WWE Raw House Show Results – 6/10/09
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Ville Kovelo sent this report in:

Here are some quick results and a few notes from the RAW Live! House Show held in Helsinki, Finland on 10th of June:

Attendance was relatively low, the arena could hold up to nine thousand and even the floor had a lot of open seats. My estimation that there were about 3.000 participants to the event. Previous house shows have had much bigger crowds and they even pushed the tickets to half prices just before the event.

Goldust def. William Regal with powerslam after Hornswoggle interfered. Very slow and lackluster match.

Maryse def. Kelly Kelly with implant DDT for the Diva’s Championship. Crowd was pretty dead for this. Maryse seems really lost in the ring, but Kelly was trying to pull her weight and actually shows progress. Maryse looked a LOT like heel Trish Stratus back from the day, just without the wrestling ability.

The Colons def. The Legacy by DQ for the unified Tag Championships. First actually decent match and it went on for a decent length. End comes when Ted is dumped outside and does a chairshot to Primo that ref sees. After the match, Legacy beats down the champs.

Kofi Kingston def. Matt Hardy with Trouble in Paradise for the US Championship. Good match, Matt threw a small promo at start about being 100% and not sporting the cast anymore on his hand.


Big Show def. MVP with a KO punch. Very short match and seemed that Big Show was half asleep during most of it.

John Cena def. The Miz with Attitude Adjustment. The Miz threw a good promo at the start and the match was decent too. Both men were crisp in the ring and of course the crowd was very much behind of Cena.

Triple H def. Randy Orton with The Pedigree. Not having any main title match showed a bit and this was the stock HHH-Orton match squeezed into 10 minutes. Nothing wrong about it, just very short.

The whole event was over in just about 2 hours which to me was a bit of a letdown. Some of the wrestlers seemed jetlagged and took it very safely when competing in the ring.

Ville Kovelo