It’s stunning to me how I was able to survive the cluster f*ck that was Victory Road with a winning record of 6-3. I obviously did not do as well as some of the WV elite, but hey, 6-3 is still respectable, and I’ll hopefully take that momentum in to sunday night’s Night of Champions Pay Per View.

Not sure how to feel about this one, but I got a job to do, and I hope that it’s a good one.

Also, I think this may be the first opportunity that I’ll be included in the WV “faculty” poll with Anthony Valvo and the rest of the boys, so now I got some competition, so it’s time to pull out all the stops. I’m also honored that they would consider me a member of that elite group of individuals.

Enough with the business and housekeeping, let’s go to work.

WWE Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool vs. Melina
I really have to say I am surprised that WWE put the honor of the first diva to be both Divas Champ and Women’s Champ on a former diva search reject. I honestly thought that would’ve went to Mickie James because she’s the much more experience combatant, and if memory serves, has been around just a tad bit longer than McCool. Don’t get me wrong, McCool has really taken to the heel role very well, and has continued to show improvement week in week out, and although I did express surprise that she got this honor, it’s not a farce that she did. She has all the tools to be a top diva in WWE, and I suspect that her work as champion has only just begun. I don’t think Melina, although she is more than worthy, I don’t think she’s going to be able to stop the momentum, at least, not just yet.

WINNER: Michelle McCool

WWE Divas Championship
Maryse vs. Mickie James
I have to give a lot of props to Maryse for being a tremendous heel champion. However, all signs during the build up here point to a title change. With McCool in firm grasp of the women’s title, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have two women’s championships held by two heels. Take Maryse down, put the belt on Mickie, and open up new rivalries for her against Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes, and let’s see where the chips fall. Maryse has had her time at the top, and I believe her time is over. Not for anything derogatory, it’s just time for a change.

WINNER: Mickie James

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
Chris Jericho & A Mystery Partner vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
It’s stumping me as to who will step in for Edge and be Jericho’s partner. As I am writing this, I thought about Carlito, but the former champ is in the US TItle Six Pack Challenge. I thought Miz while having conversations on Twitter, but he’s also in the six pack challenge. I also thought Dolph Ziggler, but he’s in the IC title match. What would be one hell of a swerve would be to have the IC title match go first, have Ziggler win, and then have Rey come out, and be Jericho’s partner for this match. That sure as hell would provide a major league curve ball in this rivalry. I know those chances are beyond remote, but hey, it’s a hell of a freakin’ creative idea, don’t you think?

So, thinking forward, who could be Jericho’s partner?? A newcomer?? Doubtful, I haven’t seen any real tidbits of someone new in the wings. A returning competitor from injury? Not too sure, as most of the injured list are babyfaces, to the best of my knowledge. As I look at the rosters, there is one man that I see with the ego that could co-exist with Jericho and make the team a successful one. One man.

The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin.

With Shelton not involved in any of the matches, and his ego almost being as large as Jericho’s, there’ s a distinct possibility that the two may be able to co exist, and make this a successful team. Question then becomes, do they mesh well and make this a match, or does it implode, and we begin a program of Jericho vs. Shelton?

I don’t see that program happening, as I suspect Jericho will continue to work with Rey in the long term. I have a feeling one way or the other, Legacy is coming out of this match with gold, no matter who Jericho picks. What really wouldn’t surprise me in the least if something happens that can be traced back to Edge to force Jericho to drop the belts. I know that may be far fetched, but it may provide a nice spark for Edge to return as a babyface when he does come back from this major injury. Anyway, Legacy are the champs in waiting, and their time to wait is over.


ECW Championship
Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian
In my opinion, the buildup has been done well. In my opinion, this is probably the beginnng of three of Dreamer’s biggest challenges for the forseeable future. He got through the scramble match, albeit from all reports by the skin of his teeth, but if he’s able to stop the Captain from regaining the ECW silver, I would suspect that the innovator of violence will have an extremely difficult reign on his hands in the future. I’ll pick Dreamer to take the belt, and consider a couple of men for being next on the list for shots at the ECW Title, Shelton Benjamin or Vladimir Kozlov. Either way that this championship reign goes, it’s sufficed to say the champion is in for some rough seas ahead. I think he’ll survive this wave, but the next couple, I don’t know.

WINNER: Tommy Dreamer

Six Pack Challenge for the WWE United States Championship
Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. The Miz vs. The Big Show vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger
Ok, to say Kingston is in trouble here is an understatement. To say the worst, we got a title change definitely happening here. What I don’t understand here is, what the hell has Miz done on Raw to warrant being in this match?? IN my opinion, nothing. Swagger just got traded to Raw, and although he’s had good runs as ECW Champion and challenger, I don’t know if he’s ready to step up in to the big leagues for a more prestigious title. Carlito’s obviously got the resume to compete here, being a former intercontinental and US champion, but I suspect his brother may have something to say about it. Which would leave us to the former champ, MVP, Kingston, and the Show. Now there is obviously a beef between Kofi and the Show, and I don’t like Kofi’s chances of surviving that. MVP may be the capitalist, and steal the title while Kofi and Show beat the crap out of each other, or he may do the babyface thing, help Kofi fend off Show’s challenges, and assist Kofi in the win, in the hopes of getting a future one on one shot at the US title. From where I sit, anyone going up against the Big Show, unless your name is Cena, has a lot of trouble in surviving, and I suspect this will be no different. Kingston drops the belt to the Show, and we begin a program of maybe having Kingston and MVP team up to try and strip the strap off the shoulder of the largest athlete in the world. It’s been almost 5 years since the Show wore US gold, it’d be a nice idea for now.

WINNER: The Big Show

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler
They are pushing Ziggler pretty damn hard, aren’t they? I gotta admit, I can’t really say I’m disappointed about it, either. He’s shown me a lot of guts with going after Khali, and if he can survive teaming with Jericho and look good doing it, he’s got the guts and the stuff to make it in a title match. Question is, Rey just got the belt back from Jericho, and is Ziggler ready for major WWE singles gold?? My opinion, not just yet. With the signs being that Jericho may be done with Myserio for the forseeable future, although anything is possible, I suspect that this match may be the catalyst to a feud that will lead up to the next set of PPVs. I think Rey will defend here, but this isn’t over, not by a long shot.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

World Heayvweight Championship
CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
ROH’s CM Punk is alive and well in a WWE ring. This is the Punk that I remember and loved back in 2005 in Long Island for Ring of Honor. This is the Punk that, if permitted to, can motivate the fans to love him or hate him for a long time to come. This match ought to be wrought with emotion, as I would suspect that Punk will get his fair share of cheers with this match being in Philly, but Hardy may be able to have his fans over cheer Punk’s crew, and boo Punk out of the building. Either way you cut it, from a fan’s perspective, this is the main event. By far. Question here is, is Hardy’s iminent departure from WWE making the result awfully easy to predict?? I’m afraid so. I don’t think, unless Vince has secretly promised Hardy another run with the gold, I don’t think that the title changes here. They have invested an enormous amount of time in Punk’s character development, and the longer he remains champion, the more of a main event star he becomes. With the probable departure of Hardy on the horizon, WWE has to think ahead, and I think they are, and the future of the main event level on Smackdown has four letters. P – U – N – K.


WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena
I never thought I’d see the day that I would say this, but I’m sick of this match. It’s like turning in to the three ring circus between these guys over a title, whether its the world, or WWE. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you put these three guys in the ring together, and its a hell of a match, but I’m just tired of it. I personally would want a stipulation added here, but there appears to be some form of alliance brewing between Cena and the Game, and with that being said, the chances of a three way stipulation match are virtually nil. Take that in to consideration that unless I missed something, Cena is off shooting a movie somewhere, and I think it pretty much eliminates it to the Game and Orton, again. Yawn. Orton retains with the help of Legacy. I think if this has to continue, there’s only one way to fix it permanently. Hell in a Cell. I wouldn’t be surprised, with the recent changes in PPV names approaching, that we get this type of match from here till then, with the culmination being in the cell where H gets #14. For now, Orton retains.

WINNER: Randy Orton

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