Notes from the Nosebleeds #26
August 8, 2009
By: Matt O’Brien of

Happy Saturday to you all. I had a few thoughts on my mind this week so instead of concentrating on one issue in particular; I thought I give a little blurb about recent news in the wrestling industry. Hope you enjoy.

First off I want to send a big thanks to those who emailed me with their thoughts on WWE’s decision to put the World Championship on Jeff Hardy. I was pleasantly surprised by those who didn’t seem to think it was a bad decision at all. In this age of constant criticism, it was nice to see a positive outlook. While I expected people to question it as a bad business decision, the decision has been welcome with open arms. Fans seem to want this as it gives them the feeling that anything can happen with the World Championship within the next month. I do think it would be different if this were Triple H winning the title. People would throw a fit if he won the title with only a month left to go, but it is different with Hardy as he commands respect from the crowd. Smackdown remains the brand to watch.

Months have past since I first thought bout this, but I wanted to give TNA a chance. My brother Dave and I were talking about this just this last weekend and we were both dumbfounded, but with TNA it is to be expected. Taz has been identified as the mystery mentor of Samoa Joe. Okay this angle would have been kickass…if it took place about ten years ago. The Nosebleeds has nothing against either Taz or Joe. I have the utmost respect for these men. The fact is the Taz that mauled his victims in the ring and ran shivers down our spines dies a long time ago, but most people have put that Taz behind them or never knew him to begin with. To resurrect the old Taz now just seems hopeless. However, I will wait and see before I cast my final judgment on this angle. While it makes me groan at this point, it may surprise even the most cynical of fans in the coming months. We shall see.

Speaking of TNA, Dutch mantel has been let go by the company. The drama continues over the Karen Angle-Jeff Jarrett situation as Mantel’s release has rumored to be the result of his closeness with Jarrett. I really hope this is not the case. If so, this is just getting ridiculous. What are we in high school? These are business people running a company, not a rival cliques taking sides in a love triangle. By the way, did anyone ever read WOW Magazine back at the end of the 90s-early 2000s? Dutch had a great column in that magazine. The man is a hell of a storyteller.

Monday night had fans groaning at Jeremy Piven’s appearance on Raw. It was criticized as one of the worst Raws in a long time. The funny thing is that I just read that everyone seemed to having a good time putting on the show. Sure Piven said called SummerSlam SummerFest, but I don’t care. I thought it was hilarious. The guy isn’t a wrestling historian so why should we be upset when he mixes up the silly name of a pay per view? I do agree with others that Dr. Ken annoying. I loved him in Knocked Up and Role Models, but here he was just annoying. Wouldn?t it be something if Vince changed the booking in the middle of the show on Monday? He may have just said, “Look guys, the fans hate you. We’re turning you heel for the main event.”

Ah the main event of Raw. So many conflicting feelings. So many mixed emotions. With so much riding on Miz on Monday I surely thought he would pull it off against Jon Cena. After the opening segment I was totally geared up for the match. After reading that the booking for SummerSlam would be changing, I thought it would be great if they had Miz defeat Cena, then come out the next week and demand Cena’s title shot at SummerSlam.

The guest GM could then pull Cena from the main event and put him in a big blow off match with Miz at SummerSlam, giving Orton the chance to face someone new, perhaps mark Henry. As we all know that is not what happened. Instead Miz was kicked off of Raw and will likely go to Smackdown. Do you remember back at The Bash when Cena squashed Miz? People were upset that Miz’s push had ended so abruptly. While I was surprised I knew that it wasn’t the end. I knew then that it was only the beginning.

You may be upset with WWE for what they are doing with Miz but I truly believe that they have not yet begun the Cena-Miz feud. Miz may be going to Smackdown, but he will be spending the next several months building himself up. He may even finally get that date with Maryse when she returns from her injury. Don’t be surprised if Can and Miz do meet again in the ring one day. It may be at Wrestlemania 26 when Cena, who could be champion at that time, has to defend against the winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble-Miz. Mr. V, you can put down my PPV vote now for that show 🙂

Well that will do it for this week. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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