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What ever happen to The Mountie? ?Luis

The Mountie, AKA Jacques Rougeau, has a wrestling school in Quebec. He also once in a while promotes indy shows in that region of Canada.

Why was Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) not a part of WrestleMania XII, while Diesel (Kevin Nash) was in a high profile match?
-Shehzad Lakhani

Hall was originally penciled in to face Goldust for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania XII (he lost it go Goldust at Royal Rumble ?96). However, Hall was suspended by the WWF around this time period (drug use) and missed WrestleMania.

When Kurt Angle was wrestling for the WWE they claimed that he was the only Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling. I was talking to my coworker about it and he said that Mark Henry is also an Olympic gold medalist also. I also remember watching AWA Wrestling on ESPN Classic and they billed a Wrestler by the name of Brad Rhinegans as an Olympic gold medalist also. So I’m wondering is Kurt Angle the only Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling or has there been other Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling before Kurt Angle?
Jeff Tai

Rheingans was not an Olympic gold medalist. He wrestled in the 1976 Olympics, but he finished in 4th place. He was also slated to wrestle in the 1980 Olympics, but that was the year the United States boycotted the Olympics. Henry was expected by many in 1996 to win the Gold medal, but he did not. So up to this point, Angle is the only Olympic gold medalist in pro wrestling.

In 1996-97, when Sting was transitioning into his “Crow” gimmick, was keeping him out of in-ring matches all part of selling the storyline? Or was there a legitimate reason for keeping him out of the ring (i.e. contract dispute, injury, etc.)?
Xavier from San Francisco.

Believe it or not, it was all part of the storyline. This was one of the few times WCW put a very long term storyline into good use and followed through on it. The plan all along was to keep him out of the ring until he finally got what he wanted, a shot at Hogan. It was a tremendous build. If only WCW could have shown booking foresight like this all the time, they might still be in business.

I have something to ask that has been on my mind for a while. Back in 2001 when WCW closed, eric bischoff tried to buy the company. On the monday night wars dvd he said himself the deal was done, but it fell through because jamie kelner said they could buy the rings the trademarks etc etc but they couldnt have the tv time. Now just because aol time warner wouldnt give them tv time why couldn’t they get tv time on a different tv station?

Because at the time, WCW ratings had been sinking so fast and they had been losing money so rapidly, no other TV network was even remotely interested in giving them a TV deal. It was a very hard time to get TV for a wrestling show if you weren?t WWF. There was no possibility that anyone would touch the WCW show and give them a deal. So basically, with no TV behind it, it was pointless to buy WCW.

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