Notes from the Nosebleeds #29
August 29, 2009
By: Matt O’Brien of

The weekend is here. It’s time to read and bleed.

Breaking news has Rey Mysterio being suspended by WWE officials for violating the wellness policy. The Nosebleeds will refrain from pulling out the Jump to Conclusions mat and not speculate on what it was Mysterio had done to violate this policy. Instead, I offer full support as a wrestling fan. I wish Mysterio the best and hope whatever is going on he can get through it. The fact is, regardless of what Mysterio was putting in his body, he needs to know he doesn’t need it.

SummerSlam came off very strong last week. WWE deserves praise for putting Hardy and Punk on last. As the showdrew to a close, fans were treated to one of the greatest moments in wrestling this year when the Undertaker returned and put the new champions, CM Punk, in his place. It was a great moment that will not soon be forgotten. However, Debbie Downer does have some input on this situation. What would Taker have against Punk? Why have his big returnafter a five month hiatus be to confront a man with whom he has no previous altercations? As great of an idea as it was, it really didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Also of note from SummerSlam was the uproar fans voiced when the ECW Title match betweenChristian and William Regal, which was one of the best looking matches on the show, was booked to go on for only a few seconds. I understand why people were upset by this, but it’s obvious that the show was running long and needed to be cut short. Besides, this was we get to see them in a series of rematches that will surely get the time they deserve.

The Randy Orton- John Cena match came off underwhelming to many because of the constant restarts. Back in 1996 this strategy worked very well between Shawn Michaels and Vader and I actually think it worked here as well with Cena and orton.

Let’s face it, we have seen these two fight almost as many times as we’ve seen Orton and HHH fight, so anything to change it up is a good thing

Is anyone out there familiar with Michele Bachman? If you remember, she was the Congresswoman that caused controversy when she said that Obama is Anti-American right before the election. Just a quick comment: Dixie Carter is the Michele Bachman of professional wrestling.

The Tonight Show featured Big Show, Great Khali, and Legacy this week. For those of you who did not see the segment, it was very entertaining. All four men were natural in their slap stick comedy act. It was great to see pr wrestlers go on TV and actually have fun instead of making fools of themselves. Does anyone remember when WCW would actually run storylines from their TV shows over to the Tonight Show? It was flat out embarrassing
to watch those segments.

Well that officially wraps up the Summer of Blood here at the Nosebleeds. But no worries, The leaves will be turning red soon.

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading.

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