From the Desk of Mr. V #17
May 28, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of


To the Pittsburgh Penguins (if you are reading), congratulations on making it to the Stanley Cup Finals!! Please this time, keep the energy going! Because after two weeks, the Pirates will be the only team in town and I will be in sports hibernation.


Well, hello once again students from ?The Desk of Mr. V?. All I can say is boy, is it hot out here, or humid whatever. Anyway, it will not stop me from providing all my students with the very best (and very worst in the week of wrestling. I am excited because last week was a very good week of wrestling and I have been using my teaching gimmick in the classrooms all week. So, to those who I have not e-mailed recently, I am deeply sorry. I do not want to lose any of you as my students and it is because of all of you I stay on the computer for a few hours and give you my very best. Furthermore, until I e-mail all of my loyal students there will be NO HOMEWORK until that is done. I am hoping to get it done by the weekend, and I will do my best at that.

Students, please have a seat. Eyes on the monitor and pay attention!! Though we are near the end of another exciting school year, Mr. V and his abundant wrestling knowledge will NEVER take a day off. I found out that I have to go somewhere in the middle of June and was pondering a couple substitute teachers to be in my place. After a few negative e-mails regarding this, I decided that Mr. V will stay in the classroom throughout the summer!!! Unless I get burned out. Well, in this seventeenth edition of this column, I will provide some new names in the detention list, gold stars, the honor roll, worst match, and everything in between all this. So once again, heads up and eyes on the computer monitor. If you are a teacher, an overhead projector or SmartBoard will do. Enjoy everyone, and I hope your Memorial Days went well.


?Don?t Be an Idiot!?

– Matt Striker, ECW, 5/26

Usually, I do not want to use professional wrestlers or announcers in my quote of the week, but this was a rare exemption. I am watching attentively to ECW on Tuesday Night (yes, David I stopped questioning my heart) and I see the commercial to not try any stuff at home. You have Josh Mathews looking sincere and asking kids to not do this (if they are up past 10pm, demerit to those kids!) Matt Striker would usually say something in-depth and smart. No, he uses just those four words. I can not agree more with those words. Short, but powerful. Simple, yet right on! I noticed he also abruptly stopped after he said that, do you think Vince was happy about that line? Who knows?but seriously if you have a son or daughter and you so happen to watch wrestling as much as I do, make sure you are paying attention to your kids and making sure they are safe. Don?t let them do crazy stunts! We all know what those maneuvers are, so I don?t need to go into detail. Children right now need more guidance by their family and loved ones. As a father and a teacher, I sure hope my daughter (though only two) feels that way.


Though it is summer time in the United States, I have provided my classroom with 46 rules already. You can find all of these in the archives at So I don?t want any of you asking me ?What was rule #14 again??. If you ask me those, expect a demerit and those who frequently do this will have detention with those three marks that attacked Chris Jericho earlier this year!

47) Never be on Vince McMahon’s bad side

Ha Ha Ha! We all know the story. The owner of the rich, creamy Denver Nuggets Enos Stanley Kronke allowed Vince to have Monday Night Raw in the Pepsi Center on May 25. There were already over 10,000 tickets sold and the event was sure to impress the live crowd that paid hard earned cash for this. Well, there was a problem. We all know, the Denver Nuggets were better than many thought. On a side note, I think Chauncey Billups was THE BEST ADDITION TO ANY TEAM IN THE LAST THREE YEARS!! Ok, sorry but the thing here is that the Nuggets kept on winning, and winning, and winning. Then the NBA Playoffs are in full swing and Enos told Vince that they are still going to have RAW in Denver, no matter what. The problem? The Nuggets did not want to go away! My boy George Karl (from Penn Hills, Pennsylvania) never gave up on this team, and kept on advancing playing better basketball than anyone thought. The conference finals are in full swing right now and even though the date was passed, we had a lot of drama. The short end to the story, Kronke kicked the WWE out of Denver because he messed up. Vince was mad as heck and took his anger to the media and in a swerve as good as a solid wrestling storyline, he had Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact to kick the Nuggets owner even more, he took all his taping to L.A. So, this is a message to all those arena owners who double-cross Vince McMahon. Don?t be an Idiot!! If you book something in advance, you have to adjust to your schedule. Heck, the NHL did it for Pittsburgh because of Yanni and Bruce Springsteen. Vince will make a deal out of it, and it will give your ownership team a black eye!! Enos Kronke should be happy that Vince did not break him in two!! Who would pay to see that?

48) Do NOT pull a towel out from inside your pants and say ?Rally Up!?

Seriously, rallying up is the Anaheim Angels thing, not some guy who might get released before year’s end. I think it was on an ECW recap one time, but I think David stated that Ricky took a towel from out of his wrestling attire and gave it to a young child. The child looked mortified, as well as the common wrestling viewer. Since Ricky Ortiz is not mentioned in a whole lot of columns, I had to mention this in mine. So students, don?t follow this gimmick and for gosh sake’s DON?T RALLY UP!!

49) From Reader Jeff Knott, a student that sits in the front row of the WrestleView classroom:

During a time when the world seems to be on edge with concerns about Swine Flu spreading ever further a field (having originated in Mexico) and the risk of a global pandemic with the potential to kill millions, it is not big or clever to book a ‘hog pen match’ featuring two Mexicans.

Mr. Knott’s reason and advice: The only way this can be redeemed is if Santina/Santino refuses the match on health grounds!

Mr V’s take: I agree, this match should not take place and to those who buy the PPV just because of these two embarrassments in the WWE, then please accept this ticket to Eternal Detention. But Mr. Knott, I am not trying to bring you down, but I think you meant the two Hispanics being Vicky and Chavo, am I right? Because Santina is a cross-dressing Italian shim (she/him) whose fifteen minutes have passed weeks ago.

50) From Michael Fox, a student that is appointed the front row seat in Mr. V’s classroom:

Dont forget a guy who worked for you even if it was close to twenty years ago.

Mr. Fox’s take: After talking with my mother she had no idea up till me writing this e-mail that Buddy Rose passed away which means WWE failed to recognize his passing with the exception of on the website and just like with Test this is very disrespectful. This also brings me to the ten bell salutes and how WWE claims to only do them when a currently active star passes because contrary to popular belief Lord Alfred Hays didn?t get one Freddie Blassie didn?t receive one Fabolus Moolah and Gorilla Monsoon didn’t They received a tribute video and eye catch unless they were house shows which didn?t make sense because people from this generation knew who they were.

Mr. V’s Take: Mr. Fox, I think I may have done this before, but if not I will give you the full credit. However, Monsoon, Blassie, and Moolah did receive a ?in memory? moment. However, since the selfish death of C.B. (since he did unforgiveful things, you know who I am talking about) I think they very rarely do these anymore. It is sad. However, I can see the WWE’s logic on this, but I wish for some occasions they pay tribute to the former sports entertainers and show their respects. Buddy Rose should had been one of them.

**Students, this is YOUR column as well!! If you want a rule suggestion on here, please send me your request to If I like it, it will on my column in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to all who share their rules each week to me**


Don West
Mike Hogewood
Mr. V
Kevin Nash
Nation of Violence
Adults who wear SpongeBob T-Shirts in Public
People who wear those ridiculous ?Burger King? face masks (BK Crowns are ok though)
Pittsburgh Pirates


TNA – Though I do enjoy you guys bringing back Shane Douglas (one of the nicest guys I ever met in real life), hire some younger talent. Examples, Elijah Burke, Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Jeter, Chris Masters, Lance Cade???.

Samoa Joe – For Killing Kevin Nash! One week’s detention!

Chavo – OOOOO Chavo, what happened to you man???? You went from being credible, to riding a wooden horse named ?PePe? (RIP), to being in the LWO and being Lt. Loco, to being in the Alliance, to dressing up like that nerd Kerwin White, to being credible again, to winning the ECW title (only to get baptized by CM Punk dressed up like a mariachi guitarist), to jobbing out and now being Vickie Guerrero’s sidekick. I am embarrassed for you.

Mr. T – For reminding us that even though you may be a strong man and you treated your mama right, you are no singer, fool!

Michael Cole – You did a nice job last week on RAW. But don?t be a bully to Jim Ross and call him Mr. BBQ man. For that, I am going to go one step further. I christen you ?Mr. Vintage?.

Lilian Garcia – All you have to do is not mess up locations of wrestlers, right? Last time I checked, Maryse is from Montreal, QUEBEC, Canada. Anyone else catch her saying Montreal, ONTARIO, Canada? Or was I not having a good day this past Monday.

Mr. V – For my political views on the columns (I made a rule out of that one) and for spilling water on my bedroom floor now!! Maybe I am nervous because I have to teach Kindergarten tomorrow, hmmm?..

?That Guy #1? – Dude, never hold up a sign that says ?Santina, you are da man!? First off, da is spelled ?The?. Second, it should be Santino, not Santina.

?That Guy #2? – To the guy from L.A. who yelled to Tiff to take her top off. Remember, WWE is PG and that will be uncalled for. I was hoping that Tiffany would have legitimately slapped that idiot across the face. Now that would be extreme!!


ETS and the Praxis Series – For cheating future educators more times than Christian cheated to beat Jack Swagger?THAT?S NOT FAIR!!!!

Management in Advertising for Burger King – The King-ons are terrible, need them out of my head and my television

Vickie Guerrero – Why is she Miss WrestleMania, getting over as that ahead of the other divas? Also, if you value your eyes, don?t watch her in HD. I went blind for a few minutes.

Linda Hogan – for not approving your daughter Brooke’s boyfriend, who is the same age as yours. Wow, to all my friends that are Hogan fans I leave you with a message. Be grateful you are not in their family

Reid Flair – Still awaiting a court date, hopefully he goes to jail for a bit.

Hulk Hogan – for ?getting O.J.?

Coca-Cola Company – As of this week, I have five students who are boycotting your products until you bring back the Ecto-Cooler! They to now enjoy a nice, tall glass of RC Cola over your products anyday!!

TNA Sacrifice – If not for the Amazing Red and Beer Money, it could have been worse.

Enos Stanley Kronke – To you, my friend, YOU?RE AN ENOS!!!

Wow, I realized that I put a lot of people on this list. But it had to be done, and I am NOT apologizing for anyone on here.


Well class, this was a tough pick here. We had six shows, totaling nine hours of programming. A lot were good, but not ?A? worthy and others got a full-fledged ?F?. It was very difficult to pick a top three, as five matches could have been on this list. So, with a full stomach and mind, I give to you my TOP THREE for this past week.

DISTINGUISHED HONORS – Edge vs. Jeff Hardy, Friday Night Smackdown, May 22

Say what you want about this match, but I really enjoyed it and it had nice surprises as well. First off, Jeff Hardy using ground attacks?? Those really surprised me quite a bit, as we all know him for his amazing high-flying skills. To see this dimension of Jeff was nice and a bit refreshing in my opinion. I think he sold his blows to the head very well, and his movements were great. The fans in Cincinnati went home happy because Jeff Hardy executed his trademark moves beautifully and did not botch any spots in this contest. Edge did a good job at stabilizing his stock as the face of Smackdown. Edge played his usual mind games and took advantage of a worn-out Jeff Hardy. The story in the ring was great, but not perfect. The moves were crisp, and both men put on an amazing performance. The outcome might have been predictable, but I think some were surprised that Edge jobbed clean in this match. Though it keeps Jeff Hardy’s stock up until Extreme Rules, I still think because of the fact that he wants some time off that Edge will climb up the Ladder and retain the prized World Heavyweight Title.

HIGH HONORS – Finlay vs. David Hart Smith, ECW, May 19

I think what DH Smith needed to get himself credibility on the ECW roster was to beat an experienced wrestler that does not mind losing to someone that has great potential. I enjoyed how the story took place and the outcome of the match. Finlay will always give you a good match and, still at 50 years old, has more endurance than wrestlers half his age. He is excellent at what he does. He kept the match on the ground, was able to hit most of his strikes, and occasionally executed some of his maneuvers. Finlay did real well in this contest, and the ending was alright for the most part. DH Smith really impressed me this past week. Based on what I saw in FCW and now, he is the real deal. My personal favorite, the running powerslam onto the floor!! It was a huge spot and was the turning point in the contest. What he lacked was crowd pop or heat his first time up in the WWE over a year ago. Now, he was able to keep the Cincinnati crowd hot throughout the contest. His power moves were pretty good and his technical skills are WAY better than his father’s (I know, too soon, but I still think so). The only reason why this match was not the top match of the week is because of a shoe. The shoe that Smith hit Finlay with turned the match over to Smith, and he applied his finisher, The Saito Suplex. Overall, remember this. DH Smith is only 22 years old. As for Natalya and Tyson Kidd (remember, they interfered in this) are both just 27 years old. This Hart Dynasty will be taking off soon, believe it! They have the tools that are reminiscent to that of a legendary tag team, the Hart Foundation. I don?t need to tell you that, but believe me. This team will be going places and will be a force this year, if WWE creative allows it. Here is hoping that DH Smith does not violate the Wellness Policy, which will be the only thing that will bury the Hart Dynasty.

HONORS – El Generico/Kevin Steen vs. Rhett Titus/Kenny King, ROH on HDNet, May 16

The 3rd place match was tough, but this tag team match went really well compare to the other tag team contests this week. This was the first time I watched El Generico, and from what I saw in him I was impressed. I would never have guessed he had a knee injury the way he went all out on his opponents. Of all the moves he administered, I would say his crossbody and his brainbuster. Say what you want about Kevin Steen, I actually was pleased with his performance as well. For a guy of that size, he does a pretty good job at hitting his spots as well. I would say what impressed me the most was his finisher, the Package Piledriver, and his mid-risk style tactics. Rhett Titus was very interesting. I like the character and the guy can work. He has charisma in the ring, though I too cringe when I hear that ?The Thrust is a must?. Don?t let that fool you though, he was good last week and hit the basic dropkick and risk maneuvers well. Kenny King was the guy I wished I saw more of. I know he is not in the same status as Austin Aries, Tyler Black, or Bryan Danielson. However, give him another year or two, and he can really break out. He was able to hit the quick attacks, and used the whole ring throughout the match. The only problem was the lack of storylines, but I know that ROH is getting better with that aspect in their programming. Overall, another solid match by Ring of Honor. However, two WWE matches were just slightly better this time around.

Honorable Mention goes to: Castagnoli vs. Albright, 5/16; MVP vs. Matt Hardy, 5/18; Orton and Legacy vs. Cena/Batista on 5/18; Christian vs. Birchill, 5/19; Christian vs. Dreamer, 5/21; Jericho vs. CM Punk on 5/21; Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Daniels and Suicide, 5/21; Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle, 5/21; Shelton/Haas/Ortiz vs. Morrison/Cryme Tyme, 5/22; McCool vs. Gail Kim, 5/22; and Jericho vs. CM Punk 5/22

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK – Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella, Monday Night Raw, May 18

The worst match of the year!! Enough Said. I won?t go more into this one, because I think I have enough time in my column to a pig and a cross dressing weirdo. I almost gave it to Mick Foley vs. a cardboard cutout, but Don West saved that match. His commentary was entertaining, which is a plus for Mr. West.

Dishonorable Mention goes to: Divas? Battle Royal, 5/18; Colons vs. Kendrick/Goldust, 5/18; Dark City Fight Club vs. Payne/Redwood, 5/16; Sting vs. Eric Young, 5/21; Samoa Joe vs. Jarrett, 5/21; and Foley vs. Cardboard Rocky, 5/21


It was a pretty decent week and a tough call for the best TV shows wrestling had to offer. The decisions were split among the teacher and the students. So, let’s countdown the shows from worst to first?.

First off, I was real disappointed with TNA IMPACT from a wrestling standpoint. A couple of above average storylines and the opening contest along with the Angle/Morgan match. I am sorry class, but I like to have more than 25 minutes in a two hour show. My priorities are wrestling first and storylines second. TNA did not do a good job to keep my interest this past week. WWE SUPERSTARS had some great wrestling on their show, and I am so happy that the give each brand one contest per week. Though they lacked the storylines on TV this week, Superstars offset that with great contests involving Regal, Kofi, Christian, Dreamer, Jericho, and CM Punk. To me, that makes a good show right there. ROH on HDNet was a pretty good show, though I usually expect a little more each week. This past week was not a week of improvement. Ric Flair just seems lost there, he had to look at the index card to name each wrestler (sad, huh?). ROH did give us some solid matches throughout the night and an average squash. A good show for ROH, but I did expect just a little bit better. The Student’s Choice this week was MONDAY NIGHT RAW. The segments were entertaining for the most part, but in a wrestling standpoint it missed something. Sure, the main event was amazing, but the mid-card was not impressive when they wrestled. I think though Hunter Golden is right. I am excited for the mid-card on this show, but I personally hope that the mid-card does not get buried by the guys above them.

Now, for Mr. V’s choices for the best of the television?My runner-up this past week was ECW. ECW gave us a solid showing that had the Christian and Swagger storyline take off to another level by adding a soon-to-be retiring (?) Tommy Dreamer. That does keep it fresh, but to some it may be a bit predictable. Tiffany was not bad as GM again this week and who wonders what her future will be in the WWE. The show was overall good from top (Swagger’s segment of sitting there in the ring looking like he was in time out) to bottom (the birth of the Hart Dynasty). Also, Zach Ryder was not even bad in his contest. The show of the week, in my opinion, once again is FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN! They continue to keep their feuds fresh and their superstars seem to all have a shot at being on TV for the long term. A plus was that none of their matches reached the ?Dishonorable Mention?. All matches told a story, the wrestling was clean, and the moves and action of each contest I think made every WWE fan who watched it very satisfied.

Best Show: Friday Night Smackdown (2 points)
Runner-Up: ECW (1 point)
Students? Choice: Monday Night Raw (1 point)

**Once again students, this is your column as well! E-mail me your pick for show of the week by e-mailing me at Thank you**

OVERALL STANDINGS (As of 5/22/2009)

1) Friday Night Smackdown…..30 Points
2) Monday Night RAW…..25 Points
3) ECW…..11 Points
4) TNA Impact…..7 Points
5) ROH on HDNet…..2 Points
6) WWE Superstars…..0 Points

COMMENTATOR REPORT CARD (From May 16 – May 22, 2009)

**2009 Grade in Parentheses**

Michael Cole – C (C)

Cole, you are doing a good job recently, but then you went back to what made you annoying in the first place. No more calling Orton ?Viper? 10 times an hour. Also, ?Mr. Vintage?, enough with tongue and cheek bashing JR.

Jerry Lawler – C+ (B-)

Lawler was not bad this past week, even though he only did commentary for an hour after the Big Show destroyed him. What was wrong, however, was that he was going off-topic from the match in front of him frequently after the opening segment. However, not a bad job, but could be better.

Josh Mathews – B (B+)

I was impressed with Mathews. He did a great job calling the main event and the opening contest to ECW. The only match he lost track on was the Zach Ryder match, and I guess that can be acceptable.

Matt Striker – B (A)

Not your typical grade for Mr. Striker. He scored slightly higher marks in regards to calling the action in a couple matches, but faded a little bit and at times was repeating himself. I expect a rebound next week.

Todd Grisham – B (B)

Another strong showing by Grisham. He is doing real well working the Jim Ross and their chemistry is going along great. He scored high marks in the 6 man tag and the Jericho/Punk match, but messed up a bit throughout the card. What helped his grade this week was his effective play-by-play on WWE Superstars.

Jim Ross – B+ (B)

Good Ol? JR had me concerned for a bit, but now he is back to still hanging around the young guns in commentary. His emotions are undeniable and he told a great story when each contest took place. Was slow on some of the wrestling moves, but he did not buckle under pressure, which keeps me happy.

Mike Tenay – C- (C)

This is typical Tenay recently. He calls a decent match in the opener, goes off the subject and bashes Don West for the next hour and a half, then finally calls a match adequately. He is quickly losing ground as the best commentator according to Mr. V.

Don West – C+ (F)

Someone e-mailed me about giving Don West a chance this week. Keep in mind, I listen to commentary after each show when I have free time and this week I had a lot of it. Don West was entertaining this week. What he lacked in knowledge, he gained in humor and entertainment. He was perfect in calling the Mick Foley vs. Cardboard match. But, lay low on the conspiracy theory.

Mike Hogewood – D (D)

My ROH fans may not like this, but he was back to being someone that seemed lost there. He needs to keep his voice in check (i.e. (softly) a kickout by?.(louder) EL GENERICO!! He just missed it this week. Also, the catchphrase ?Slap the Porpoise!? may work in college football, but not in professional wrestling. Find a new catchphrase

Dave Prazak – B (B)

He continues to be a good fit in commentary. Nothing much to say with Prazak, but if his commentary improves again this coming week, he may get an ?A?. There is just something, maybe a little more emotion in his color commentary. But I won?t overdo it, as Prazak continues to catch my interest in ROH.


Just when you think it is a two horse race? It now turned into a THREE horse race now!! Now, these results will be seen for the first time by not only the WrestleView students, but to the WrestleView faculty as well!! Well, I mentioned that Sacrifice would be 1) unpredictable and 2) have a load of interference. I think I was right on both cases. It actually took me a while to go over this and I actually had a conundrum. I had a tough time with the Daniels vs. Suicide match. The end result was a win for Daniels, then wanted five more minutes, and did not win, so Suicide is the X Division Champion? Also, I was as confused as anyone with the main event. I thought the title was on the line, but I guess it was whoever got pinned. Well, Sting is now the Leader of the Main Event Mafia. Well, back to the Suicide/Daniels match. I had to e-mail the faculty to decide how we should rule it, and it was split down the middle. That added to my dilemma. So, I asked a 3rd party member, no affiliated with the Faculty. Here was the answer he gave me:

?On the PPV, it states that if Daniels did not win the contest, then Suicide would be the winner?.

So, To the few that gave me predicitions in the student group, if you picked Suicide to win the match, I added it on (even though they did call it a draw on Wikipedia, but not title changed hands). The Wrestleview fans averaged 4.2 victories, so by the rule of estimation the record for the WV Students were 4-4. Gold Stars for the students will be provided later.

To the faculty, I have to congratulate a few people:

1) David Stephens – I hope you stay as Dean of WrestleView was a good one, good luck in Extreme Rules and may the best man win.
2) Joe Baiamonte – Welcome Back to your rightful place, the ?Dean? chair at WrestleView, by way of defeating David by picking Angelina Love as the winner of that contest.
3) Josh Boutwell – He was in trouble for a while, but by way of a 6-2 record on the PPV, he once again got the highest W-L record for Sacrifice. Joe and David, be prepared to see the standings below?
4) To all those that did participate, congrats to all of you and again I thank you for your time and effort each PPV to provide your picks on a tight deadline 🙂

**W-L records for Sacrifice are in parentheses**

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..37-22 (5-3)
2) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW recaps)…..36-23 (4-4)
3) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA recaps)…..35-24 (6-2)
4) WrestleView Students (Our Loyal Readers)…..32-27 (4-4)
5) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V)…..31-28 (3-5)
6) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..30-29 (5-3)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)…..26-18 (0-0)
8) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought)…..24-23 (5-3)
9) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..20-19 (4-4)
10) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..13-10 (4-4)
11) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)…..13-15 (0-0)
12) Chris Kelly (TNA Epics Recaps)…..5-4 (5-4)
13) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)…..3-5 (0-0)
14) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)…..Yet To Debut
15) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown & WWE S.S. recaps)…..Debuts at Extreme Rules

To the faculty, if I made a mistake, you can e-mail me on the same e-mail I provided to you when I send out the PPV Card, thank you


This week, your resident WV teacher has decided to give the students another week to provide me with their homework assignment. In case you missed the questions, here it is once again:

We all know that Vince McMahon is NOT going to live on forever, so someone has to be the heir apparent to the WWE. We can?t pick Linda for the title ?Chairman? either because with her spot on the Connecticut School Board (please give me a job?). Anyways class, what I am going to ask of you all is this:

Who do YOU think should be the ?Next Chairman? of World Wrestling Entertainment? Please choose someone that works for the WWE (i.e. Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Johnny Ace, etc..) Please provide you answer by June 3, 2009 Signed by: AJV

To all those who gave me their homework, you will get a gold star this week, no worries (haha). However with the large amount of e-mail I received from the breakout wrestlers that I have yet to respond to, I think it is fair that we give this segment a break until I provide solid feedback to all of you. So, NO HOMEWORK this week and expect the analysis to be up next week. But so far, we have a tie for first between HHH, Shane McMahon, and Stephanie McMahon. Sorry if you are disappointed.

Also, I am stuck on a question, if you want a wrestling question answered by myself and the WrestleView student body, send me an e-mail. I would be more than happy to read it.

GOLD STAR SEGMENT!! (BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Arby’s Roastburgers!!)

Now for my NEW favorite part of this column, the Gold Stars. Once again, they are plenty and I hope to satisfy all of them. So, here they are!!

Crelly, Ben Phillips, Paul Smith, Suzanne Abshire, Jeff Knott, SUPERSTARZZ, and White Mage Murdoch – for providing the homework assignment in advance. Gold stars for you all next week as well.

White Mage Murdoch and Crelly – For both receiving 5 victories in the latest Student’s poll on ?Predictions From the Faculty?.

Don West – Way to NOT get an F this week, though I have you in almost every category this week.

Beer Money, Inc. – For winning the Tag Team Invitational and easily becoming the best tag team in professional wrestling.

Shane Douglas – I will get beef for this, but he is my favorite wrestler and to have him back in TNA is a great way to get me interested in the product again. Raven and Victoria are actually not bad additions either, but they still need younger talent.

Pittsburgh Penguins – I know Paul Meade’s Red Wings may advance after I typed this all up. Best of luck to both teams (if the Wings win before this is published and even though Hossa is still an enemy in Pittsburgh).

To all the wrestlers that made the Honor Roll – Well done.

To the 8th grade students that I teach that are reading this right now – I met most of you six years ago. Wow, have times flew?. I wish you the very best in whatever high schools you go to and I hope I was an effective teacher in helping to continue your eductation. All the best, from Mr. Anthony J. Valvo.

Teddy Long – Holla! Holla! Holla!

Mark Madden – The former WCW commentator is now a DJ for a radio station (The X) in Pittsburgh and had a great interview with Kurt Angle. Check it out on The Angle interview is under ?podcasts?

Mr. Kennedy – For coming back on the winning team for Monday Night Raw. But now you are injured, and that could be bad.

X Division – As of now, this is the reason why I watch TNA. Keep up the great work!

Vince McMahon – for making humor out of a terrible situation and for consistently calling out the Nuggets owner. Enos deserved it.

To YOU, the student and reader – many thanks goes out to you.



Well, this ends another exciting column ?From the Desk of Mr. V?. Nothing really witty to say here, I just want you all to enjoy your final week of classes (or if you are already out of school, enjoy your summer). Thank you very much for reading the column and your feedback will be accepted and welcomed. So, if you liked or not liked the article, want to drop a line, or even have a school question that needs to be answered, you may e-mail me at I will be replying to e-mails starting tomorrow and go over in depth your homework. Until column #18, this is the resident WV teacher Anthony J. Valvo leaving the desk. Please push in your chairs, get back in a straight line, and leave the classroom quietly. Until next week, you are…DISMISSED!

As my old saying goes without the students, there would be not Mr. V. Thanks you very much for reading this week.