Wrestling Rumblings #23

Wrestling Rumblings #23
July 10, 2009
By: Jose Marrero of WrestleView.com

It’s really amazing sometimes how the littlest of things can inspire you. With pretty much everything you see this week being pretaped I had nothing that I felt was worth talking about that was going to be whored to death. I mean how many times can you read about Edge’s injury and what that does to the roster? Nope I have said it before and I will say it again ?Wrestling Rumblings? aims to be different and after an interesting argument with a good friend of mine I give you the Wrestleview All Star Team?.you?re reading ?Wrestling Rumblings?.

I got to tell you people I don?t watch the All Star game for any sport. It could take me all day to explain the many reasons why I don?t enjoy it but in short I will just say it’s an exhibition game and that’s all. Still after arguing with a friend of mine (David Miranda there are you happy your name got into the column) who was trying to convince me otherwise I started thinking who would be my starting nine in the world of professional wrestling and this is what I came up with.

First Baseman-Edge It’s no secret that anyone who makes an All Star Team has to have a load of talent and in theory would have had to have a good first half of the season. Wrestling is an all year venture but if I can just take maybe the last 6 months and choose guys I would be hard pressed not to find a spot for a guy like Edge. Why first base? A first baseman is usually a tall guy with good reflexes and some pop in his bat. When you think about it Edge is a fairly tall guy with some good reflexes (how else can you get out of the way of those la dders) and seems to bring the sizzle to WWE’s steak when he needs to. I also chose Edge because a first baseman is usually on the end of a double play. Whether it has been with John Cena or Jeff Hardy one can argue that Edge has been part of some of the biggest feuds on WWE’s complimentary show Smackdown and well what better double play anchor would you rather have than ?The Rated R Superstar?.

Second Baseman-Kofi Kingston Is there a brighter up and coming young star than Kofi Kingston right now? While I will admit he hasn?t had the strongest past 6 months he may have had the most exciting in terms of in ring work. He has recovered from that guy who lost the spot in the elimination chamber to Edge and has blown us away with his performances and becoming the United States Champion. Why second base? A second baseman has to have good hands and feet as well as great range. There aren?t many men in wrestling who would probably fit that description better than this rising star.

Third Baseman-HHH Whether you like him or you don?t no one can deny that ?The Game? is one of the top wrestlers period much less of the past six months where he has competed in the main event of almost every PPV he has competed in during that span. Why third base? Third base is known as the ?hot corner? and it would seem judging from some of the interviews you hear from those that WWE wishes well in their future endeavors that HHH would have a lot of heat with some of his ex co workers. Take that into consideration and also that the third baseman is the closest infielder to the batter in this case use the batter as a metaphor for Vince McMahon who like a hitter in baseball facilitates everything in WWE and well I think third would be a apt position for ?The King of Kings?.

Shortstop-AJ Styles Just like the MLB All Star game has to make sure every team is represented I have to make sure every major company is covered and that would include TNA and ROH. While some may feel he has languished at times AJ has had a pretty decent past=2 0six months competing in 3 PPV main events as well as winning the TNA Legends Championship and establishing himself as the first and only TNA Grand Slam Champion. Why shortstop? Shortstops are generally regarded as the most dynamic and athletic position players in baseball. Shortstops are also typically great fielders but mediocre hitters. AJ Styles is a great athlete but still requires work with his stick ?that being the microphone?besides when you think of the great defensive shortstops usually one word always comes to mind ?Phenomenal?.

Catcher-Kurt Angle You just knew Kurt Angle had to make this team somewhere. After all one can argue that while it’s not the greatest claim a wrestler can make today he has been the TNA MVP ever since he arrived there. In the past six months he has been a fixture in the main events and even when he isn?t main eventing he seems to be the focus of the main storyline and now in his latest reign as TNA World Champion he is indeed steering the ship. Why Catcher? The Catcher in my opinion is typically the smartest guy on the field of play and also in my opinion there is just no better worker than Kurt Angle. Much in the same way that a Catcher will adjust himself according to the batter and the pitcher Kurt Angle will adapt his style to accommodate whoever he is in the ring with. When all is said and done Kurt Angle could very well be the MVP of this All Star Team ?it’s true?it’s true?.

Starting Pitcher-Randy Orton In the past six months there has not been a better more compelling heel in the world of wrestling than ?The Legend Killer? Randy Orton. By virtue of his Royal Rumble win and 2 WWE World Title reigns he is definitely All Star material. Why Pitcher? Well there are two pitching positions in baseball?the wind up and the stretch. I don?t think there is any wrestler out there right now who can wind up an audience more than Randy Orton and with his current push as leader of The Legacy he is stretching Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. beyond where they would probably be without him. Count on ?The Viper? going the distance in this game.

Left Fielder-Nigel McGuinness I told you every big promotion was going to be represented and I am a man of my word as Nigel will be the first ROH representative on this All Star Team. In the prior column I mentioned how Randy Orton was the most compelling heel in wrestling during this most recent stretch but that just might be because enough people just haven?t watched ROH to realize the talents of Nigel McGuinness. While his reign as ROH Champion ended a few months ago Nigel was just spectacular as ROH Champion oftentimes carrying that promotion on his back. Why Left Field? Out of all the Outfielders in baseball the Left Fielder typically has the weakest arm amongst the three. While Nigel has been great in ROH the truth of the matter is ROH is still the third biggest company in the country and now they are no longer on PPV and well considering that Nigel main evented majority of the PPVs out of all the ?Outfielders? on the Wrestleview All Star Team his star is the weakest?besides he is probably a soccer fan anyway.

Center Fielder-John Cena He may not be the most popular guy out there but there is no bigger star in the WWE Universe and wrestling for that matter than John Cena. While he hasn?t had the steam around him that he usually has in the past six months he has been steady in the main event scene with 2 world title reigns to his credit. Why Center Field? It’s really very simple those that are familiar with baseball know and recognize that the Center Fielder is the captain of the Outfield and well John Cena no matter what is going on with him in the card is the main headliner of the WWE Universe and in a sense is the captain of the babyfaces.

Right Fielder-Jeff Hardy While he may be departing soon there is no hotter babyface in the world of wrestling than Jeff Hardy. Ever since winning the WWE Title at Armageddon he finds himself immersed in the WWE Universes attention as the guy. Even a program with his brother Matt could not derail him as he just cannot be held down. Why Right Field? The right fielder is typically a better offensive player than a defensive one. Jeff brings the goods each and every month as he basically has what JR used to call ?Offensive Exhibitions? b ut well his never say die attitude leads him to not really protect himself. Plus the Right Fielder also backs up the First Baseman on throws and if Edge is Smackdowns biggest star you would have to say Jeff Hardy backs him up pretty well as the number 2 guy in the pecking order.

That’s my starting nine but just for fun lets go with a few more baseball positions shall we?

Designated Hitter-The Undertaker Sure he has been gone since Wrestlemania but when he comes back it will be the most anticipated event of the month. Undertaker gets into this team mainly on the strength of his now epic match at Wrestlemania against Shawn Micheals which has to be considered the current leading contender for Match of the Year. Why Designated Hitter? Your DH is typically a guy with a lot of pop who is feared and respected in the lineup and well he doesn?t play half the time. Can you think of any other wrestler in this business that is as feared and respected as The Undertaker? Take into a ccount his part time status these days and DH is just the natural position for ?The Deadman?.

Utility Players- Chris Jericho, Rey Misterio, Sting, Evan Bourne and CM Punk I chose 5 guys for this largely because well I could do whatever I want here and also because I figure that’s how many guys a baseball team would tend to have on its bench. Why are these guys Utility Players? A Utility guy is very important in baseball he is your fill in guy and he can wear several hats. In baseball you have the same thing whether it is a fill in guy (Sting) who can occupy the main event for a while, a middle of the card guy who can help bridge a show (Evan Bourne and Rey Misterio) or a guy who can just wear different hats albeit heel or babyface (CM Punk and Chris Jericho). These are the utility guys on my team.

Middle Relievers- MVP, Booker T, Tyler20Black, Jimmy Jacobs, Christopher Daniels, John Morrisson and The Miz Again keeping with the theme of a regular baseball team I figure every team has about 7 Middle Relief Pitchers in their Bullpen and these wrestlers will fit in nicely in the pen for Team Wrestleview. With the exception of maybe Christopher Daniels who admittedly and shamefully is there simply because he is my favorite worker in the business all these men have had a very solid past 6 months. Why Middle Relievers? A Middle Relief Pitcher is someone who is typically not strong enough to start a game for you and also not quite potent enough to close it for you. He is a guy who gets you outs and helps get you to the closer. These men much like Middle Relief Pitchers are not going to close out a game are not going to main event a PPV anytime soon (although Morrisson might be very close at the moment) but still are solid enough in their roles to contribute to any organization they are a part of and a valuable part of this All Star Team.

Closer-Shawn Michaels There may not be a better in ring performer in the past 15 years than Shawn Michaels. Just like the Undertaker gets in on the strength of their match it is only fitting that Shawn should as well even though just like the Undertaker he has spent a big chunk of the last six months doing a whole lot of nothing. Why is he my Closer? Your Closer is your stopper. He is the guy who gets you the outs that no one else can get you at the end of the game. Can you think of any wrestler who metaphorically fits that role more than ?The Showstopper??

So there you have it the first ever Wrestleview All Star Team and on that note it’s time to put this week’s edition to bed. As usual if you like the column or have questions send your emails to wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com…if you hate it direct your emails to Hunter Golden (Just kidding!) and well that’s it for this week next week I will try to do better and until then I am out.

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