No filler, no bull today. Straight down to business. TNA Slammiversary 7.

Pre Show Match
Eric Young & Rhino vs. The British Invasion
Ok. Couple of things here. One. Rhino is from Detroit, and the best you can do for this guy is a match on the pre show? A match with a guy who, I thought, just turned heel about two weeks ago when he took Jarrett out after losing in the King of the Mountain qualifiers. So, someone please explain to me the logical prowress of this match because frankly, I don’t see it. Obviously, I have to believe here that the Invasion is going to go over, but the question here is, Is Rob Terry legitimate and a talent to be worried about, or is it going to be again Magnus and WIlliams to do the dirty work? Reason why I say this is simple. Terry, for the most part, has been on the outside looking in, and I need to see this guy step up, and do the job inside the ring. Magnus has proven to be talented, and Williams is a major player waiting to happen. A 3rd presence for this team would be light years ahead of most of the other teams in TNA and could give them a leg uip in the tag team title hunt.

WINNERS: The British Invasion
Is it more of a slap in the face to give Rhino a pre show match in his hometown, or to give Rhino a pre show match in his hometown that he has no shot whatsoever in winning?

A viable question, don’t you think?

For Daniels’ roster spot in TNA
Daniels vs. Shane Douglas
I got issue with bringing this storyline in if they’re going to give Douglas a roster spot over Daniels. Daniels can still go with the best of them, but I think the Franchise’s day is behind him. Franchise can be a player in TNA, but I think it’s with the mike, and not inside the ring. I think his matches have been bowling shoe ugly, and I don’t suspect this will be much better. It won’t surprise me if Daniels does lose, but I hope that’s not the case.

WINNER: Daniels

Monster’s Ball Mixed Tag Team Match
Abyss & Taylor Wilde vs. Raven & Daffney
I’m worried about this type of booking. I’d rather see the two pairs square off in singles matches than this. This worries me, because Raven is not above kicking the crap out of Wilde, and that’s just not what this is supposed to be about. Abyss vs. Raven alone is worthwhile, and even giving it the Monster’s Ball stip makes it even more fun, even with Raven at less than his prime self after all of his abuse. This match, if its allowed to men vs. women, is dangerous. I think Raven & Daffney will win because of the help of “Dr.” Stevie, but this is something that I would normally find very fun to watch, however, in this case, I’m very uncomfortable with it. For Taylor Wilde’s safety more than anything else.

WINNERS: Raven & Daffney

If victorious, the Blueprint joins the MEM
Sting vs. Matt Morgan
Is this the rumoured beginning of the end of the Icon? There’s been a lot of speculation about Sting hanging it up for good, and if they’re going to begin a retirement storyline for Sting, this would be a good spot to get it rolling on. I don’t think it’s going to be the case, and I suspect Sting will go over Morgan here, only for the simple reason that I don’t think the other members of the MEM will not accept Morgan in to the ranks, even from a political standpoint.


TNA Knockouts Championship
Angelina Love vs. Tara
I gotta see Love step it up, or she’s going to get hurt. I think she can, and I think she’s capable of doing so, but she’s gotta up the ante here or the new knockout’s gonna kill her. I don’t think Love will lose the belt here on Tara’s first chance to grab it, but I suspect this is just the beginning of this feud for some time. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this goes to the next PPV. For now, Love retains.

WINNER: Angelina Love

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Team 3D vs. Beer Money, Inc.
3D and Beer Money have turned in to a terrific feud, and I believe this may be the show stealer of the night. Question is, will this be the final showdown, or are we going to get something that will lead to a stip match at the next PPV? Those are legitimate questions and truth be told, I haven’t got a clue how to answer them. For now, I believe 3D will retain for the simple fact that Beer Money has had the belts for some time, and I think that TNA will end up putting the belts on the Invasion next.


King of the Mountain Match for the TNA X Division Championship
Suicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed
What was I saying about show stealers?? This will rock. I can believe you’re going to get an absolute insane amount of sick spots here that could result in this match becoming a staple of the Slammiversary PPV for some time to come, and I don’t mean just for the TNA World title, but the two matches, one for the World, and one for the X title. Hell, they’ve been smart, and kept this stip out of the rest of the year, so there’s a distinct possibility, I would think, that maybe you’d see this type of match at this PPV for all the singles titles. I’d go for it, I know that. I know TNA is stip crazy, so who knows what may transpire.

Anyway, this match, is intriguing beyond words. Will this be the end of Suicide? Lethal Consequences? The Guns? I doubt it on the Guns part, as they are still the IWGP Jr. Tag champs, and I have to believe TNA can get some mileage out of that. I think a heel turn of Lethal or Creed is definitely feasible. Suicide? I don’t know. TNA’s video game has bombed, even with the fact that I personally like it, and I don’t know if Suicide in real life has done anything for sales. Is it time to unmask the X Division Champion? I think no. I think here will be the repeat of what Joe did in this match when he was champ. A successful title defense.

WINNER: Suicide

King of the Mountain Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mick Foley vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle
Few things to say here. I don’t think Foley keeps the belt. I think that this may be the long overdue re-coronation of the TNA grand slam champion, as the true ace of the company. AJ Styles has won all the gold in TNA, but hasn’t been world champion in nearly 5 years. While Joe and Angle will cancel each other out, and definitely go at each other’s throats like snakes, Foley & Jarrett are likely to do the same. When the smoke clears, AJ has one goal here. To be world champion. I think it happens. We’ll have a double champion, and its so fitting that it would happen on the 7th Anniversary Show.


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