Justin Biggs sent this report in:

Moline, IL 7p.m. at the Iwireless Center

Section E row one seat 11 (best seat u could possibly get)

First match Santino Marella vs The Brian Kendrick Santino won via pinfall

Jamie Noble loses by pinfull to a huge red haired/beard Irishman that no one knew who the hell he was and I didn’t have a program. His finisher was a modified chokeslam/rock bottom tho

The Miz deated Goldust w/ Hornswoggle via pinfall

Triple Threat Match MVP vs Matt Hardy vs Kofi Kingston, Kofi won via pinfall on Matt Hardy

Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Carlito and Primo defeat Priceless via DQ

Non Title Divas Champion Match Maryse loses via pinfall to Mickie James

Tag Team Match Cena and HHH vs Big Show and Randy Orton HHH wins via pinfall on The Big Show