From the Desk of Mr. V #28

From the Desk of Mr. V #28
August 13, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Good Thursday to all of my students!! I am so glad to be with you this week in high spirits. The middle of the year awards picked by you students is near completion and the trade deadline is already completed. First off, I want to announce a few things before I discuss to the class the week that ?was? in professional wrestling.

1) Happy Birthday to my mother!! She reached a landmark number in birthdays (Mr. V will not disclose this) and we all celebrated yesterday. It probably was the best day I had since the last day of school.

2) Thank you to the readers that have voted so far for the 2009 Students Choice Awards!! Deadline will be set for Saturday, August 15. If you want a ballot, please to go this link:

Once again, you only have to give me the answers. No one has to give me explanations, but if you want to that is fine. Just give me your votes and we will provide them all next week before #29 comes up.

3) Thanks to Dave Stephens, Josh Piedra, Chris Kelly, and Jose Marrero for their thoughts on last week’s Trade Deadline Feature. I did get a few e-mails in regards to this and it was quite positive. Hopefully we can do this again within a month or two.

Alright, now back to the routine.


“If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn?t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.”

Jim Rohm

Jim Rohm created this quote in ways to motivate an individual. He is one of those ?rags to riches? stories that I personally enjoyed reading about. He did go through some hard times, but now he is 78 years old and still finds ways to motivate and educate those who need it. I think this quote should encourage students not just in grammar and grade school, but also in college. Also, teachers and high school coaches can learn a thing about this quote.


Only one rule this week, students. However, if you want to present a classroom rule please e-mail me at I will let the students present the rules for only TWO more weeks, then it is back to school for all of you!!

72) If you are hired to host Raw, you must interact some of the talent live for part of the show. (By: Paul Pomykala)

Student’s Take: Some of the people hired to “host” Raw will unable to physically interact with the wrestlers, but they should at least put out the effort to appear live, either in the ring or at the top of the ramp and verbally joust with the wrestlers. Both the appearances of ZZ Top and Sgt. Slaughter were disappointing do to their lack of live interaction with the wrestlers.

Mr. V’s Take: First off, I liked the idea that Sgt. Slaughter was a guest host. How they executed it I was not a fan of. In regards to this rule, I thought he did interact with Jillian Hall and Jim Duggan. However this was all a gimmick to make us certain that in fact the U.S.A. is better than Canada. If that was a way to draw heel heat, then Slaughter may have been the best guest host of the year. I am sure that the Calgary crowd would have loved Tyson Kidd or DH Smith (heck, even Natalya) beat down Slaughter, stood on his prone body and raised the Canadian Flag.

Now to this rule, I think the guest host should interact with some superstars. The problem with it is how they can fit it into the storyline. Sgt. Slaughter was tough this week. I mean a U.S. military gimmick in Canada? What gives? The whole show in general made me scratch my head. Still, they could have placed Slaughter with John Cena (because apparently the WWE have a bromance with him). Plus, Cena was a ?marine? in a movie. Oh well, just another idea for the WWE.


I am sorry; yet again wrestling has been light. No bombshells, no big press releases, nothing. Also, I plugged the ballot for the Students? Choice Awards so I can?t promote myself in here this week. It was tough to come across three headlines, but here they are.

Headline #1: Ricky Ortiz released, uses his Rally Towel to wipe the tears.

Let’s face it, it was going to happen. He wasn?t working in ECW, and sending him to Smackdown did no favors for him.

Honestly, I thought he had a shot. He did a decent job as Atlas DaBone in Ohio Valley Wrestling and was a main event guy at one time there. He got a moderate push, and even had a promotional item in ?The Rally Towel?. But, he lacked charisma and was not getting over. Being that he is 34, I think the WWE gave up on him on time. He is still young enough to find something else. I don?t think ROH or TNA will call him, but who knows.

What does Mr. V have to say to him? Fear not Ricky?keep you head up! Wipe away those tears and RALLY UP!!! I mean if wrestling will not work, go into a coaching job for a football team. You do have a lot of experience in football, being a star at Tulsa and playing in a few football organizations. Perhaps coaching is in your future, because I think this was the last time we will see you on TV as an active wrestler. Hang in there, Ricky.

Headline #2: Rey Mysterio upset once again with the WWE?

It was reported that Rey wants a lengthy title run and refused to job to Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions.

You know what, at first I read this and I thought that Rey was acting immature and that he is a crybaby. But the more I thought about it, the more I agree with him. Not totally, but Rey deserves more because he does more for the WWE. He is HUGE with the kids and the Latin crowd. I know of a lot of my ?real-life? students that are fans of Rey.

As of the day this column was posted on WrestleView, Rey has held the IC Title for 109 days. He did lose it to Chris Jericho and Jericho held it for three weeks. Also in 2009, CM Punk, William Regal, and John Layfield held the title (Regal had it for 18 days in 2009, Punk 49, and JBL 27) for a combined 94 days. I understand that Rey wants to hold a title for this title for a while and it is deserved. He is ?too small? to be a World Champion again by Vince McMahon’s standards, so I nice long run as a second-tier champion may be the best thing for him.

Should we set up a Honk-A-Meter for him, I don?t think so. I think even though Dolph is booked to wrestle Mysterio at SummerSlam, I still think Rey will come out on top. However, the powers in the WWE really like the progress of this one-time Spirit Squad member and he deserves a title for his hard work on the Smackdown brand. Though Rey will hold the Intercontinental Title once this month passes, I see Dolph getting a reign sometime between September and November. Then by the time Survivor Series hits, Rey would have held the IC Title for about 200 days during his two reigns in 2009. I think then Rey should drop the belt to a guy in which is a bright prospect for the company.

Headline #3: Are you ready?……….

Well, in case you missed it, Hunter Hearst Helmsley found a way to talk ?Chef? Michael Hickenbottom into becoming Shawn Michaels once again. And yet again we have another Degeneration X reunion!

I am tired of it. I think it ran its course. But if you can make money off of it, why not? DX merchandise is a big seller in I guess based on sales, it is time to get the band back together.

Also, it appears that they will be wrestling Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. at SummerSlam. I don?t know what you think class, but I want Legacy to win (though it will be unlikely). A faction such as The Legacy need that milestone victory. I don?t think Cody and Ted got a win like that so far in 2009. I doubt it will happen, but how cool would it be?


Hulu – Because of the actions from an episode of Smackdown two weeks ago. I wonder how much of that Extreme Rules match they censored out between Christian and Tommy Dreamer.

Rob Terry – Joan Jett called’she wants her hairstyle back! Seriously how can you take a big guy like that seriously?

Eric Young – Was it your idea to have new ring attire that has the same colors as the Brampton Battalion? (Mr. V will give a Gold Star to anyone who can tell me about the Battalion).

Dr. Ken – I hear you are a real doctor. Are you on TV because you are not good at your profession?

Jerry Lawler – I understand you have to pick up the slack because Michael Cole left his wrestling dictionary at home. But you can do better.

?Slap The Porpoise!? – I hate the trademark, but if any student can provide me a picture or a YouTube clip of someone slapping a porpoise I will give out a Gold Star. (but be careful, apparently officials from the WWF are on notice, I read it on Wikipedia).

The Majority of Wrestling Programming – Was it just me, or was all aspects really down this week.

Hornswoggle – See what happens when you cause shenanigans? You take a trip to Dream Street!! Gold Star for you, Mr. DiBiase Jr.!

Jillian Hall – Get some voice lessons.

Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson – For killing poor jobbers all around North America!

TNA Brawl from Last Thursday – I never laughed so hard in my life when I saw everyone fighting and Kevin Nash just laying in a pile of garbage!

Samoa Joe – For still having what appears to be a private part painted on your face!

Smart, Sexy, and Powerful – Seriously, why do commentator have to say that. However it is better than saying ?Slithering Vicious Viper nearing the WWE Divas? (would be funny if Cole said that).


ETS and the Praxis Series – A few of my readers are mad at you still, and now you are back on the list.

Pittsburgh Pirates Ownership – Well, at least we have this nice ballpark in Pittsburgh.

Uncle Joe – Yes, my uncle is on this list this week! He refused to put my team over in the family reunion whiffle ball game and made the game a draw before we got our last at-bats. I am tired of family politics!!

Michael Cole – For only being able to call four moves in a two-hour show. That is very pathetic.

Vince McMahon – I am tired of seeing the same ?Vince is mad? tagline. Do something about it and SHUT UP!!

Freddy Prinze Jr. – My friends here know my feelings towards this actor. If you don?t know I think he is the worst actor not named Keanu Reeves. I hear he is guest hosting RAW next week and I already put him on notice. Seriously, what is he famous for other than marrying Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Jarrett/Angle – I am sick and tired of hearing soap opera after soap opera.

Dixie Carter – Firing all of Jeff’s allies won?t solve the problem.


I just wonder if I expect a lot out of the wrestling aspect of each show, but this past week was very below average. I had a tough time coming up with a top three (a huge contrast to last week, in which there were a lot of good matches). But since I have to find three top ones, here they are:

Distinguished Honors – John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd, Friday Night Smackdown, August 7.

I liked last week’s match better, but they both did a very good job on the opener for Smackdown this past week. I think Tyson Kidd has the potential to be an excellent all-around wrestler if he gets a chance. John Morrison is still the total package here. I am happy to see he got a BIG reaction in Long Island. The pace of the match was good and the finish looked very painful. I gave bonus points to Tyson Kidd for taking that bump.

High Honors – Roderick Strong vs. Jay Briscoe vs. D?Lo Brown, ROH on HDnet, August 1.

When it comes to a triple threat match, ROH does it better than anyone else right now. I am very happy to see D?Lo Brown. He was underrated and underused when he came back to the WWE and to see him in this match reminded me of the days in which he was in the Nation of Domination faction years back. This whole Briscoe/Strong friendly feud is pretty good. It was very technical and high-skilled. The finish was to me a shocker, ending with a jackknife pin by Strong. I thought this match was good due to the maneuvers and chemistry that was in place throughout the match.

Honors – Alissa Flash/Traci Brooks vs. Taylor Wilde/Sarita, TNA Impact, August 6.

This was a toss up between this match and Christian vs. Dreamer from the 8/4 episode of ECW. I decided to give this match the extra credit point because this particular woman’s match far exceeded ones of the past. Sarita is the real deal and if she gets more TV time (and the TNA Knockout’s Championship) she can be a front-runner for Woman’s Wrestler of the Year. Her skills rival that of Lita, but they are better executed. Alissa Flash just looks devasting in the ring. I do not debate that she is a ?Future Legend?. I want TNA to build that up more and give her some wins. Taylor was able to work well in this match, doing some great double team work with Sartia. Traci was not great in the ring, but she did have strong heel heat. Also, I was concerned with the ring attire. It seemed like she had to ?readjust? after each time she made a move.

Honorable Mention (Graded C+ or higher): Rhett Titus/Kenny King vs. Kenny Omega/Erick Stevens on 8/1; Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show on 8/3; John Cena vs. The Miz on 8/3; Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian on 8/4; William Regal/Paul Birchill vs. Tyler Reks/Yoshi Tatsu on 8/6; Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox on 8/6; Dolph Ziggler vs. Mike Knox vs. Finlay vs. R-Truth on 8/7; Chris Jericho vs. JTG on 8/7; and Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk on 8/7.

Worst Match of the Week – The Great Khali vs. Ricky Ortiz, Friday Night Smackdown, August 7.

RIP Ricky Ortiz?

Dishonorable Mention (Graded C- or lower): Eddie Kingston vs. Orange Cassidy on 8/1; Mickie James/Gail Kim vs. Jillian Hall/Beth Phoenix on 8/3; Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry on 8/3; Ezekiel Jackson vs. Danny Danger on 8/4; Doug William/Rob Terry/Booker T/Scott Steiner vs. Team 3D/Beer Money on 8/6; and Charlie Haas vs. Slam Master J on 8/7.


As always class, you too can tell me what your show of the week was by e-mailing me at The show with the most votes will be awarded one point in the overall standings.

Now, this week’s programming for the most part was dreadful. Was it poor planning? Was it that the wrestler’s are tired? I don?t know. Of course not all was bad; we did have some strong segments and some good wrestling. So, here were the good and bad of each show this past week.

ROH on HDNet (August 1)

I really liked the triple threat main event. The storyline with Chris Hero and Eddie Kingston is getting interesting, as well as quest for Tyler Black. Thought Tyler is not known as a talker, having Aries and Nigel do most of the talking helped. The opening tag team match and the main event were the highlights of the show, but I did expect a little more and I did not get it. Still, for a one hour show it was pretty good. I expect it to only be better next week. Zero Points.

Monday Night Raw (August 3)

This is the show that Jeremy Piven was the guest host. This was one of the worst MNR’s is a long time. When the highlights of the show are Mark Henry dancing to an Irish tune and Dr. Ken’s head being slammed down, something is wrong. The commentary did not help at all! They plugged ?The Goods? way too much. There way too much emphasis on the movie than on the show. The matches were ok at best, but nothing really stood out. Also, I agree with many that HHH needs to get over the fact that he is not a big draw anymore. He lost to Legacy, which was a good thing. However, to speak on the microphone right after the loss made me want to scream at the TV. Overall, if I was able to give negative points in my standings, this would be it. Zero Points.

ECW (August 4)

I was hoping after RAW I would look forward to ECW, but sadly I did not. The Abraham Washington show was an absolute bust. I enjoyed Zack Ryder do his gimmick, but Shelton Benjiman singing some Hootie and the Blowfish was a bit too much. I think this ?Abe Show? is effective only when he gets main event talent. It worked when he had Christian and Tommy Dreamer, but not with anyone else. Danny Danger, I hope you are doing well because you were destroyed that night. Sheamus seemed to be going nowhere after his win against Goldust and I hope they can find something to fuel this rivalry. The main event was the highlight of the night here. It was too ?cartoon-y? (if that is a word). I did mark out when Tommy Dreamer had himself a hot dog. But WWE is now PG and we all have to deal with it because it is not going to change. For a PG show, this ?extreme rules? match was not all that bad. Zero Points

WWE Superstars (August 6)

This was not bad if you like nothing but wrestling. Chris Masters seems to be really into his character once again and his win over Santino Marella was something to watch. ECW’s offering on this show had some very good technical battles, mainly by ?The King of the 7-minute match? William Regal. Heck, even Tyler Reks has been improving and might have a shot in the WWE. Mike Knox, I have to admit is growing on me. He looked impressive in the usual ?big vs. little? match against Rey Mysterio. The DQ finish lost a little bit of points, but when it heats up a feud that makes it effective in my book. Zero Points.

TNA Impact (August 6)

On this show, we have another heel faction call World Elite. I think this has a lot of potential, but Eric Young should not be the leader of this. Here is a question: Will they be a legitimate threat or be the Main Event Mafia’s stooges? I can see it in the future, Kurt Angle does not want to job to Daniels, so he brings in Eric Young to do the ?job?. The backstage fighting was good, yet humorous. It was just funny how ?tough guy? security can?t break it up, yet two police officers the size of Grizzly Redwood makes them stop on their tracks. I though the best segment was actually Hernandez’s interview. We wanted to know more about the guy, and we got that and more. He can be a threat to the world title this or next year. Quite Frankly, I would not mind seeing him as champion. The wrestling was good for the most part. The 8-man tag was a clusterbomb, but all the other matches to me had a point to them. I wish the main even was not Sting vs. Brutus Magnus though; it should have been Matt Morgan vs. AJ Styles. Speaking of the latter match, AJ’s 450 Splash was a thing of beauty! Also, I have to say that women of TNA stole the show again. From that 4 woman tag match to Angelina Love’s promo, the women in TNA are getting better each week. This show was picked as the best among students and this was the second best show in my book. One point from Mr. V; One point from the Students of Mr. V.

Friday Night Smackdown (August 7)

This show had one strong segment. The rivalry with CM Punk and Jeff Hardy may be the best one since Extreme Rules. The opening scene with Hardy and Punk was great, and set the stage for many things from the return of Matt Hardy to the TLC Match at SummerSlam which could be Jeff Hardy’s farewell (for now) match. Sure, there were a couple of ‘stinker? matches (Khali/Ortiz and Haas/Slam Master J), but the overall card was good. The opening match with Morrison and Kidd was spectacular. If Tyson Kidd did get a concussion after that finisher to the face I would not be surprised. The main event had a shocking outcome as well. Matt Hardy’s character intrigues this teacher. Is he still loathing his younger brother’s success? Does he not like CM Punk? Or is all this a setup? I am interested in this continued storyline. The surprise match of the week was Jericho vs. JTG. Like I stated before, JTG can work a match. I am thankful that Jericho gave this guy the win. It is a great way to build up the inevitable Show/Jericho title defense. It also helped JTG, as maybe there can be a single’s push in his near future. I for one would not mind seeing that. I thought overall from start to finish, this was the best show of the week. TNA did come very close to stealing my top show pick though, just to let you know. Two points from Mr. V.

Overall Standings

1) Friday Night Smackdown (49 Points)
2) Monday Night Raw (33 Points)
3) TNA Impact (16 Points)
4) ECW (14 Points)
5) ROH on HDNet (7 Points)
6) WWE Superstars (0 Points)

**Just to let you know, you are not seeing a dream or nightmare?TNA is actually better than ECW now! I bet that I won?t get column of the week from Dave Stephens this week. **

COMMENTATOR REPORT CARD (Presented by JR’s Bar-B-Q Sauce. Free Shipping on select products. Also, college football is around the corner. BOOMER SOONER!!)

Here were some of my thoughts on the commentators as I worked on the report card for the week.

1) Mike Hogewood does not have a volume control button. He is retreating a bit now and that can?t be good.
2) Dave Prazak seemed to be bored a bit in commentary. I don?t know if it was the card or what, but he regressed a bit from previous weeks.
3) Michael Cole failed after listening to him the first thirty minutes of the Piven RAW. He was terrible and I would rather have Abraham Washington be the play-by-play guy for RAW than this guy.
4) Jerry Lawler had a chance to really shine, but was nothing more than a movie pitcher/diva catcaller.
5) The ECW team fell back a little bit, just really did not get into the announcing of this show.
6) Mike Tenay and Don West finally have a good chemistry. For another week, I can?t think of bad things to say about Don West.
7) The Smackdown team is the best thing going right now, and fans should be ashamed and disciplined for booing Todd Grisham. Seriously, what does this guy have to do to get your attention? If he has to suckerpunch Michael Cole or Freddy Prinze Jr., let me know and I will e-mail a letter to the ?WWE Universe?.

Michael Cole: F (2009 Grade: D-) **Defending winner of the Dunce Cap**
Jerry Lawler: D- (2009 Grade: C)

Josh Mathews: C+ (2009 Grade: C+)
Matt Striker: B (2009 Grade: A-) **Currently on Dean’s List**

Todd Grisham: B+ (2009 Grade: B)
Jim Ross: A (2009 Grade: A) **Currently on Dean’s List**

Mike Tenay: B (2009 Grade: C+)
Don West: B (2009 Grade: C-)

Mike Hogewood: D (2009 Grade: C)
Dave Prazak: C+ (2009 Grade: B+) **Currently on Dean’s List**


Gold stars for this past week go to:

Dave Stephens – for awarding my ?columns of insanity? as his weekly pick for That’s A Wrap. If you have not yet checked it out, please do so.

To all that worked on the Students? Choice Awards – I got about 45 of them right now and still getting a couple every day. Thanks to all who voted.

Tyson Kidd – For taking Morrison’s finisher in the face?and getting up after that. Hope you are feeling better.

?The Calgary Kid? – Congrats on getting that contract on a pole, then going back to being the awesomeness that is ?The Miz?!

Eugene – On a lighter note, I am very happy he is back on TV. I think he has his life back on track and I hope we see more of Nick Dinsmore. He is, in my eyes, a very accomplished wrestler.

Sarita – I only seen her wrestle on TNA twice, and I think she is a top three Knockout in that division. Heck, she can very well be the first woman to win the X Division Title.

Cody Deaner – for not being on TV this week.

TNA – for putting on an enjoyable (for the most part) episode of Impact!

D?Lo Brown – You still have it in the ring. Too bad not many wrestling fans can watch ROH.

The Wrestling Fans that attend the shows this past week – For not embarrassing yourselves with a Detention.

Dolph Ziggler – for yet again being the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title.

William Regal – He gets one for just being awesome.

The WrestleView Faculty – A gold star goes out to all of you!! See you all at the Faculty Lounge and I hope your 2 week recess went well.

Charlie Haas – Because the WWE won?t put you over.

To all the students that e-mailed me this week – Thank You.

Hurricane Helms – for making your in-ring return!! I can?t wait to see him wrestle back at this gimmick. The Hurricane is perfect for ECW.

AJ Styles – I am giving you one because you are truly an MVP wrestler for TNA.

Mama V – Happy Birthday!! (DYK: My mom was born the same day as Hulk Hogan, but she is younger and not in trouble by the law)

**If you want to nominate someone for a Gold Star (other than yourself of course), send the request to **


Well, it has been awhile since we did one of these and I am going to assign you with yet another assignment due on August 27, 2009. Some students have already finished this, but I do need more feedback on this. Enjoy this homework assignment!

Last week, Mr. V hosted a Trade Deadline column that featured three WrestleView staff members pretending that they were the GMs for a wrestling promotion. We also had one staff member as an Insider. Overall, the students of WrestleView thought it was a success. I want to ask you two questions about this column, which you can find at this link:

1) Which trade would YOU like to see happen in real life?

2) Which team (WWE, TNA, or ROH) do you think claimed victory? Why did you choose the way you did?

Due: August 27, 2009

Well, this sums up another column of ?From the Desk of Mr. V?. I want to thank you all for reading and continue to enjoy what is left with summer vacation. Once again if you want to proved some feedback or ask a homework question before you get ready for school, please do so at Until the next set of ?PREDICTIONS FROM THE FACULTY?, enjoy your week and give yourself an A+ for reading this column. You are (in the word of Sgt. Slaughter)???DISMISSED!!!!!

Facebook: Under Anthony J. Valvo from the Pittsburgh, PA Network

**Mr. V does not do MySpace nor Twitter**

If not for the students, there would be no Mr. V. Thank you all for reading this week.

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