From the Desk of Mr. V #19
June 11, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Good Thursday to you all once again! Welcome from the summer vacation of Mr. V! There are a lot of things to be excited for this week. I have a friend from college that is getting married; I am taking a little trip to Allentown, PA, and of course?GAME 7!!! Yes, this is the third time I mentioned the Penguins (my team) and the Red Wings Stanley Cup Final series. The series has been everything I hoped for throughout the first six games and now it all comes down to one game?.on Friday?.for in my opinion the most beautiful trophy in all of sports (especially more beautiful than the Spinner WWE title). Also, the final plans are staged in which Mr. V will have a ?field trip? on October 25, 2009 for a WWE Pay-Per-View, which happens to be in Pittsburgh. Also, a couple of interviews are coming along the way for me and I will hope to land a permanent teaching position, or a long-term sub. Really, who does not want to have WrestleView’s resident teacher on their school’s payroll? So, to all my students that are playing video games, I say please stop that nonsence until you read the latest installment of ?From the Desk of Mr. V?.


There will be no inspirational quotes of the week this time around. No Alice Cooper lyrics as well. What I am going to share with you is something that makes the columnists and the readers the smartest people in professional wrestling. I believe that we attract the smartest fans and have the most intelligent minds in analyzing professional wrestling. Let me provide you with a few quotes. The first one comes from a student named David Allread and the next couple quotes comes from WrestleView’s own Professor Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings – check it out because Mr. V assigns you all to do so!!)

LADDER MATCH (For World Heavyweight Championship)
Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

?HARDY- I am going out on a limb here and saying if Hardy has secretly agreed to a new contract then he will show Edge what “EXTREME” really means. However, if there hasn’t been any agreement between him and the WWE, there is NO WAY he is leaving with that belt. (I believe they made that mistake with Alundra Blaze once if I’m not mistaken. Correct me if I’m wrong) Enter CM PUNK to cash in MITB and becoming the Champion. Setting up a nice feud with Edge, or maybe even Morrison or both. This will give Hardy the time off he needs.?

David Allread (Student in Mr. V’s classroom)

Mr. V’s Take: It brings a smile on my face everytime a student does well in school. When I read the results and then read all the students? predictions from last Sunday, this one stood out. That, and David was almost perfect on predicting the PPV (only was incorrect in the Orton/Batista prediction), so expect a gold star for you my friend. Nice job!

Now these quotes came from Jose Marrero in Sunday’s ?Predictions From the Faculty?

CM Punk vs. Umaga

WINNER: Umaga went over last month so CM Punk has to go over this month besides if anyone is going to get released next I would not be surprised to see it be Umaga since WWE seems to have run out of ideas for him.

Jose Marrero

Mr. V’s Take: Guess who was the NEXT one to be released after Extreme Rules? You guessed it, Umaga. I am sure that many fans of professional wrestling were surprised by Umaga’s release. Well, this is proving that everybody was not shocked. Mr. Marrero not only got this prediction correct on Sunday, but I wish I could award bonus points for nailing the Umaga release. I guess now TNA may bring both Estrada and Umaga and bring back the magic that they had a couple years ago. Congratulations on nailing the whole scenario, Jose!!

Also, one more quote from Jose Marrero:

Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

WINNER: You know for quite a long time I have felt the best thing WWE could do is turn CM Punk heel and set up a program between him and Jeff Hardy using Hardy’s past drug history and CM Punks old ROH gimmick of being better than everyone because he is straight edge. I think the time for that to happen is here especially if Hardy just wants time off. Have him win this match with Edge have CM Punk cash in his briefcase and turn heel I cant think of a better way to have CM Punk turn heel.

Jose Marrero

Mr. V’s Take: David and Jose nailed this pick and I went on, I would be repeating myself. This is one proof that you can not find smarter people than the ones involved with Kudos to everyone!!

CLASSROOM RULES (NOT BY Mr. V, but by the students of

I mentioned this before, if the classroom would like a rule to be enforced immediately, e-mail me your suggestions at If I like it, it will be set as a rule. Over the summer, Mr. V is taking a summer vacation from the desk and will not be creating any rules, unless one really needs to be called out. But until then, here are some ?Mr. V-approved? rules for the classroom.

53) Don’t come at a WWE Event and display a TNA belt all the time. (By: Rocky Jr.)

Student Explanation: At last Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV, there was a guy who had an old TNA X Division title and he put it high above his head all 5 seconds during the opening match. Great for you that you’re a TNA fan but, damn, do your TNA mark at TNA Events, not WWEs, you just look stupid doing that in WWE Events and that’s why. Firstly, because you’re annoying, we understood the first time. Secondly, because a lot of viewers and other fans surely do NOT know what you are doing, because they don’t know about TNA and their belt. Thirdly, because you’re wasting your money to WWE to bash TNA, instead of helping TNA by giving them your hard work money. So, for you, stupid TNA Mark, a demerit (maybe detention) from Rocky_Jr, hope Mr V will make it official.

Mr. V’s Take: Now I try to stop bashing TNA a whole lot (unless they do some real stupid stuff), but this fan should know that you are in a WWE event, not TNA. It was like watching ROH on HDNet a few weeks back and saw a fan there wearing a Santino Marella shirt. Honestly, he will be issued a demerit for his rule-breaking and hopefully let’s not hear from that TNA-holding and X Title while at a WWE PPV again!

54) Don’t build something over and over during 4 months only to buried it all in 10 minutes. (By: Rocky Jr.)

Student Explanation: Yeah, I’m speaking to you WWE Creative, why in the blue heck would you put over and over Legacy and Orton only to kill it all in a 10 minutes glorified Steel Cage Squash Match at Extreme Rules. Why push Orton so hard by making him put on the shelf all the McMahon family (for some even twice: Shane, Stephanie), Triple H (that’s a pretty impressive big deal) and Ric Flair all by himself (with help from Legacy of course) only to give him a stupid one feud, 6 weeks reign? Why? Are you so out of ideas for him and for this Steel Cage to put in place a so boring squash and already put the title from him? Couldn’t Orton not have had a good showing? Couldn’t Orton cheat like Jericho with the piece of steel or something? You love so much to screw Batista in his title matches especially that you couldn’t do it just once more? I’ll stop here, you got my point but I’m extremely disappointed that you, WWE Creative, screw another Raw Main Event after WrestleMania’s one. It’s really sad because you have all the tools to do great booking and great matches, and you just give us.. that. You should be in eternal detention, for recidivism.

Mr. V’s Take: I agree with everything you mentioned. I am just confused how Randy Orton has this quest, for five years, to take out HHH and get the WWE Championship. Well in May, he did it! Mission Accomplished! All this intense feuding, and the payoff was only a six week title reign ended by a guy that was injured before the match started? WWE Creative really confuses me on this. I was hoping for a Randy Orton title run that spanned at least six months, but six weeks I think kind of rips of the people that watch your shows on TV every week. Eternal Detention? No, but expect them to go back to the Detention column. I mean, Creative for ECW and Smackdown have been awesome, so it will strictly go to RAW Creative.

55) Don’t put a belt, especially one of the main ones, on an injured wrester. (By: Rocky Jr.)

Student Explanation: I think I don’t need to explain a lot here. We all read of Batista’s condition BEFORE Extreme Rules, we all saw the 7 minutes Cage Match because of that and we all saw the mess that happened on Raw. So the question is: What was WWE Creative smoking when booking this PPV ?

Mr. V’s Take: I have nothing on this explanation; you hit it out of the park, Rocky! This was one of the worst matches on the card after a four week build up? Well, I don?t know what to say here?.at least HHH came back to bring live to this rivalry last Monday.

Now, for the summer segement since I won?t be doing any classroom rules?


Headline #1: Umaga…Released!

Mr. V’s Take: Well, I was not surprised by this one. They ?Jumped the Shark? when Umaga spoke in English. I was actually in line of giving Umaga a gold star for being bilingual. However, we know when there is a sudden change in character it means a couple things. One is that there are no storylines left and the other is someone’s boss did not like the gimmick anyway and did not want to retool anymore. Umaga is a heck of an athlete. I would even say he is more intimidating than Samoa Joe. But like heavier-build wrestlers, injuries take a toll on the body much quicker. So, I am not surprised by this at all.

Umaga’s Future: This is interesting story in itself. Does he wrestle in Japan or Europe once his no-compete clause expires? It is possible he goes that rout. Will he go to TNA? I think he was in TNA before. I think since he won the Intercontinental Title a couple times and there is market-value for a guy that has great agility for his size. However, the injuries and his age (already 36 years old) may be a factor. I think he goes to TNA for a cup of coffee and he will wrestle overseas somewhere. I think he still has a few years left, barring injury.

Headline #2: Vickie Guerrero Excuses Herself

Mr. V’s Take: I see this one more surprising than Umaga. Vickie was the ?mega-heel? on RAW, and that says a lot since she does not even wrestle. If her reason is to spend more time with her daughters, I completely understand. I leave to go to work for six hours and I terribly miss my daughter, so I guess I can picture Vickie’s situation times a million. She needs to be with her real family, and her daughters probably need her. I know that a lot of wrestling fans are glad to see her gone, but I thought her character was exactly what the WWE needed. But to Vickie Guerrero, all I can say is if you are leaving to be with the family; I have no choice but to respect that. Best of Luck to you.

Vickie’s Future: I don?t think we will ever see her again on a regular basis. She is not a wrestler and will never be one. This one is for good. I don?t even see her on another wrestling show as well. If the WWE goes near her hometown, she may make an appearance, but I think this is the last time we see her full-time as an active character in the WWE.

Who will be the next RAW GM? I know someone will ask me this, so here is my answer. RAW is going to go three hours next week. It is going to be in Charlotte, NC (wonder if Doug Lackey is going to the show). And a particular ROH Ambassador was released from his contract with ROH to join back to the WWE in a non-wrestling role. With that said, I think the next RAW GM will be RIC FLAIR!!!! WOOOOOO!!! However, I won?t be surprised if it is Stephanie or even Vince, since RAW ratings are in a decline and if that is the case we have to see a McMahon take over (according to Vince, or course).

Headline #3: Mick Foley is going to be on a Cartoon!

Mr. V’s Take: I could not pass this headline up’since I do watch cartoons every now and then by choice. However, the cartoon that Foley (as a pro wrestler known as ?Thunder Clap?) is going to do a voiceover for is clearly one of the worst cartoons of all-time, Adult Swim’s Squidbillies. What a crap cartoon! It is one of the worst shows I ever seen! I was thinking he would go with Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Metalocaylpse (best show on Adult Swim now), but SQUIDBILLIES?!?!?!? I remember when Adult Swim had great programming like Sealab 2021, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and The Brak Show. Heck, Moral Orel was even a good show. Now, the programming is terrible. It is like they don?t even try to entertain the college student crowd anymore. Mick, I only hope it is a one-time thing. Stick to writing books and telling us to have a nice day.


Demerits go out to the following people:

The McMahon Family
The Quest on ?Who is Suicide?
Ric Flair rejecting ROH after agreeing to a number of shows
Michael Cole
Don West’s lack of wrestling knowledge
Jenna Morasca


Detentions go out to the following:

Samoa Joe – I am sure a lot of websites out there are telling you to lose weight or there will be trouble. I am sad you are hurt and I hope for a quick recovery, but we did warn you.

Raw Creative Department – You have a dominant woman (Beth) and she is buried by 2 sloppy diva workers (Kelly and Maryse). You can?t give Orton a respectable title reign, making him job to an injured Batista. Don?t worry; I am not done yet?to be continued in Eternal Detention.

Team of Hornswoggle and Goldust – This is getting sad. I think Dustin Rhodes is in better shape now than he was in his TNA tenure. Find something for him.

Sudden burial of Finlay – I don?t know if Finlay wants a break, but I actually miss watching him perform on ECW.

Ryo-Ma – Again, if PETA gets a strong hold on Dragon Gate for cruelty to animals…it will be another black eye to professional wrestling here.

Mike Hogewood – Not for your commentary, but quit saying ?Slap the Porpoise!?, especially after Rhett Titus gets pinned.

That Guy #1 – I caught you dancing around pretending like you were MVP on June 1st. If you are over the age of 18, don?t do it!!

That Guy #2 – I am cool with signs at a show, but not ones that are misspelled. Example of this is that this guy holds up a sign that says ?Unleash The Furry?. You can tell that guy does not read ?From the Desk of Mr. V?.


Vince McMahon – Where do we start here?..1) Releasing Umaga and Kennedy yet still having Jim Duggan and Khali on the roster??? 2) Completely going off on anyone that has an opinion other than yours. 3) Ripping on commentators, not performers, for not doing the job (yes, I feel bad for Cole on this one). 4) Losing complete control of the company that once was invincible. I know times are tough, but point the finger at yourself every now and then.

ETS and the Praxis Series – This weekend, more and more potentially great teachers are going to get screwed by this system. I hope all of you who are taking the test and are avid readers of my column do a great job on those tests.

Brooke Hogan – For accusing your mom of drugs after your mom passed a drug test. Shame on You!!

Hulk Hogan – For understanding O.J.

Reid Flair – It’s good that we did not hear anything about you recently. I hope you cleaned your act up.

Pittsburgh Pirates ownership – To all that hate on me for plugging the Steelers and Penguins, this is the reason why. The Pirates signed Nate McClouth to an extension in February 2009 declaring he is the ?franchise player?. Well, he is gone. Traded to Atlanta for three risky prospects. I remember Hunter Golden telling me to never quit on the home team, but at least the Red Sox aren?t this stupid. Also, we pass on a very good pitcher in the draft for a catcher????? Hunter, you will get your wish this year?Ryan Doumit WILL be a Red Sock by July. Why? Because that is what the Pirates do! The Pirates are worse than any professional sports team in the world! Question to my European readers?Who is the worst team in the Premier League? Don?t they get demoted if they are the worst? I with MLB would do the same thing. Ok, sorry for the rant, I am done with them.

Advertising department for Burger King – Those commercials are disgusting and someone, ANYONE please tackle that dang Burger King.


Once again, this segment is going to be a bit shorter since I am going over 3,000 words already. However I will say this. For this first time, I had some clear-cut honor roll candidates this past week in professional wrestling, and I hope you all agree with me when you read this. So, here are my top three wrestling matches from May 30 – June 5, 2009:

Distinguished Honors – American Wolves vs. Kevin Steen/El Generico, ROH on HDNet, May 30

This match was intense from top to bottom. There were some technical skills in this match, but a lot of table spots. The match started before the bell rang, as there was a complete battle outside the ring. During the match, we saw tables and lots of them. I was real impressed a couple of spots here. One was when Kevin Steen’s knee met the table (very original) and various combination moves by both teams (Superkick/German suplex combo by the Wolves and Steen’s Swanton Bomb/Generico’s splash combo). But the ending was very satisfying. You have Steen climbing to the top turnbuckle only to get pushed into 2 tables, double stacked!! Amazing!! What was even better was the finish of the Wolves finishing combination of the electric chair/flying combo cutter! I hope I have that right. Anyways, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards deserved to be the NEW Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship. Sure, there was some interference, but it was not a factor in this match. Right now, this is definitely a top three tag team match of the year.

High Honors – Christian vs. Tyson Kidd, ECW, June 2

This was another dream match I wanted to see. A one-on-one battle between Kidd and Christian. Well, on June 2, we got that kind of match. Let me tell you, it was a fantastic match from start to finish. So many strikes, take downs, and submission holds in a good ten minute match. They two had tremendous chemistry in the ring and I did not catch one move that was botched. It was great, back and forth, movements. Even though Jack Swagger and Tommy Dreamer showed up, it did not dominate what went on in the ring. All that happened was Jack standing on the apron of the ring and Dreamer laying Swagger and the Hart Dynasty with a cannonball. The ending was effective, with Christian hitting ?The Killswitch?. Overall, the match had great moments and told a great story. Tyson did not look weaker in defeat and Christian had the momentum going to Extreme Rules (which we know later that Dreamer won).

Honors – Edge vs. Rey Mysterio, Friday Night Smackdown, June 5

This match was very entertaining. What I really enjoyed in this match is that no one truly dominated the contest; it was clearly back and forth wrestling. The counters on some moves were clean and well-scripted. Edge looked really good in his win. He was able to use his every level of wrestling on Rey and finish him off with a spear after being hit with the 619. Rey looked very strong in this contest heading into what turned out to be a failed title defense against Chris Jericho. He is looking better than ever now that he is wrestling guys that are not extremely dominant than he is (ex: Kane, Knox, and Big Show). Both wrestlers were able to sell the offense and finally, both were able to put on a good show for the Smackdown crowd in Nashville, TN.

Honorable Mention: Roderick Strong vs. Rhett Titus on May 30; Kofi Kingston vs. MVP on June 1; Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton on June 1; Tommy Dreamer vs. Paul Birchill on June 2; Jericho/Ziggler vs. R-Truth/Jeff Hardy on June 4; Kiyoshi/Bashir vs. Daniels/Suicide on June 4; Creed/Sabin vs. Beer Money on June 4; Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison on June 5; CM Punk vs. Umaga on June 5; and Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth on June 5

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK: Vickie Guerrero vs. Santino Marella, Monday Night Raw, June 1

I know this is comedy, but keep it in segments. Don?t make it a match, please? And the commentary for this was pathetic. The slop did not look disgusting, more like Crunch Berries Cereal after it has been soaked in milk for fifteen minutes. Yes, it was effective heading to the Hog Pen match, but still it was very pathetic.

Dishonorable Mention goes to: Cody vs. Batista on June 1; Kelly/Mickie vs. Beth/Maryse on June 1; Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry on June 2; Zach Ryder vs. Jobber on June 2; Matt Morgan vs. Jesse Neal on June 4; Melina/Gail Kim/Eve vs. McCool/Fox/Layla on June 5; and Khali vs. Ziggler on June 5.


Well, let’s keep this short and to the point. Instead of paragraphs, I am going to ?tweak? it a bit and make it easier for the eyes. Let’s try this:

Monday Night Raw (June 1) – I liked the show. The segments with Orton/Batista/Flair were very good; I had no problem with that. They followed that with an intense street fight and I wanted to see more of. It was nice to see Kofi win the US Belt on this show. The downfall was commentary at times and the overall wrestling matches. The matches were hit or miss. Zero Points this week.

ECW (June 2) – The wrestling was alright. The last two matches on the card I enjoyed, with the main event happening to be in my honor roll this week. The segment with Dreamer was excellent and it made some people think it was the last time he was going to step into an ECW ring. I for one am not glad that was the case. The opening match and the Ryder squash hurt this show and resulted in not being a top 2 show for me. Zero Points this week.

Friday Night Smackdown (June 5) – This show was the students? pick as ?Show of the Week?. I have to agree. The show had a very good opening segment involving ladders, Jeff Hardy, and Edge. The matches for the most part were solid and spot-on. Also, Jericho’s segment helped the overall grade this past week. What hurt the show was a couple of throwaway matches, I think just to give these feuds some TV time. Overall, this was the best show in my opinion this week. Three points this week (2 from Mr. V; 1 from WV Students).

WWE Superstars (June 4) – There were no segments, just buildup commercials for Extreme Rules. I grade on segments and wrestling, so the lack of a good promo killed their grade this week. The matches were pretty average also, it did not have a ?wow? factor, which also hurt the grade for this show. Honestly if I had to pick a worst TV show, sadly this was it. Zero Points this week.

TNA Impact (June 4) – The five matches they put on were alright. Only the Matt Morgan/Jesse Neal match scored lower than a C. It was nice to see Daffney in action, as I think she is very underrated in the women’s wrestling category. The segments were pretty strong, but there are still a couple that I am getting totally annoyed by. Even Shane Douglas (again my favorite wrestler of all-time) could not salvage a point for TNA this week. Zero Points this week.

ROH on HDNet (May 30) – They had some good wrestling this week. None of the matches on the card scored lower than a solid ?C?. All the wrestlers involved in that card worked very well in the ring. They had the card organization well stacked. They started off with a good match involving Rhett Titus and Roderick Strong, then had a couple of above average contests, and finished it off with the best match of the week. The segments on the show were short, but affective. There was not a bad mark on this show on May 30th. The only reason they did not get ahead of Smackdown was because the segments were way better on Smackdown. One Point this week.

Overall Standings

1) Friday Night Smackdown…..34 Points
2) Monday Night Raw…..25 Points
3) ECW…..11 Points
4) TNA Impact…..8 Points
5) ROH on HDNet…..5 Points
6) WWE Superstars…..0 Points

**Once again students, this is your column as well! E-mail me your pick for show of the week by e-mailing me at Thank you**


I want to thank the Faculty for setting a record for the number of columnists that posted their picks, as we had twelve of the best columnists in profession wrestling supply the predictions. Well, Mr. V tallied them up and here are the final results:

– Congrats to all faculty members that scored a 5-3 record, there were quite a few of you.
– Congrats to Joe Baiamonte, who picked up more wins than David Stephens and Josh Boutwell to retain his chair as ?Dean of WrestleView?.

Updated June 8, 2009
(W/L Records for Extreme Rules in Parentheses)

Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa) 42-25 (5-3)
David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW recaps) 39-28 (3-5)
Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA recaps) 39-28 (4-4)
WrestleView Students (Our Loyal Readers) 37-30 (5-3)
Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings) 35-32 (5-3)
Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V) 35-32 (4-4)
Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds) 31-21 (5-3)
Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought) 29-26 (5-3)
Josh Piedra (The Shoot) 25-22 (5-3)
Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside) 17-14 (4-4)
Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter) 13-15 (0-0)
Chris Kelly (TNA Epics Recaps) 10-7 (5-3)
Mike Tedesco (Smackdown & WWE S.S. recaps) 5-3 (5-3)
Ryan Droste (Ask WV) 4-4 (4-4)
Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?) 3-5 (0-0)

**Thanks Crelly for reporting the faculty records**
**Wrestleview fans averaged 4.6 picks correct, so by rule of estimation, The students received a 5-3 record**


Because of the length of this article, I will just provide the grades this week. I am not lazy, I just don?t want you to read this column for 45 minute haha.

(2009 overall grade in parentheses)

Michael Cole – C (C)
Jerry Lawler – C- (C+)

Josh Mathews – D (C+)
Matt Striker – B (A-)

Todd Grisham – B+ (B)
Jim Ross – A- (B+)

Mike Tenay – C (C)
Don West – D- (F)

Mike Hogewood – C- (D+)
Dave Prazak – A (A-)

MISTER V?S GOLD STAR SEGEMENT (Presented By: Pemmican Beef Jerky!)

Ah’such delicious beef jerky. Alright, time for the Gold Stars, they go out to the following:

Jose Marrero, Joe Baiamonte, Josh Piedra, Phil Chroniger, Matt O?Brien, Mike Tedesco, and Chris Kelly – for splitting the best PPV record last weekend, all posting a 5-3 mark.

Mike Fox, David Allread, and Ricky Langston – They won among the WrestleView students with a 7-1 record for each. Amazing job, guys!!

Rocky Jr. – Thank you for the rules. I think most of my students will agree to that.

Josh Piedra – The power of the pen worked!! (kind of). Though there will be no Ecto Cooler in the future, Coca-Cola did give him a coupon for a free 2-Liter bottle of one of their products.

To all who e-mailed me their homework assignment early – I will acknowledge all of you next week. To those students who still need to turn it in, you have another week to do so.

American Wolves – New ROH Tag Team Champions

Tommy Dreamer – New ECW Champion

Chris Jericho – New Intercontinental Champion

Batista – New WWE Champion (though I would not book it that way)

Jeff Hardy – New World Heavyweight Champion (for only four minutes)

CM Punk – NEW World Heavyweight Champion (and finally turning heel)

Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers – For making it to the NBA Finals

Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings – One more to go! May the best team win.

Dave Prazak – Great commentary as of late, just terrific.

WWE – For bringing Cyber Sunday to the Mellon Arena!!! I can?t wait to be a part of the action.

David Stephens – For doing last week’s homework assignment, the only WrestleView columnist to do so. Brilliant analysis, Mr. Stephens!


We will be going over the homework next week on WrestleView’s 20th edition of ?From the Desk of Mr. V. In case you did not see the question from last week, here is again:

Pretend that you are a champion in WWE, TNA, or ROH. If there are four wrestlers you would like to release, who would they be and why would you want to release them?

Students, Columnists, and even Hunter Golden is allowed to work on this (if he has time, I know he has a busy schedule now). Students who complete this homework will receive a gold star in next week’s column and the results will be posted either June 17th. Due by: June 17, 2009 Assigned by: AJV

Well class, it is time for me to step aside from my home office and read a book, play a game, water my garden, or have a particular two year old beat me in Candy Land (for my Facebook friends out there that needed a laugh). Once again if you enjoyed my column or hated the column. Have a question about wrestling or school in general; you may e-mail me at Please allow some time, as I am still catching up to past e-mails (I am going with the 4 fired superstars first and then working my way down).

Until next week, please continue to enjoy your summer and stay out of trouble. You don?t want to be in Eternal Detention, do you? Well, take care and enjoy the week everyone. You are officially?..DISMISSED!!

As my old saying goes without the students, there would be not Mr. V. Thank you very much for reading this week.