Anthony P. sent this report in:

C*4 Domination 2010, March 13, 2010
Knights Of Columbus Hall, Ottawa, Ont.
Ring Announcer: Tony
Referees: Alex Hatfield, Bakais, Trent
Attendance: 200

The Bee Machine beat Cecil Nix with a reverse piledriver.

Sexxy Eddy & Addy Starr beat Rahim Ali & The Rush when Sexxy Eddy DDT’d Rush on a chair.

Jagged beat Seth Seifer by submission with an armlock.

Asylum beat Chaz Lovely with a an angel win neckbreaker.

Jae Rukn beat Extremo with a roll-up.

Michael Elgin beat Manabu Soya with a powerbomb.

Kushida beat MVP with an enzuigiri.

Twiggy & Beef Wellington beat Josh Alexander & Mike Rollins when Twiggy hit Josh with a senton bomb.

Tyson Dux beat El Generico with a brainbuster.

Kevin Steen beat Stupefied and Kiyoshi in triple threat action by pinning Stupefied with a sitout powerbomb.