From the Desk of Mr. V #21
June 24, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Wow! The column ?From the Desk of Mr. V? just turned 21! It is time to celebrate!! Irish Beer on me (not really though?who do you think I am, Donald Trump?). Anyways welcome to the latest column of From The Desk of Mr. V. This week wrestling has been pretty light. So please forgive me if I don?t have much to say. I received dozens of e-mail and I thank each and every single one of you. I should get to you all shortly, as I have had a busy summer. One thing that was consistent with the e-mail was the lack of any classroom rules. So, this week there are no rules! Total anarchy, as loyal student Crelly would say. I do have a quote of the week to share with you all, along with the usual tidbits and current standing from the year-long Predictions From the Faculty. So relax, have a cup of coffee and listen to some classical music (which I am doing right now). It is time to enjoy the fourth week of, at least, Mr. V’s Summer Vacation.


?I hear Mickie James loves Chicken?
Jerry ?The King? Lawler, Monday Night Raw pervert
June 22, 2009

From the rumors going around Mickie James (one of my favorite WWE Divas), she does not like chicken, she likes roast beef. On a side note students, if you have not had KFC’s Grilled Chicken, I assign you to enjoy the 2 piece meal for $3.99. As Todd Grisham said to CM Punk, it is good for you. Moving on?.


Last week, we had a record amount of classroom rules to share. This week, I received twenty four e-mails and I did not receive one suggestion for a classroom rule. That is ok. My fingers needed the break from all this typing.

So, once again there are NO Classroom Rules this week. The reason I am not doing any rules? Read the explanation from Mr. V column #18 (yes, I too have them archived). However if a student has a classroom rule they want in my column next week, please e-mail it.

** Students, this is YOUR opportunity to provide some classroom rules for the WrestleView classroom! Any suggestions can be sent to me at Usually I will place them on this column and provide my take on them, so fire away!!**


Headline #1: Slammiversary 7 (or VII for you Latin students)

Mr. V’s Take: I did not want to pick up this PPV, though I did predict some of the outcomes correctly. I have to save my cash for October’s PPV for the WWE (Cyber Sunday at Pittsburgh). Speaking of Pittsburgh, we had our flavor (good and bad) in this year’s Slammiversary. First off we had Shane Douglas wrestle Daniels. I picked Shane because I flat out respect The Franchise. There are reports that he injured his ankle early in the contest and I would be surprised if this is all fact. I do feel bad for Douglas, he got himself into shape and, from what I heard, put on a decent match in Detroit. The card outside of that and the EY/Rhino vs. Brits was pretty good. Victoria..I mean Tara came just short of winning the TNA Knockout’s Title, Suicide retained the titles, Daffney took a superb bump into the tacks in a Monster’s Ball contest, Daniels is still Daniels, and Sting is still the leader after beating upstart Matt Morgan.

That leads me to the title changes, and I think that TNA made it right. Beer Money defeated Team 3D to become the NEW TNA Tag Champs and I can not be happier. Beer Money is the best thing going on a tag team front in the United States. Also, we have a NEW TNA World Champion and it was some that many of our faculty members picked, and that is our Olympic Hero Kurt Angle. Last Sunday, he won me over by wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey and how ironic is it that he holds up TNA’s prized possession about two weeks after the Penguins held the NHL’s most prized possession? What happened at the end was something that NO ONE could have thought. Samoa Joe?.His Nation of Violence?.GONE (Let’s hope he got rid of the face paint as well)!! Rumor is that he joined the mob and I can?t deny that since he handed Kurt Angle the Championship. Regardless of this outcome, I am very happy the belt is no longer over the shoulder of Mick Foley (and his 25 big ones).

What will happen now with the MEM and others: Well, as for the titles I see them all being pretty stable, with the exception of AJ’s Legends Title. Right now the wrestlers that are hold the belts are all worthy to hold belts. Wait, sorry?except Suicide. Beer Money should hold those belts for a long time, Angelina Love is good for a couple more months with her title, AJ is still a Legend in TNA, and Kurt Angle has the makings of a good champion once again.

The Main Event Mafia is going to get only stronger with the addition to Joe. Let’s face it, Joe’s Nation of Violence gimmick did not go real well at least in my opinion. I just wonder where Sting fits in with all this, since I am sure, storyline wise, he had no way of knowing. Overall, this answered some questions except a couple: Who is Suicide and Why did Joe join the Mafia.

On a side note, I don?t read spoilers, so I don?t know anything that is going on with the current tapings of Impact. Don?t ruin it for me, please. Thanks.

Headline #2: Vince buys Monday Night Raw Back

Mr. V’s Take: I knew this would not last long, but only one week (I thought it was going to last a couple months..see last week’s column)? Last Monday on Raw, Vince paid Donald Trump back (plus 100%) to re-acquire Monday Night Raw. The storyline was generating some buzz, but not the way the WWE hoped. As a matter of fact, the NYSE stock of the WWE dropped drastically, though it is still above twelve dollars a share after a quick rebound. Do I think it is a good move? Well, since RAW drew a big number it was a great move. It was their highest rated RAW since 2002. Now, let’s see where it goes after the Trump/Commercial-Free era.

Did the Trump Angle meet its purpose: Yes, I think it did. Trump in 2009 was better than the Trump of Wrestlemania a couple years back. Maybe they were a little quick of pulling the plug on this one, I don?t know. Overall, the ratings were off the charts (in 2009 standards). Let’s see if the viewers are still interested now that celebrities will not be a part of next week’s RAW. My ratings prediction? I am going to say that RAW draws a 3.7 rating for next week, since it will be a PPV hangover episode.

Headline #3: Green Bay Crowd at RAW received a full refund

Mr. V’s Take: Man, I wished it happened in my hometown. I think the crowd got a nice reward for their loyalty. Just remember this; Cheeseheads?.It was Vince McMahon that issued the refund in real life, not Trump. I think most of the fans deserved their refund, but there were some (one in particular that probably is not literate enough to read this) who did not deserve it. More on that in Detention.

Headline #4: RIP Ed McMahon

Mr. V’s Take: Students, please allow me to tell you a secret about Mr. V. When I was young, I was and became a summer insomniac. The reason was quite simple really?The Tonight Show! Not the ones with Jay Leno and Conan O?Brien. Not Letterman, Ferguson, Daly, nor Fallon. All of those wished they had 1/8 of the talent and chemistry of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon. A lot of my young readers may not know who I am talking about, but allow me to let you in on something. When I heard HEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEE?S JOHNNY followed by the theme to the Tonight Show, I marked out this more than I ever marked out Hulk Hogan. Johnny Carson passed away a few years ago. Ed McMahon, his loyal #1 guy passed away this week at the age of 86. Many may know him for that Super Bowl Cash4Gold commercial or seen his face on those Publishers’s Clearing House junk mails. But he was more than that. He was the host of Star Search (think of America’s Got Talent) and was the greatest sidekick a talk show host had on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He was perfect for that role. Students, another assignment to complete is go on YouTube and type ?Ed McMahon, Tonight Show?. You will get some real funny clips from some great individuals that had a passion for their business and not the money that came with it. Anyways, RIP Ed McMahon and my condolences go out to your family.

What happens next: My grandmother introduced me to this duo back in 1986. She passed away five years ago, my grandfathers as well. I think what happened next was in heaven my grandparents who are up there are enjoying the fact that there are new episodes of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. May we never forget them?


The quest of ?Who is Suicide??
Don West’s lack of wrestling maneuvers.
Michael Cole’s lack of effective adjectives.
Jenna Morasca
?Slap The Poipoise!?
Booker T
SoCal Val


ODB and Deaner – I think we all agree that this storyline is never going to work. Drop this gimmick and start over please.

Tweet and Tweek connection – How corny and stupid is this? Mick is Mick, but Borash? Ugh?.which leads me to?

Jeremy Borash – I was really hoping we did not have to see him after Eric Young slapped him silly. Well, here is hoping that EY hits him harder so Borash gets off our TV sets for good. I know Shane Douglas was a backstage interviewer in TNA a few years ago, that would be a better substitute (and while he works for TNA, I should substitute his students at New Brighton).

That Guy #1 – For dancing to Donald Trump ?Money? music behind Vince’s back on the 6/15 episode of RAW.

That Guy #2 – You get a notice for screaming to Tyson Kidd ?Scarty (sp.) Cat??Are we really into the PG rating? Tyson Kidd should have roundhouse kicked the guy.

That Guy #3 – The guy in the fedora with the mullet hairstyle in Ranoke, VA who danced like a fool to R-Truth’s music. Get a better wardrobe and a haircut before you make a fool out of yourself again.

That Guy #4 – In Green Bay, I caught this fool at the beginning of RAW dancing around on his cell phone, probably calling a friend saying ?LOOKIAMONTV!!? Yes, all in one work and screaming. I hope he did not get a refund.

That Woman #1 – On Smackdown, you were caught massaging the back of Rey Mysterio’s head as he did his mask on mask moment with a kid. I found it disturbing.

The Miz – for thinking that he is awesome. Honestly, I may buy his ?can?t see Cena? shirt if it is on sale.

Marian Hossa – I just don?t like you. And when you leave Detroit for more money, the Red Wings fans will turn their backs on your quicker than Scott Mitchell’s Lions career.
Santina Marella – Thanks for leaving our TV sets for good. Sorry Santino, she did NOT have a good run.

Jerry Lawler – I know you are in love with the WWE Divas. But instead of saying ?Yes Sir? to Vince all the time (we know you do it), try to tone down the catcalling for the divas. The past two weeks the divas put on some improved wrestling tactics, but I can?t tone down your catcalling. If you want to do that, go into the construction business. You would fit right in.

Those guys who ate a Volcano Taco before the wedding – This was suggested by a friend. I have no complaints.

Those Fans – Who held signs that stated ?Vince got Trumped?. Talk about clich?d.

B. Brian Blair – For being in jail last weekend. No work yet if the Iron Sheik was his cellmate.


Vince McMahon – For the reasons I mentioned in column #19, you stay there!!

ETS and the Praxis Series – For the infinite reasons I have mentioned in previous columns.

Brooke Hogan – Epic Fail!

Whopper Jr. Ads – Boy, those are irritating, aren?t they?

Pittsburgh Pirates Ownership – For reasons on Column #19.

Mike Ashley – For his lack of controlling his team in Newcastle.


That guy in Green Bay crowd on the 6/22 episode of RAW
I don?t know if any of my students or teachers watched RAW last Monday, but I have to address this in my column. There are great fans out there that have a passion for great entertainment. Then there are the ones who should be escorted out of the building for their drunken stupidity. I wish someone can send me a freeze frame picture of this guy ( please) and I can post this mug shot on my column. This guy gets noticed and here is why. First off, the guy drank eight beers in the front row while a kid is next to him. Second, he wore a wife beater, forgot to shave, and wore a bandana on his head. He is the Kevin Federline, appearance wise, of WWE fans. Third, all through the show he held this ?Generics ?09? sign, interrupting my attention in an ?upsetting? way. And finally, when Vince bought back RAW and said that the crowd did not deserve a refund, this guy gives the double deuce to Vince (that is using both middle fingers) right on TV. I am sorry, but security should have banned this guy thirty minutes into the show. He was an embarrassment to the city of Green Bay. Yes, I went that far because I know many people in Green Bay and they are nice people. I don?t swear in my column, so I will let your imaginations go wild on the rant I actually wanted to type.

Now do I know this guy?NO! I don?t know 99.99999% of wrestling fans that I met or read my weekly column.

However, I think there is a place where you should show class and respect. If you lack respect for a crowd and its viewing audience, don?t sit in the front row. I hope this guy after the show watched himself and realized how stupid he looked. I hoped he was extremely hung over, as he obviously could not handle the beer that he consumed. My advice to this guy?Don?t attend another show EVER!! Enough ranting on this particular subject. I am sorry for my bitterness. I find this guy to be worse than those fans who dropped the ?F Bomb? on Jerry Lynn successfully defending his title. Look, I know you paid good money to see these shows, but don?t be stupid. I?m just saying.
If you enjoyed this rant, let me know. I plan on posting these e-mails regarding this situation. If I get enough, I may make a column based on this subject alone. Thanks.


If my students had cable and have all these channels in which pro wrestling is shown, then they were treated with some very good matches. I had fourteen matches in this segment (3 in Honors and 11 in the Honorable Mention category.) Usually, it would be pretty difficult. But after writing down what I graded the matches, the top three this week was surprisingly easy.

Distinguished Honors – CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge, Monday Night Raw, June 15

This match has a slight edge over the High Honors match because this contest was your main event match, in my opinion. This was some solid back and forth movements by these three superstars and had its mix of wrestling maneuvers. It had a great blend of submissions (Edge and the Sharpshooter), technical skills (Punk’s kicks and self-defense background), and high-risk moves (Jeff’s arsenal). This match worked very well for all of them and it keeps the rivalries fresh. CM Punk’s character is a ?win at all costs? guy and this match helped establish that. He takes out Jeff after the Swanton Bomb and gets the quick cover. If you have this match DVR?d, I would say watch it again. You won?t be disappointed. A great showing this week by these three men with a world title on the line.

High Honors – Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio, Monday Night Raw, June 15

I can?t speak for the classroom, but I wished this rivalry goes on until 2009 is over. Their chemistry is absolutely perfect. The characters that they both portray are sound. Rey is the man that all were cheering for to win this match. Rey used his high flying abilities well in this match and came close to winning the IC Title that he is craving. Why didn?t he win this match? Jericho is right, it was the mask. Make no mistake, it was not a fluke. Jericho held his end in this match as well. His wrestling story has changed a lot since he returned to the WWE a couple years back. He is the heel that everyone is booing and at times the fans want to literally hurt him. Somebody in Hollywood must be working on this rivalry. It seems to me like a Shakespeare tragedy. We want to see Rey win so badly, but I think in the end it will be the death of Rey and the luchador mask. I don?t want to see it happen, but I have suspicions. However back to this subject in hand, this was a great match and both can not go wrong in the immediate future.

Honors – John Morrison vs. Edge, Friday Night Smackdown, June 19

Last week, Morrison had a match with Chris Jericho that made the Honor Roll. This week, John was challenged again. This time Morrison was against the most decorated champion on the Smackdown roster, Edge. I know we Internet columnists bash the WWE for many of their creative storylines. They are doing the right thing on this one. They are testing John Morrison to see if he can carry the company. This match was a test and he aced it! Morrison has improved in his in-ring work and it is going along quite nicely with his mic skills. He is going to go places, as Jim Ross mentioned after his defeat to Edge. This match did have a good story to it. Edge took advantage early against the young superstar. Then something happened, as one of the turning point was Morrison’s running knee (I know it is scripted, but the impact was right on the money). It was to be believed that Morrison cleared the hurdle, but Edge brings him to reality with a spear. Edge looked good in this win, don?t get me wrong. But the real winner was John Morrison. He move to Smackdown we knew was going to help him. It is only a matter of time now until Morrison wears either the IC Title or the World Title. I just hope my students agree by next week.

Honorable Mention goes to: Steen/Generico vs. Young/Fish on 6/13; Chris Hero vs. Jerry Lynn on 6/13; Orton vs. Cena vs. HHH vs. Show on 6/15; Ten Man over the Top Rope Challenge on 6/15; DH Smith vs. Christian on 6/16; Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger on 6/16; Christian/Colon Brothers vs. Swagger/Hart Dynasty on 6/18; Daniels vs. Red on 6/18; Joe/AJ vs. Angle/Sting vs. Jeff/Mick on 6/18; Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho on 6/19; and Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk on 6/19

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK – Lethal Consequences/Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D and Beer Money, TNA Impact, June 18

This was really messed up. I get that Beer Money and 3D lost their respect this past week and they could have written this a bit better. Putting the MCMG and L.C. in this match did not help these four at all. It is a shame when I think that TNA Impact is getting better, but the lack of X Division matches really diminishes that X Title that was at one time a big time deal. What I would have done was a Three Tag Team Dance involving Beer Money, Team 3D, and the British Invasion. That would have made more sense. Then find a nice program with the X Division guys. What do I know?they are the creative writers and I am just a certified teacher.

Dishonorable Mention: Grizzly Redwood vs. Jimmy Rave on 6/13; Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendez on 6/15; Hart Dynasty vs. Colons on 6/15; Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero on 6/18; Zach Ryder vs. Mike Williams on 6/18; Eve Torres vs. Layla El on 6/18; Dolph Ziggler vs. Great Khali on 6/19, and Shelton/Haas/Ortiz vs. R-Truth/Cryme Tyme on 6/19.


Ring of Honor on HDNet (June 13) – Wrestling wise, it was not a typical ROH show for me. Usually they have clean finishes, but in once match we had a count out (nice to see D?Lo though). Usually one match on this show is worth noting, but none really caught me eye. I think the best portion of this show was the fact that Austin Aries cut a very nice promo. Other than that, it was not a memorable show. Zero Points.

Monday Night Raw (June 15) – They wanted to deliver on this three hour show and they did! The segments were very good and Vince selling RAW to Trump was a decent swerve (only if for one week). Also, it is funny how the wrestlers who put on the best matches on RAW this past week all are on the Smackdown roster! Without the five SD wrestlers, this show on a wrestling standpoint, was not good. Those five really helped the shows grade this week. The segments were very good as well, especially when the Miz cut a great promo and ended it with attacking our favorite little green guy, Hornswoggle. The students enjoyed this show and most of the students picked this show as the best of the week. I will agree with them on this one. Two Points from Mr. V AND One Point from the students of Mr. V.

ECW (June 16) – This show did not have a storyline segment, only interviews and commercials. Some highlights of this show were Finlay’s return and the DH Smith/Christian match. Evan Bourne is a great wrestler, but for his sake don?t put him in a match with Mark Henry. Henry could crush an up-and-coming superstar if he was not careful. No segments in the ring really killed this show this past week. Zero Points.

WWE Superstars (June 18) – I read Mike Tedesco’s report after I graded this show and he was right on the money, this was their worst show yet. I can seriously see four of the wrestlers on this card not being on the roster after 2009. The only highlight to me was that TNA was next for me (I rarely say that). Zero Points.

TNA Impact (June 18) – This was their ?official go home show? before Slammiversary 7. Though the matches were average at best, they build up each PPV match effectively and we were treated to a solid two hour show. The segments were the best of the week, from Mick Foley’s party for Jeff Jarrett to Raven’s perfect segment about their funeral to finally the transformation of Angle’s character. This is the way to build up one of your biggest pay per view shows, and I think TNA can do no wrong come Victory Road. Congrats once again TNA!! One Point from Mr. V.

Friday Night Smackdown (June 19). This saddens me. I liked the show this past week, but my top two just took their shows to the next level. Then it hit me?this roster might be top heavy. Jeff, Punk, Rey, Jericho, Morrison, and Edge are tremendous wrestlers. Then you have R-Truth (they don?t know what to do with him), Ziggler (who is feuding with an overrated former wold champion), and Shelton (I see the greatness, but I guess Vince does not see it). Smackdown may need to establish the last three I mentioned. Also, what happened to Gail Kim and Kane? The Undertaker has an excuse, the I blame this solely on the writers for not finding a way. They can do it! Zero Points.

Overall Standings
1) Friday Night Smackdown (34 Points)
2) Monday Night Raw (29 Points)
3) ECW (12 Points)
4) TNA Impact (11 Points)
5) ROH on HDNet (5 Points)
6) WWE Superstars (0 Points)


Michael Cole – C- (2009 Grade: C)
He was very lackluster, seemed like he was not there this past week. He really needs to cut back on the adjectives, and calling Orton a ?viper?.

Jerry Lawler – D+ (2009 Grade: C)
If you like Lawler’s commentary on divas, he was good. I don?t like it, not one bit. He sounds like a fool when he does it. Well, at least Kelly Kelly was not on RAW. To Lawler, tone down the voice. It is getting to a point where my TV can blow up at any time when you screech worse that Dustin Diamond on Saved by the Bell.

Josh Mathews – C (2009 Grade: C+)
Jose did a good job, but we know that he can do better. I think the problem is that he is not relaxing. There are times when he is not saying anything. To balance out a commentary team, the play-by-play needs to call at least 50% of what is going on. He just has not done that recently

Matt Striker – B+ (2009 Grade: A)
Matt was great once again this week. He is calling the moves and provides solid knowledge into each wrestler. I think what works well for him is that predicts why submission hold can be painful. The only problem here is that he overpowers the conversation. Let Josh get some words in.

Todd Grisham – B (2009 Grade: B)
I am happy that Todd has gotten out of this three week slump. I think in a way JR is passing the Smackdown commentary torch to Grisham. I loved his interaction with Jericho. He is new and he may not provide adequate commentary at times. But he has been on Smackdown for only a few months. There is room to improve still, but last week as a great showing for Todd.

Jim Ross – B+ (2009 Grade: B+)
I am just hoping that JR the color commentary BBQ salesman is just short term and they move him back to RAW and have Cole do something else for the WWE. He still did a great job in almost every match he was a commentator for. The only match in which he struggled was in the Diva’s match on Superstars. He was hilarious, but it took away from the action in the ring (even though the match was uneventful, Maria aside).

Mike Tenay – B (2009 Grade: C+)
For the second straight week, Tenay has provided brilliant commentary. He is clear, concise, and is giving us what we expect from him. No longer fighting with Don West on the air as much, Tenay can finally go back to calling matches clear as a bell. Nice Job!

Don West – C+ (2009 Grade: D)
If Don West can provide adequate commentary, then anyone can right now. West was great the first hour of Impact. He was very entertaining and was actually calling some moves. Then the second hour started and he was back to ?old school? Don West. Babbling on and on about nonsense. Overall, during non-wrestling segments he was very good and it bumped his grade up from a C to a C+. Not bad.

Mike Hogewood – C- (2009 Grade: C-)
Hogewood was there this week to provide emotion. He let Prazak do most of the work in regards to what is happening in the ring. I think this is what I am expecting out of Mike H. Mike will not be smart when providing commentary for pro wrestling (he does commentary for ACC football games), but he will let us know how much impact a move can have. Usually you save that for the color commentator. Also, he let us know that Prazak changed his hair color after he said that Dave looked like Bobby Dempsey. I would change my hair color as well.

Dave Prazak – A (2009 Grade: A-)
There are many things to like about ROH right now. The non-wrestling segments are much better, you are starting to see the wrestlers? personalities, and Dave Prazak is quickly becoming the best commentator in professional wrestling. I think his stuff was almost flawless, hence the A grade. Great work yet again, Prazak!!

MISTER V?S GOLD STAR SEGMENT (Presented by Kentucky ?Grilled? Chicken?buy it because IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!)

Kurt Angle – From one Pittsburgh man to another, Congratulations on winning the TNA Title!

Beer Money Inc. – For you tag team title victory. Let’s hope that this reign is a long one.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – I think it is the 2nd best movie I have ever seen, only behind The Princess Bride.

To all those on the honor roll – By the way, they all were Smackdown wrestlers. Props to all of you.

To all the readers that provided me with homework – Many thanks to you. You will all be acknowledged in next week’s column.

To all of my readers who are actually educators themselves – I am truly honored to have all of you read a column by a substitute teacher.

Chris Kelly – for helping me out with the predictions.

To Rocky Jr. – Best predictions record out of the WV Students with an impressive 7-1 record.

Josh Boutwell and Jose Marrero – Posting 7-1 records among the faculty. Very impressive.

Joe Baiamonte – For still being the Dean of WrestleView, but his lead is dwindeling.

Travis – For DVRing Monday Night Raw since the WWE won?t put episodes on Hulu or YouTube.


1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)????????..?47-28 (5-3)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)???.45-30 (7-1)
3) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)??44-31 (6-2)
4) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)?????????.42-33 (7-1)
5) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)???????42-33 (5-3)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)???????40-35 (5-3)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)???????36-24 (5-3)
8) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought?)????????..35-28 (6-2)
9) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)??????????????…31-24 (6-2)
10) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)?????????21-19 (4-4)
11) Chris Kelly (TNA Epics Recapper)???????????16-9 (6-2)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)???????????…13-15 (0-0)
13) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)???.5-3 (0-0)
14) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)???????????????…4-4 (0-0)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)???????????3-5 (0-0)

**In parentheses are the predictions records for the Slammiversary PPV**

**On average, the WV fans won 4.5 matches, so by estimation they got a 5-3 record**

**Jose Marrero and Josh Boutwell each scored a 7-1 mark this weekend, congrats!**

**Among fans, Rocky Jr. from France also scored a 7-1 record**

**To those who made their picks, I thank you and look forward to your picks at the Bash!**

HOMEWORK QUESTION (Due July 2, 2009)

1) You are the booker for WWE, TNA, or ROH. You are tired of wrestlers holding the title because of the stupid polictics in professional wrestling. For one gold star (maybe two). I want to you answer this question: Who would you book as the World Champions for the WWE, TNA, and ROH? (Due on July 2, Approved by: AJV)

I will give you all one more week to finish your homework. Those who do not complete this may be on detention next to the drunken wife beater-wearing Green Bay wrestling fan.
Well, this wraps up another edition of From the Desk of Mr. V. Within the next couple of weeks, the format will be changed. I have made a points system to determine the Superstar of the Year for WWE, TNA, and ROH. The answers may surprise some of you. Also, I will provide the top 10 matches of 2009 (on cable TV, not PPV) based on my Honor Roll. So until then, I thank you for reading this column and I hope you enjoy your week. Take Care everyone. Until ?The Bash? Edition of Predictions From the Faculty, you are officially???DISMISSED!!

As my old saying goes without the students, there would be no Mr. V. Thank you very much for reading this week.