Here are my picks for Breaking Point.

Kane defeats the Great Khali in a Singapore Cane Match
Khali and Kane have feuded for what apparent reason is beyond me. Because Kane attacked Khali’s brother? Spare me. Khali doesn’t need the win, because there’s no direction going for him with creative at the moment. Kane also has no direction with creative, but I think there’s more of an upside with using Kane in the future in another feud, so I suspect that WWE will put Kane over here. This match is going to be bowling shoe ugly.

DX over Legacy in a Submissions count anywhere match
Dueling figure fours on both Rhodes & DiBiase. I think Legacy may be on the virge of breaking apart with DiBiase’s movie set for a release in two months, this may be the beginning of the end to get the face turn in place for Ted to promote his forthcoming DVD. I would be stunned if Legacy went over. Absolutely stunned. Politically speaking of course.

William Regal wins the ECW Champioonship
Christian is as tough as they come, but when you’re tougher than a 2 dollar steak, and you have 600 pounds of beef backing you up, you’re practically invincible. Regal’s the new ECW Champion.

Kofi Kingston retains the US Title
This had more sense to be added to the PPV instead of Morrison and Mr. Ziggles, but the zero build up due to the circumstances with this match being added tells me there’s no chance in hell of a title change here.

Jericho & Show retain the Unified belts
I’m stunned WWE hasn’t made a belt for the tag champs so they don’t have to carry the two straps with them. I figured it’d be another marketing gimmick. Anyway, although MVP & Henry have an excellent chance here, I don’t see them going over. Perhaps another match down the line, but with the success that the challengers had on Raw, it usually spells doom for them on the pay per view when it counts.

Cena wins the WWE Title
I harken back to Judgment Day a few years back when Cena beat the high holy crap out of JBL and made him say the words. Orton is as tough, if not tougher than JBL was back in the day, but with the ‘superman’ like style Cena possesses, I believe that he’ll triumph here. It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t, but I suspect the Age Of Orton takes a major blow and reaches its breaking point before the end of this show.

A dirty, controversial win for the Undertaker, but no title change
I don’t think the hunter is yet ready to become the hunted. I know I’m talking about the Undertaker here, and he’s always ready to become top dog, but the facts are simple, this feud has just started, and as much as I do see Taker winning the title, I don’t see him doing it now. I can see Taker/Punk in Hell in a Cell next month, and then we got a new champ. I don’t see it happening here. Taker will not tap, something screwy will happen, and that will place Punk right in Taker’s yard next month in Jersey.

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