WWE has gotten desperate now. End of story.

I didn’t watch Night of Champions. I probably never will. I’m a Jeff Hardy fan, I admit it, I’m also a much bigger CM Punk fan.

Through listening to the WVIP post show, and reading the chat room, it appeared Punk gave the performance of a lifetime as a heel competitor in the main event, and based on that, he should have something tangible to reward his efforts.

He doesn’t. He has the role of being the heel hunter to Jeff Hardy’s 3rd World Title Reign. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d say Jeff Hardy has won the World Championship 3 times.

Now that’s not my beef. Not in the least. My beef is with Jeff, or, correction, to be honest, my beef is with WWE.

WWE showed last night one thing. They showed they realize that they have no main event talent ready to go in any brand. By going with this decision, and basically buying a month more out of Jeff Hardy, it tells me, who looks at this situation in a pessimistic light, I admit that, but it tells me that WWE has no confidence in anyone else on the Smackdown roster providing a legitimate challenge if Punk had retained the gold.

We’ve heard for weeks on end about Jeff’s imminent departure following his contract expiring. By WWE giving him the World title, it appears, APPEARS to me that they’ve really got nowhere to go with the main event scene, and it also makes them look very desperate because it makes them appear that they “bought” extra time from Jeff Hardy by giving him the World title.

Now, like I said before, granted, Punk as a heel hunter will be fun to watch, and I look forward to their match at Summerslam. I hope like hell it’s a ladder match or, like what was said in the post show, a loser leaves the WWE match of some type, because any other stipulation would be just pathetic, and be a downgrade for these two performers.

CM Punk established himself as the top heel last night on the pay per view. Now, its time for the top heel to take out the top babyface, and put the company on his back, or in this case, the brand. Punk did it with Ring of Honor, he can do it with Smackdown, and I hope, for WWE’s sake, that they do it that way, otherwise, things will get ugly, in a hurry.

Regarding the rest of the card, I am sad for Tommy Dreamer. I hope he gets more chances to be the man on ECW again, and not thrown to the waste side, which is entirely possible. I don’t have a problem putting the title on Christian, but I have to admit, I was feeling nostalgic about having the Innovator of Violence being ECW Champion.

Mickie James beating Maryse was about as predictable as my son getting up cranky. Next case.

When I read on the PPV coverage of the choice Jericho made for his tag team partner, I hated it. I wanted to see Jericho take someone as athletic as he is, and someone who can take the supportive role in a team, someone like who I picked to be his partner, Shelton Benjamin.

However, I gotta give Hunter, the Dawg, and Adam some major props in changing my train of thought here, as Jericho now has a 440 pound plus wall to protect him while he spills his guts on the mike, and it’s the perfect way to further heel up the tag team championship. Now, the only question will be, will there actually be a tag team to challenge the champs, now that they apparently have taken out Legacy.

It’s reported that there was a late change and Ziggler was taken out of winning the IC title last night. Kind of curious about that one, but having Rey retain the title will give Ziggler more of a chance in the future with a program with Mysterio, and a more than likely change come Summerslam.

The women’s title. What can be said about this except that having two WWE titles for the divas is a quintessential example of what would be called, redundant.

The US Championship Six Pack Challenge. With Big Show out, it became anyone’s match. But was there really something to highlight the match?? Carlito and Primo? That seemingly has been pushed to the back burner, and there is nobody truly feuding with the champion Kingston. The only one who has the resume as a singles wrestler to take the lead in this match is Swagger, and although reports said he did well, he’s not ready for the next level of gold. Miz, well, Miz iz an azz, end of storyz.

I had some major league family strife happen mid column, so I lost my train of thought. With that being said, I’m done, for now.

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