonus match including somewhere here, because I am guessing they’re going to try and sneak ECW in to the mix in some way, shape, or form. They almost have to, in order for this to be truly a legitimate pay per view for Bragging Rights.

I’ve been in the works for a podcast to be broadcast on the WV Radio Network, and I’m still working on it, but I’m gonna change the content on it as time progresses. What the content of that original podcast was my opinions on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 for the PS2. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am the video game dinosaur, I have a PS2, not a PS3. I do have a PSP Go, if that makes anyone think I’m a little more hip. Me, it makes me feel inferior, because I gotta download the damn game, and, oh, well, nevermind. Let’s move on.

I’m in to the game, about 20 to 30% in, and I have some things to discuss.

One. The match in Road to Wrestlemania between Randy Orton and Festus when the goal is “not to use strikes.” It’s difficult as hell to get the moves down in this control schematic that THQ has put out that it’s made this goal virtually impossible to achieve. If anyone has the game, and has the system, I’m really cuirous to see if you’re able to get this done. I’m gonna try and get it, and I will get it, but its awfully frustrating, in a good way, right now.

Two. I LOVE the “Champion of Champions” belt. I just unlocked it, and quickly got it off of the Big Show, putting in on John Morrison in a scramble match. The design rocks. I hope that WWE puts a screenshot of that belt somewhere for admiration, because I think it’s tremendous. The idea of a tri-branded world champion, the Champion of Champions, the one true, WWE Champion, would be something I’d love to see. I know it’s a pipe dream, but hey, a guy can dream.

I did the brand warfare R to WM path, and I gotta say, I loved it. The chances to skip between both characters was nice, and the storyline was top notch.

So far, I’ve been able to only unlock a few things, some attires, the belt I mentioned, an ‘event skip’ feature in Road to Wrestlemania, which may help me out when I try and get that Orton/Festus thing done down the road, and the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. I think if there are different choices done in the Orton path, you’d get Dusty Rhodes, so you’re gonna have to go back, and do it again. No problems here.

Really happy that they opened up all the pre-done move sets. Having to do some wacked out maneuvers in the paths on R to WM last year was incredibly annoying.

The create a finisher, I am still gathering an opinion on. It’s a little far fetched, the top rope aspect, but I’m working on making things a little more realistic.

The fluid movement of the talent is second to none.

This game absolutely rocks. I’m so bummed I don’t have the, well, nevermind, it’s a personal issue.

I’ll write more about it as I progress. I’m also working on a new podcast for the WVRN. When I get it done, and in the can, I’ll tell you where and when.

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