Notes from the Nosebleeds #28
August 22, 2009
By: Matt O’Brien of

The weekend is here. It’s time to read and bleed.

First off, a big thanks to Mr. V for his sympathy offered in his column this week. The Minnesota Vikings have signed Brat Favre. As a Minnesota resident, Favre’s presence with the Vikings feels like Hulk Hogan coming back for one more run?again. My neighbor Tom called this a couple weeks back when he turned the Vikings down. He said to just wait because he would come back, and he did. Favre changed his mind yet again. Doesn?t this sound like some retired wrestlers we know? At least the Vikings-Packers games will be fun to watch.

Before every pay per view, Mr. V is gracious enough to gather everybody’s pick for the upcoming show. It’s always an interesting piece that he puts together, displaying everyone’s picks and keeping tabs on those coming out on top. I didn?t have internet access last Saturday so I was surprised by Mr. V’s email on Sunday morning asking us if we would like to change our pick for the main event after Kurt Angle’s arrest. I quickly searched the internet for news updates and was shocked. I thought about whom I would pick as the winner with Angle likely being out of the picture, but in my mind I could only think of one replacement I would like to see—Jeff Jarrett. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen, so I left it alone and decided to take the match as a loss. Well, I came out okay as Angle still won the match. I’m not going to rehash what so many others have already discussed as our team this week has done a great job of covering the matter. I just look back a month ago and how huge it was that Jeff Hardy won the championship, even though he is on his way out of the company. That was peanuts compared to Angle’s situation. After asking a few people their opinion on the matter, I realized this was an incident that has reactions all over. Some pity Angle; some defend him until more information surfaces. I guess if TNA wants a legitimate heel, they have one….

Ten years ago I read an interview with him from “WOW” magazine, in which he trashed internet writers for having the audacity to judge who could and couldn’t work a good match. This week I read another interview with Nash in which his feelings repeat. Nash is a man who honestly believes that someone outside the industry can’t say if someone inside the industry has the talent to work or not. With the Nosebleeds taking up the subject of criticism the last couple of weeks, I thought I would chime in on some of Nash’s comments. Now the Nosebleeds are by no means a platform used to attack anyone. So, please don’t take these comments as an attack on Nash. The fact is, fans have been judging who can and cannot work for decades. These judgments come in the forms of crowd reactions, TV ratings, and pay per view buy rates.

While I respect Kevin Nash and understand that he has constantly dealt with criticism over the course of his career, there is no better judge on a wrestler’s ability as a worker, than the wrestling fan. Unfortunately, some fans take it too far. Some even go so far as to blame Nash for WCW’s downfall. Therefore, while I respectfully disagree with Nash, I understand why he would feel the way he does.

Recent news headlines had Linda McMahon considering a run for the Senate. Should she pursue this it would be quite interesting. Actually, I was hoping Vince would be the one running for public office. Can?t you just see him walking on Capital Hill with his swagger and No Chance in Hell playing wherever he went?

Is everyone looking forward to SummerSlam tomorrow? I always do. As big as the matches are this year they do feel underwhelming in that the two main events are nothing new. That doesn?t mean they won?t be good. Last year’s SummerSlam came under fire for pulling the trigger to early on the much anticipated John Cena-Batista bout, while the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Edge was their fifth pay per view match against each other that year. Still, the show came off very strong and gave us some good matches. This year’s show will do the same. The aftermath is where I am concerned. Smackdown will need a big baby face for CM Punk to fight, and Undertaker’s return is still weeks away. Besides, that would be a match best saved for Wrestlemania. On the Raw side, it looks like Cena and Orton’s feud may only be getting started. That means we have a few more months of these two going at it. Raw needs a fresh face at the top. But who? Kevin Nash stated in his recent interview that a large part of the problem is that the young guys need to step up. Well, the young guys have stepped up. They have been there for quite some time. There are several waiting in the wings such as Christian, Miz, Morrison, Benjamin, Bourne, Kingston, Swagger, and MVP. The problem is getting them into the main event scene. How that is done is now up to the WWE and the Booking Team.

If you have some thoughts on how to bump these guys up, shoot me an email at

Thanks for reading this week and have a great weekend. Enjoy SummerSlam!

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