Viva La Raza!: Lucha Weekly
June 12, 2009
By: Josh Boutwell of


Universal Champions Tournament A Real Belt After-all?
Wow, does CMLL love to confuse me. They initially said that the Universal Champions Tournament would be to crown a new Universal Champion but then changed it and said it would be an annual tournament. Well, now they have revealed the belt that the winner will receive:

So is it an annual tournament or a championship?

No Limit Give First Lucha Interview
Last week New Japan superstars (who are currently wrestling for both TNA & CMLL): No Limit (Tetsuya Naito & Yujiro) gave their first interview to Box y Lucha. They said that Mexico has surpassed there hopes already and said that the country was beauitful (as well as the women). Yujiro made mention of seeing fans wearing wrestling t-shirts which is something he said they don’t do in Japan and even said that wrestling is more admired in Mexico than Japan. Naito said that all their mentors had told them stories about competing in Arena Mexico and it was a dream of theres.

CMLL 06/01 Arena Puebla Results
1) Blue Center & Iron def. Espiritu Maligno & Siki Osama
2) Rene Guajardo Jr., Tiger Kid, & Puma King def. As Jr., Black Tiger, & Principe Valiente
3) Angel de Oro, Angel de lata, & Mascara Dorada def. Euforia, Nosferatu, & Vangelis
4) Atlantis, Misterioso II, & Ultimo Guerrero def. Averno, Ephesto, & Mephisto
5) Felino, Negro Casas, & Mr. Niebla def. Hector Garza, La Sombra, & Volador Jr.

CMLL 06/06 Arena Mexico Results
1) Astro Boy & Bengala def. Caligula & Messala
2) Amapola, La Nazi, & Princesa Blanca def. Dark Angel, Lluvia, & Sahori
3) Heavy Metal, Misterioso II, & Shigeo Okumura def. La Mascara, Metro, & Sagrado
4) Universal Champion Tournament Block A Quarterfinals: Black Warrior def. Mascara Dorada
5) Universal Champion Tournament Block A Quarterfinals: Texano Jr. def. Hijo del Fantasma
6) Universal Champion Tournament Block A Quarterfinals: Averno def. Dragon Rojo Jr.
7) Universal Champion Tournament Block A Quarterfinals: La Sombra def. Sangre Azteca
8) Universal Champion Tournament Block A Semifinals: Texano Jr. def. Black Warrior
9) Universal Champion Tournament Block A Semifinals: La Sombra def. Averno
10) Universal Champion Tournament Block A Finals: Texano Jr. def. La Sombra
11) Hector Garza, Shocker, & Volador Jr. def. Dos Caras Jr., Tetsuya Naito, & Yujiro
– So surprisingly Texano Jr. moves onto the finals of the tournament. None of the Tourney matches went over 5 minutes.
– Dos fouled Shocker in the third fall and this sets up a Super Libre Match (Street Fight) between the two next week.

CMLL 06/07 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Puma King & Tiger Kid def. Molotov & Trueno
2) Lady Apache, Sahori, & Zeuxis def. La Nazi, Magnifica, & Princesa Blanca
3) Mascara Dorada, Stuka Jr., & Valiente def. Euforia, Nosferatu, & Virus
4) Atlantis, Dos Caras Jr., & Ultimo Guerrero def. Blue Panther, Shocker, & Volador Jr.
5) Mistico def. Felino

CMLL 06/07 Arena Coliseo Results
1) Apocalipsis & Skandalo def. Principe Valiente & Sensei
2) Dr. X, Hooligan, & Loco Max def. Guerrero Maya Jr., Hijo de Ultraman, & Starman
3) Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada, & Pequeno Olimpico def. Pequeno Damian666, Pequeno Violencia, & Pequeno Warrior
4) Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr., & Misterioso II def. Maximo, Mictlan, & Sagrado
5) Black Warrior, Tetsuya Naito, & Yujiro def. Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, & La Mascara

CMLL 06/09 Arena Mexico Results
1) Dark Angel, Estrella Magica, & Sahori def. Amapola, La Nazi, & La Seductora
2) Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, & Skandalo def. Angel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, & Angel de Plata
3) Felino, Heavy Metal, & Lizmark Jr. def. Mascara Dorada, Metro, & Mictlan
4) Blue Panther, Shocker, & Toscano def. Ultimo Guerrero, Tetsuya Naito, & Yujiro

CMLL 06/08 Arena Puebla Results
1) Astro Boy, Guerrero Maya Jr., & Hijo de Ultraman def. Puma King, Tiger Kid, & Rene Guajardo Jr.
2) Pequeno Damian666, Pequeno Violencia, & Pierrothito def. Bracito de Oro, Electrico, & Shockercito
3) Felino, Mr. Niebla, & Negro Casas def. La Sombra, Shocker, & Volador Jr.
4) Atlantis, Misterioso II, & Ultimo Guerrero def. Averno, El Terrible, & Texano Jr. via DQ

CMLL 06/12 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Mascarita Dorada, Pequeno Olimpico, & Shockercito def. Pequeno Damian666, Pequeno Warrior, Pierrothito
2) Maximo, Sagrado, & Valiente vs. Misterioso II, Shigeo Okumura, & Virus
3) CMLL Universal Champion Tournament Block A: Mistico, Ultimo Guerrero, Hector Garza, Volador Jr., La Mascara, Negro Casas, Mephisto, & Ephesto (matches won’t be announced until that day)
4) Blue Panther, La Sombra, & Toscano vs. Atlantis, Black Warrior, & Mr. Niebla
5) Super Libre: Shocker vs. Dos Caras Jr.
– This is the day before TripleMania and this show looks like it will go about 14 or 15 matches.
– This half of the tournament posed for a group picture (courtesy of box y lucha):

That is alot of gold right there and an awesome picture. Volador Jr. was the only one to predict a victory for himself.

CMLL 06/14 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Starman & Trueno vs. Artillero & Super Comando
2) Fabian el Gitano, Metalico, & Tony Rivera vs. Bronco III, Dr. X, & Hooligan
3) Flash, Pegasso, & Rey Cometa vs. Euforia, Nosferatu, & Vangelis
4) Blue Panther, Mictlan, & Sagrado vs. Ephesto, Heavy Metal, & Lizmark Jr.
5) Averno, Mephisto, & Texano Jr. vs. Hector Garza, Mistico, & Toscano

CMLL 06/15 Arena Puebla Lineup
1) Black Tiger, Blue Center, & Centella de Oro vs. Ares, Espiritu Maligno, & Siki Osama
2) Pequeno Universo 2000, Pequeno Warrior, & Pierrothito vs. Bam Bam, Pequeno Olimpico, & Shockercito
3) Blue Panther, Sagrado, & Shocker vs. Dos Caras Jr., Tetsuya Naito, & Yujiro
4) Hector Garza, La Sombra, & Volador Jr. vs. Felino, Mr. Niebla, & Negro Casas
5) Ultimo Guerrero vs. Averno

CMLL 06/21 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Metalico & Tigre blanco vs. Caligula & Messala
2) Estrella Magica, Lady Apache, & Sahori vs. Amapola, Crazy Srar, & Magnifica
3) Mascara Dorada, Metro, & Valiente vs. Misterioso II, Shigeo Okumura, & Virus
4) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, & Mistico vs. Negro Casas, Tetsuya Naito, & Yujiro
5) CMLL Tag Titles: La Sombra & Volador Jr. (c) vs. Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero

CMLL 06/27 Lineup
1) Bam Bam & Tzuki vs. Pequeno Damian666 & Pierrothito
2) Dark Angel & Marcela vs. Amapola & Princesa Sujei
3) Hector Garza & Shocker vs. El Terrible & Dos Caras Jr.
4) Mistico, La Sombra, & Volador Jr. vs. Felino, Negro Casas, & Mr. Niebla


Box y Lucha Commission Clears Konnan for TripleMania
Both AAA and Box y Lucha have confirmed that Konnan has been clearted to participate in this weekends TripleMania event. Did anybody think he wouldn’t? AAA is claiming they went to a judge and he threw out everything. Who knows what really happened? Who cares?

AAA 06/07 TV Taping Results
1) Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, & Mini Psicosis def. La Parkita, Mascarita Divina, & Octagoncito
2) Billy Boy, Sexy Star, & Tigre Cota def. Aerostar, Fabi Apache, & Gato Eveready
3) Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, & Zombie Clown def. Crazy Boy, Laredo Kid, & Ultimo Gladiador
4) Electroshock, Kenzo Suzuki, & Teddy Hart def. Jack Evans, La Parka Jr., & Octagon
5) Relevos Increibles: El Mesias & Silver King fought Dr. Wagner Jr. & Konnan to a NO CONTEST
– Last TV Taping before TripleMania.
– In the Main Event Joaquin Roldan brought legendary luchador, Cien Caras, and announced that Caras would be a Special Referee for the Cage Match at TripleMania to counteract rudo official, Hijo de Tirantes.

AAA 06/20 TV Taping Lineup
1) Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, & Ultimo Gladiador vs. Decnnis, Joe Lider, & Nicho el Millionario
2) Aerostar, Fabi Apache, & Mari Apache vs. Billy Boy, Cinthia Moreno, & Sexy Star
3) Jack Evans vs. Teddy Hart
4) La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, & Marco Corleone vs. Chessman, Electroshock, & El Oriental
5) El Mesias vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.
– Wow Nicho & Lider will defend their Titles at TripleMania but a few weeks later their booked in the opener while their opponents for Mania, Marco & Latin, are in the Semi-Main. I wonder who’s going over at Mania?

AAA 07/01 Lineup
1) Shyru Dragon vs. Mario Mora
2) Aerostar & Relampago vs. Billy Boy & Kemp Dragon
3) Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero vs. Alan Stone & Chris Stone
4) Konnan, Teddy Hart, & Mystery Partner vs. Jack Evans, Marco Corleone, & El Mesias

– Fabi Apache, Gran Apache, Octagoncito, & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mini Abismo Negro, Billy Boy, Polvo de Estrellas, & Sexy Star
PREDICTION: Fabi, Gran, Octagonicto, & Pimpi
This is Gran Apache’s first show back since Billy injured him back in March. Nothing really important in this one, it’s just a match decided to have some good wrestling. I see the tecnicos pulling it off in this one.

– Aerostar, Laredo Kid, & Super Fly vs. Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, & Zombie Clown
PREDICTION: Psycho Circus
Super Fly has been teasing a heel turn for awhile now and I would guess it goes down on this show and Psycho Circus’ huge winning streak continues.

– AAA Cruiserweight Title Hardcore 4-Way: Alex Koslov (c) vs. Alan Stone vs. Crazy Boy vs. Extreme Tiger
PREDICTION: Koslov retains
This should be a wild match that’s all over the place and should be very fun. I don’t see Koslov dropping the belt this quick.

– X-Pac, Rocky Romero, & Charly Manson vs. El Zorro, Cuervo, & Ozz
I would have much rathered them do an X-Pac vs. Zorro singles match but with this I don’t see it being the end of the feud. In the end the tecnicos win it and Pac gets to cane Zorro at the end.

– AAA Tag Titles: Nicho el Millionario & Joe Lider vs. Latin Lover & Marco Corleone
PREDICTION: Lover & Marco win the belts!
Nicho and Lider have been decent champions but I think the new team of Latin Lover & Marco win the belts. They’re pretty much a perfect team and it’s been awhile since tecnicos held the belts.

– AAA Title vs. UWA Title: El Mesias vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.
PREDICTION: This match is definitely hard to predict but I’m going to give it to Wagner and I really hope he can carry Mesias to a good match. If Wagner gets the belt we will finally have someone with good wrestling ability carrying the AAA Heavyweight Title.

– Cage Match: El Hijo del Santo, Octagon, La Parka Jr., Jack Evans, & Vampiro vs. Chessman, Electroshock, Kenzo Suzuki, Silver King, & Teddy Hart
Santo wins for his team and the Roldan’s finally get control of AAA back. The fans should eat this one up.


Cibernetico Speaks on New Promotion, Perros del Mal, & More
Last week Box y Lucha had an interview with former AAA and current INDY star, Cibernetico, about what he’s doing now. Cibernetico said that he has joined forces with El Bizarra to form the La Era Bizarra promtion. He said that their first show’s attendance was affected by a rainstorm (it was an outside show) but the fans that were there loved it. He said that in the future they would have bands playing at the shows as well. He said they had also opened a booking office called Ciber-Bizarro Promotions. He then spoke on Perro Aguayo Jr. and his Perros del Mal promotion saying that he would finish up all of his bookings with the promotion but said that he was done with them after that. He said that he was a natural born leader and Perro was a wannabe and that’s what cause the rift between the two. He was then asked to make a prediction for the AAA Title Match at TripleMania and he said that El Mesias was too strong for Wagner.

Dragon Gate USA Announces Newest Talent Added To Debut
Last week DGUSA and CHIKARA announced that CHIKARA star, Icarus, had been added to the rudo side of the big CHIKARA 8-man tag set for the DGUSA debut show in July. Icarus joins Gran Akuma as one half of the rudo side and both are members of the F.I.S.T. stable. The tecnico side consists of Soldier Ant and Fire Ant at this moment. Last month at the big CHIKARA “Aniversario Yang” show Icarus and fellow F.I.S.T. member Chuck Taylor lost their hair in a Double Hair vs. Mask Match against Fire Ant & Soldier Ant so undoubtedly F.I.S.T. will be looking for revenged on the Colony.

Dragon Gate USA Announces Name & First Matches for Debut Show
This week DGUSA officially announced the name for their debut show on July 25th in Philly and it’s “Open The Historic Gate”! Also, they announced the first three matches! First, it will be the CHIKARA 8-Man Tag (only The Colony & F.I.S.T. members Gran Akum & Icarus have been confirmed as of yet). Also, a big tag match was booked as CIMA will team with Susumu Yokosuka to face the team of Nick & Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks! Also, the first Main Event will be a huge one-on-one bout between Masato Yoshino and Dragon Kid!

TNA Wrestling Interested in Lucha Talent
This week Adam Martin of reported that Super Luchas had an article this week stating that by the suggestion of Hector Guerrero, TNA was interested in bringing in some new Lucha Libre talent. The two names mentioned were CMLL superstar (and probably the biggest star in all of Lucha Libre) Mistico and former AAA and current INDY star Cibernetico. TNA has reportedly already met with Mistico and is planning to meet with Ciber. That is very interesting seeing how Mistico just last week said he would never go to TNA because they were too small of a company for him. Sadly Ciber is probably a guarantee if TNA is really interested in him as he is not doing too hot on the INDY scene at the moment. The only problem there is Mistico is a great werstler, Cibernetico is horrible and it’s highly unlikely that TNA could bring Mistico in for anything more than a few shows here and there without severing their ties with CMLL. I would, however, love to see guys like Mistico, Volador Jr., Laredo Kid, Turbo, etc. coming in full time to TNA.

Amazing Red Officially Re-Signs with TNA
PWInsider reported this week that the Amazing Red had signed a new deal with TNA Wrestling, but no word on how long the contract is as of yet. This is great news for TNA’s X-Division along with the news that TNA is looking to bring in new luchadores.

AULL 06/03 Arena Lopez Mateos Results
1) Epidemia & Epitafio def. Mr. Potro & Yakuza
2) Esther Moreno & Rossy Moreno def. La Diabolica & Vicky Carranza
3) El Signo & Negro Navaro fought Cachorro Mendoza & Ringo Mendoza to a DRAW
4) Hombre Bala, Pirata Morgan, & Satanico def. Enrique Vera, Villano III, & Villano IV
5) Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, & Canek def. Lizmark Sr., Mascara Ano 2000, & Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

IWRG 06/04 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Guizmo def. Radamantis
2) Epidemia & Heavy Boy def. Comando Negro & Goleador
3) Avisman, Fantasma de la Opera, & Tetsuya Bushi def. Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota, & Pendulo
4) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, & Dr. Cerebero def. Trauma I, Trauma II, & Zatura
5) Fuerza Guerrera, Pirata Morgan, & Ricky Cruzz def. Angelico, Bobby Lee Jr., & Scorpio Jr.

INDY 06/05 Results
1) Sexy Libra & Sexy Piscis def. Bella Rubi & Dulce Paola
2) Mr. Aguilita & Pequeno Halloween def. Celestial & Konami
3) Lady Warrior & Mujer Demente def. Flor Metalica & Lilly Fighter
4) Mask vs. Hair Cage Match: X-Fly loses to Olimpico, Damian666, Super Porky, Super Crazy, & Mr. Aguila
5) Triple Threat: Dr. Wagner Jr. fought Perro Aguayo Jr. & El Hijo del Santo to a DRAW
– 2nd time X-Fly has lost his hair this year.
– It’s getting very old with those 3 guys are involved having the match end in a Draw, Countout, DQ, etc.

EAW 06/06 Results
1) Dinastia, Penumbra, & Ragde def. Black Fire, Drastik Boy, & Pesdailla
2) Neurosis, Startron, & Toro def. Cometa de Fuego, Dinamita Kid, & Silver Dragon
3) Barba Roja, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, & Pirata Morgan Jr. def. Fantastik, Turbo, & Voltaje
4) Ericka de Rico & John Scott def. Derrick Nikerson & Girl Dynamite
5) Histeria & Psicosis II def. Scorpio Jr. & Zumbido
6) El Alebrije, Intocable, & L.A. Park def. Monsther, Pirata Morgan, & Super Crazy

IWRG 06/07 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Comando Gama & Comando Negro def. Galactik& Mascara Magnifica
2) Exodia & Pendulo def. Black Thunder & Latino
3) Avisman & Tetsuya Bushi def. Freelance & Turbo
4) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, & Xibalba def. Bobby Lee Jr., Trauma I, & Trauma II
5) Angelico, Olimpico, & Tinieblas Jr. def. Arlequin, Arlequin Verde, & Ricky Cruzz

INDY 06/09 Arena Aficio de Pachuca Results
1) Furia Xtreme def Chester
2) Richochet & Super Loco def. Silencioso & Tritoncito
3) Los Hermanos Muerte II & Los Hermanos Muerte III def. Pluma Roja & Siniestro Negro
4) Brazo de Platino & Super Brazo def. Jaque Mate & Maltido Jr.
5) Huracan Ramirez & Huracan Ramirez Jr. def. Cerebro Negro & Leon Negro Jr.

IWRG 06/11 Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Halcon 2000 vs. Osiris
2) Galactik & Jack vs. Epidemia & Heavy Boy
3) Barba Roja, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, & Pirata Morgan Jr. vs. Freelance, Pendulo, & Trauma I
4) Zatura vs. Trauma II
5) Fuerza Guerrera & Juventud Guerrera vs. Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro

IWRG 06/14 Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Fly Star vs. Comando Negro
2) Exodia & Goleador vs. Azoka & Osiris
3) Freelance, Suicida, & Turbo vs. Avisman, Black Thunder, & Tetsuya Bushi
4) Pendulo, Trauma I, & Trauma II vs. Arlequin, Arlequin Rojo, & Arlequin Verde
5) Angelico, Negro Navarro, & Zatura vs. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Ricky Cruzz, & Veneno

Lucha Match Spotlight:
AAA Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Laredo Kid vs. Super Fly

This is Fuerza Aerea (Air Force) vs. Fuerza Aerea right here and it follows Laredo actually knocking Super Fly off the top of the cage during the rankings match almost stopping him from getting into the tournament. They argue some in their pre-match promo, apparently Super’s still pissed at Laredo. Laredo isn?t wasting anytime as he throws a couple of stiff chops at Fly right off the bat. Fly comes right back with chops of his own and then they shove each other. Laredo comes off the ropes, Fly leapfrogs him, Laredo with a leapfrog of his own, Fly goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Laredo counters with an arm drag. Dropkick from Laredo and Fly is frustrated. Laredo whips Fly into the ropes and Fly back handsprings off of them and then goes for a Standing Moonsault but Laredo moves and then tosses Fly back into the ropes. Fly does a 619 between the ropes and then hits an arm drag of his own. Fly charges at Laredo in the corner but Laredo avoids him by slipping in between the ropes and then he hits a Feint Kick hanging between the ropes. Laredo climbs to the top and goes for a Flying Cross Body but eats every bit of a dropkick in midair from Fly! Fly starts kicking Laredo in the back and then pulls on his mask! Fly slaps Laredo repeatedly and then whips him into the ropes and hits a running back elbow. Fly whips Laredo into the ropes again and hits a big Running Front Kick. Fly drops an elbow on Laredo and is trying to play to the crowd but they?re booing him. Fly picks up Laredo and hits a headbutt followed by a leg kick that takes Laredo back down. Fly whips Laredo into the ropes and hits a big back drop. Fly with a knee to the head and then he hits a Hook Kick followed by another one. Fly begins working on Laredo’s leg kicking him in the knee and then he hits several head kicks. Fly is really dominating Laredo right now. He whips Laredo into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Laredo ducks and hits a gorgeous hurricanrana sending Fly out to the floor! Laredo is fired up now and he climbs to the top rope. Laredo hits a gorgeous somersault plancha off the top onto Super Fly on the floor! Laredo rolls Fly back into the ring as we see a replay of the dive. Laredo climbs back up top but Fly dropkicks him off the top sending him crashing to the floor! Fly does a handspring cartwheel in the ring right into a Moonsault over the top rope onto Laredo on the floor! They?re both back into the ring and Laredo pulls down his straps and dares Fly to chop him. Fly obliges him with a very stiff chop and then Laredo pulls down Fly’s straps and he chops Fly! They show slow motion replays of those shots and damn did they look stiff. Back to live action Laredo is up on the top rope and Fly jumps up with him and hits a Superrana! 1?2?NO Laredo kicks out! Fly with an uppercut to Laredo and then he hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Fly climbs back up to the top rope but Laredo nails him with an uppercut and climbs up top with him. Laredo hits a one-man Spanish Fly! 1?.2?3 and Laredo picks up the win! After the match Laredo tries to help Fly up and shake his hand but Super Fly is having none of it. Fly actually jumps Laredo and they start scrapping!

Winner & advancing to the Finals: Laredo Kid via pinfall (Spanish Fly)

(Very fun match and both guys worked their butts off. Given more time this match could?ve been very spectacular but they worked well with it kind of being a partner trying to show up his partner type of match turning into something personal very quickly. ***1/2)

AAA Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Alex Koslov vs. Rocky Romero

This is the final match of the Quarterfinals and it’s between 2 D-Generation MEX members. Rocky and Koslov both cut promos in Spanish and Rocky says their brothers but tonight is his tonight. They come out to the ring separately but both to D-MEX’s music. Alex jumps Rocky at the bell with a big chop and Rocky responds with a big roundhouse kick to the chest. Koslov with another chop and Romero with another kick. Koslov with an even harder chop now and Rocky with another big kick. Rocky comes off the ropes but Koslov hits a big back elbow and then he goes for a lariat but Romero does the matrix move bridging back to avoid it and then he runs between the ropes catching himself in between the middle and top rope just hanging there looking at Koslov (like Puma does). Koslov charges at Rocky but he drops down and Koslov crashes through the ropes to the floor. Rocky hits a Tope Suicida through the ropes onto Alex on the floor! Back in the ring Rocky hits a dragon screw leg whip as Koslov was climbing back in and then he hits a running basement dropkick to the same knee. Romero comes off the ropes and Koslov goes for a leapfrog but Rocky drops down and grabs Koslov by that leg slamming him to the mat. 1?2?NO Koslov kicks out. Koslov comes back and he puts Rocky in the Perestroika (rope hung surfboard)! Koslov releases the hold at 4 and Rocky sells the back. Koslov attempts to whip Rocky into the ropes but Rocky reverses it and Koslov springboards off the middle rope into a Cross Body attempt, but Rocky catches him in midair with a Diamond Cutter! 1?2?NO Koslov kicks out! We see a few replays of that move and back live Romero attempts to whip Koslov into the ropes, but he reverses it and goes for a clothesline. Romero ducks it but then eats the Soviet Strike (Superkick) from Koslov! 1?2?NO Rocky kicks out! Rocky retreats to the floor but he is not safe there! Koslov hits the springboard Plancha onto Rocky on the floor! Replays of that gorgeous move are shown and then we see Koslov back in the ring with Rocky. Koslov grabs his Russian hat and does his Russian dance kicking Rocky in the process. Koslov goes for the running kick to end it but Rocky grabs the foot and takes him down and puts Koslov in the Ankle Lock! Koslov fights it and rolls through right into a rollup! 1?2?NO Rocky rolls him right back over into the Ankle Lock again! Koslov scrapes and crawls to the ropes but Rocky pulls him back to the center of the ring! Koslov rolls through again this time sending Romero into the ropes. Koslov rolls him up, 1?.2?NO Rocky kicks out! Rocky dives off the middle rope but Koslov avoids it and hits an Enziguri in midair! 1?2?NO Rocky still kicks out! Rocky goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Koslov blocks it. Rocky springboards to the middle rope but Koslov jumps up there with him and hits the Russian Legsweep off the middle rope! Koslov floats right over into Crossface! It’s the Red Scare! Rocky fights it but then finally taps out! After the match Rocky pushes Koslov away.

Winner & advancing to the Semifinals: Alex Koslov via submission (Red Scare)

(Awesome match! Both guys went all out and they really played up the ?I know you, you know me? thing nicely and had some real great wrestling mixed with high spots and nearfalls. Definitely the best match of the Quarterfinals. ****)