WWE Superstars
April 30, 2009
New York City, NY/Bridgeport, CT
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Superstars video plays and we?re ready to begin our third episode. The show opens up in Madison Square Garden with a spectacular fireworks display. Todd Grisham and Jim Ross welcome us to the show and we?ll be kicking off with a Diva’s match.

Gail Kim & Maria vs. Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox

This match is representing the Diva’s of Smackdown. Alicia Fox came to us from ECW in the Supplemental Draft.

Before the referee calls for the bell Alicia Fox goes to kick Gail Kim but Kim blocks it. The referee now starts the match and Kim spins Fox around and takes her down with a monkey flip, which Fox takes horribly. Alicia Fox gets up in the corner so Gail Kim charges and hits a cross-body block to her midsection, slides through the ropes and goes up top for a BIG cross-body block, but Fox kicks out at one. Kim gets her to a vertical base and hits a forearm. She goes for a whip but Fox reverses the whip into one of her own but makes the mistake of lowering her head and pays for it when Kim kicks her in the face. Kim then takes her down with a nice hurricanrana. Kim gets her in a front face-lock and tags in Maria.

Gail Kim hits Alicia Fox with a snapmare and Maria hits her with a flipping neckbreaker. Maria follows it up with a pretty terrible looking split leg drop (I think) (but the camera angle shows she completely missed it) and covers for a one count. Maria gets her to her feet, hits three knees to the midsection, and goes into the ropes for a head-scissors takedown. That was nicely done. Maria gets her up and then whips her into the ropes but they?re too close to the ropes so it looks sloppy and the referee backs her up. That just looked really bad. Alicia Fox then grabs Maria and puts her against the ropes, squashing her face with her hand before the referee backs her up as well. While the referee’s back is turned, Michelle McCool kicks Maria in the head from behind! Alicia Fox covers but only gets two so she gets Maria in a front face-lock and tags in Michelle McCool.

McCool viciously stomps Maria in the corner and ends the assault with a back elbow to the face. McCool brings her out of the corner and hits a European Uppercut, followed by a kick to the midsection. McCool bounces Maria’s head off the top turnbuckle and tags Alicia Fox back in. Fox comes in and kicks Maria in the midsection and forearms her in the face.

Alicia then tags McCool back in and McCool kicks Maria in the midsection before taking her out of the corner and locking her in a neck vice submission. Maria fights to the ring ropes but McCool won?t release the hold so the referee begins counting her out. McCool then brings Maria to the center of the ring but doesn?t release the hold. Am I missing something or is the hold legally supposed to be broken. This match is shambles. McCool then begins kneeing her in the midsection while still having the hold on and then hits a Russian Leg Sweep and floats over into the cover for a two count. McCool now locks Maria in a chin lock and Gail Kim starts clapping to get the crowd into it. They do. Maria continues fighting but it takes a while before she gets to her knees and then to her feet. Maria backs McCool into the corner hard to break the hold but McCool quickly shoves her back down. McCool lets Maria start climbing up on her before shoving her down and forearming Gail Kim on the apron! Gail Kim tries to come in but the ref stops her. McCool then turns into a roundhouse from Maria and both ladies are down. The referee is counting them down but Maria is the first to make her tag to Gail Kim!

Gail Kim comes in and takes McCool down with a clothesline. McCool pops up and gets another clothesline. Kim whips her into the corner and hits a jumping corner clothesline. McCool staggers out of the corner so Gail Kim runs around her and hits a blockbuster (flipping neckbreaker) for a two and a half count! Gail Kim then jumps to the second rope and goes for her twisting cross-body but she flies right into McCool’s boot! McCool drags her to the middle of the ring and gets the pin. Not a good match.

Winners by Pinfall: Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox
Match Rating: ? *

Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox have their hands raised by the referee and then we see replays of the ending of the match.

Later tonight we?ll see Ted DiBiase take on Carlito. They?ll be representing Raw. However up next we?ll have Evan Bourne in action!

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They play a video hyping up Mark Henry. I like that they?re choosing to hype up not just the big guys on the roster (not that Mark Henry isn?t big) but also the mid-carders.

Paul Burchill vs. Evan Bourne

Matt Striker and Josh Matthews take over this portion as this is an ECW match. Paul Burchill is accompanied to the ring by his sister Katie Lea, of course.

The referee calls for the bell and this match is on. They take a few seconds before locking up and when they do, Burchill quickly backs Bourne up against the ropes and hits a knee to the midsection and a club to the back. Burchill body slams Bourne hard and picks him up to hit another knee to the midsection and a forearm to the back. Burchill bounces his head off the top turnbuckle and snapmares him down. Burchill kicks Bourne in the back hard and covers for a one count.

Burchill goes for a whip but Bourne reverses it into a drop-toe hold. Bourne hits a leg and covers for a one count. Bourne hits Burchill with a club to the back and Burchill fires back with a punch to the midsection. Bourne then kicks him in the midsection and kicks him twice in the thigh. Bourne then goes for a kick to the head but Burchill captures him and suplexes him! Very impressive! Burchill elbows Bourne in the face and kicks him a few times. Burchill gets Bourne in a front face-lock, lifts him up, and drops him with a brain-buster. Burchill covers for a two count and quickly gets back on top with a chin lock. Burchill almost has this in a Crippler Crossface. Bourne fights up valiantly and tries to punch out but Burchill gets a knee in his midsection and hits a rough European Uppercut, sending Bourne into the corner.

Burchill approaches and gets a boot in the face. He tries again only to get kicked in the midsection but it’s not enough to deter Burchill, who drives his shoulder into Bourne’s midsection. Burchill hits another shoulder before taking Bourne out of the corner and whipping him into the ropes. Burchill goes for a slam but Bourne slips to his feet and hits a desperation kick to the back of Burchill’s head. Burchill gets up in the corner and Bourne charges right into a back elbow. Paul Burchill, not Evan Bourne, now mounts the second rope but gets cut off by a shot in the face from Bourne before he can do anything. Bourne climbs up and goes for a hurricanrana but Burchill pushes him off! Bourne may have jammed his knee there. Bourne is selling the knee as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Burchill hit a knee breaker on Bourne and then hit a sickening back suplex! Burchill covers for a near fall. Burchill drags Bourne to the corner and then exits the ring. Burchill drags him further towards the ring post and snaps Bourne’s leg off the post. Burchill does it again as Katie Lea looks on approvingly. Burchill rolls back into the ring and is being admonished by the ref. While this is happening Katie Lea grabs Bourne’s leg on the outside and snaps it off the post a third time!

Burchill drags Bourne to the center of the ring and covers for a two and a half count. Burchill now locks in a leg lace. Bourne tries grabbing the rope but Burchill rolls him back to the middle of the ring, attempting to hyperextend the knee. Bourne eventually kicks him in the face but now the question is does he still have enough to fly? Burchill gets him to a vertical base but is still holding the knee, taunting Bourne. Bourne responds with some desperation punches to the face before dropping Burchill with a hurricanrana!

Bourne comes back with a punch and a jumping knee to the face but can?t capitalize much as his knee is really hurting him. Burchill rolls out of the ring. Burchill gets back in at the referee’s count of two and runs right into a spinning wheel kick. Bourne still can?t capitalize with his knee in such rough shape and when he does muster the will to get to his feet Burchill kicks his knee out from under him. Burchill gets him up and clubs his back but Bourne responds with a stiff kick to the chest. Burchill goes for a clothesline but Bourne ducks it and hits Burchill with a jumping clothesline of his own. Bourne covers for a two and a half count!

Bourne gets to the top rope on one leg but is cut off by Burchill with a forearm. Burchill gets to the second rope and goes for a superplex but Bourne and him begin fighting it out on the ropes. Bourne wins out and Burchill crashes to the mat, allowing Bourne to hit a perfect Air Bourne for the win!!

Winner by Pinfall: Evan Bourne
Match Rating: **

Evan Bourne celebrates with the fans as we see slow motion replays of Air Bourne.

Still to come tonight is Carlito vs. Ted DiBiase.

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Did you know last week, WWE’s European Tour featured sell outs in Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom?

We now get a video packaged highlighting WWE’s week and a half long takeover of Europe. I followed the results. That travel schedule must?ve been brutal ? one show every day along with some serious travelling. You have to give it up to the Superstars for all they do and especially recognize how tough their schedules really are. It’s got to take a lot to always be ?on? every night.

Michael Cole and Jerry ?The King? Lawler now take over this portion of Superstars from the arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They discuss how tough John Cena after being thrown through a spotlight by Big Show only to come back the next night. Too bad they made Miz look worthless in the process. Miz called out Cena who didn?t show for him but he later showed for Big Show. That just makes Miz look like a tool

WWE Mobile now presents the Raw Rewind. It’s a long video of Randy Orton’s promo and him kicking Triple H. I liked Raw this week but when they show these videos of him constantly kicking Triple H over and over again it takes away from the importance of the move. I am glad that MVP got a major rub on the show though. MVP is one of my favorites, you know.

They promote Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon for Monday Night Raw.

Josh Matthews has Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as his guests now. Josh asks them for their thoughts on Randy Orton’s match against Shane McMahon on Monday. Cody Rhodes, trying his hardest not to lisp, bless his heart, says that what Shane did on Monday was the act of a desperate man. It was the act of a man who realizes that his and his family’s time is over. Cody looks into the camera and tells Shane not to be na?ve ? it will be over. DiBiase now chimes in says while Monday may be the final step for the McMahons, tonight is their first step towards joining Randy and having championship gold around their waists. Carlito and Primo come from wrestling backgrounds and families, just like he and Cody do. One thing that they are but Rhodes and DiBiase aren?t is Unified Tag Team Champions ? at least for now. They walk off.

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Ted DiBiase vs. Carlito

Both men are accompanied to the ring by their tag team partners, of course. Side note ? Primo should really ditch that moustache, if you can call it that.

Even though they?re not allowed to mention referees by their names on television anymore, I?ll still mention this one ? Charles Robinson, my favorite referee, is officiating this match. Robinson calls for the bell and the match begins. Carlito and DiBiase circle the ring before locking up. DiBiase backs Carlito into the corner and holds him but Carlito turns him in the corner and holds DiBiase there. Robinson makes them separate but doesn?t get a clean break as DiBiase kicks Carlito in the midsection. DiBiase bounces Carlito’s head off the top turnbuckle and punches and stomps him down in the corner until Robinson makes him stop. DiBiase approaches and Carlito springs back into action with a kick to the midsection and some left hands in the corner. Carlito kicks and punches until Robinson makes him back up.

Carlito whips DiBiase into the corner and charges, running right into DiBiase’s boot. DiBiase then runs out of the corner into a high back body and Carlito covers for a one count. Carlito wrenches the arm and DiBiase pulls Carlito down by his hair. DiBiase goes for an elbow but Carlito moves out of the way. Carlito now hits an arm drag and locks in an arm bar. DiBiase fights to his feet and punches Carlito in the face, breaking the hold. DiBiase bounces Carlito’s head off the top turnbuckle but has a whip to the opposite corner reversed on him. Carlito goes for a monkey flip but DiBiase holds him and sits him on the top rope. DiBiase punches him in the face and Carlito gets his legs around DiBiase and hits a hurricanrana over the top rope to the outside! That was a nasty spill as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see DiBiase whip Carlito off him, drop to the mat allowing Carlito to jump over him, doing a leap frog to Carlito, and Carlito doing a springboard back flip off the second rope and landing on his feet only to dropkick DiBiase down! DiBiase gets on the apron and Robinson holds him back from attacking. Carlito goes to hip toss DiBiase back in the ring but DiBiase holds on and takes Carlito down. DiBiase finishes Carlito with a kick in the head.

DiBiase now mounts him for the ground and pound until Robinson pulls him off. DiBiase continues with some vicious stomps in the corner. DiBiase hits a snapmare and locks on a half nelson choke. Carlito fights to his feet and elbows out. Carlito punches and goes for a whip but it gets reversed on him. DiBiase lowers his head and Carlito kicks him in the face. Carlito then charges and DiBiase lifts him up and drops him throat first on the top rope. That’s the old ?Stunning? Steve Austin finisher the Stun Gun. DiBiase covers for a two count. DiBiase hits a trifecta of elbows before hitting his Dad’s Million Dollar Fist Drop! DiBiase covers for a two and a half count. DiBiase slams Carlito down and goes to the second rope for a double foot stomp. DiBiase covers again for a two and a half count. DiBiase locks that half nelson choke back on. It’s really a Tazmission. The crowd wills Carlito back into it and he gets to his feet, punches out, and hits a back suplex! Both men are now down.

They both get up and Carlito ducks a clothesline. Carlito hits some punches and a kick, goes into the ropes and hits a Million Dollar Knee Lift, goes back into the ropes for a clothesline that DiBiase ducks but Carlito hits him with it on the flipside. Carlito bounces DiBiase’s head off the top turnbuckle and goes for a whip that DiBiase attempts to reverse but Carlito twists him into a DDT! Carlito covers for a two and a half count!

DiBiase cuts Carlito off with a knee to the midsection and punches him to the ropes. DiBiase whips Carlito into the ropes but Carlito holds on. DiBiase charges right into a back elbow. Carlito charges and DiBiase powerslams him for a two and a half count. DiBiase can?t believe it and goes to lift Carlito but Carlito stuns him with a jawbreaker. Carlito punches him and has a whip reversed on him but Carlito jumps and springboards off the second rope for a back elbow but jumps right into Dream Street and DiBiase covers for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Ted DiBiase
Match Rating: ** ?

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes celebrate the win to close out the third episode of Superstars.

Quick Match Results

Michelle McCool* & Alicia Fox def. Gail Kim* & Maria
Evan Bourne def. Paul Burchill
Ted DiBiase def. Carlito

Bump of the Night: Air Bourne on Paul Burchill!

Match of the Night: Ted DiBiase def. Carlito ** ?

Mike’s Thoughts

This was a good edition of Superstars except for that Diva match. I really like this show because it’s only a showcase show, so we can cut out the storylines and long in ring promos and just get right down to wrestling.

Another great match from Ted DiBiase and Carlito ? they?re two tremendous young talents. They both move so smooth and they can do so much, it’s really amazing. You can really tell they?re second generation. I don?t know what it is ? sometimes those second generation guys just move so naturally. That’s not always the case ? just look at David Sammartino and Sim Snuka. I don?t know why I went for Sammartino. Ivan Putski’s son Scott didn?t fare too well either. Regardless, these guys are great and they?re definitely the future ? maybe DiBiase moreover Carlito but who knows? Anyway, they put on a great match.

Evan Bourne and Paul Burchill had a really nice match tonight. I?m a big fan of Evan Bourne and now, after having a chance to call and analyze one of his matches, I?m an even bigger fan. I liked him before coming to WWE but I admittedly barely remember him from Wrestling Society X ? actually I barely remember anything about that fed at all. He really is a tremendous talent and has the talent to be WWE’s new Rey Mysterio ? only question now is to see what WWE does with him in the future. Anyway, getting back to tonight, they had a nice match with some great wrestling and selling. I?m impressed by both men, Bourne slightly more though.

The Divas had a bad match tonight. It was embarrassing at times when Maria and Alicia Fox were in there. The thing that boggles my mind is that this is obviously a prerecorded show ? why couldn?t they edit some of this to make it passable? Change a camera angle to hide something? Instead we clearly see Maria miss some sort of maneuver on Fox and Fox take sloppy bumps everywhere. It was just a miss for the Divas and a rare miss for WWE’s production team. However, let’s really be honest here, ok? Maria and Alicia Fox have no business being in a wrestling ring anyway. I?m sure they work hard in training but it just doesn?t show and it makes wrestling, which everyone knows is fake, look faker.

Except for the Diva match this episode was pretty solid.

Final Rating: ** ?

As always I?d love to see comments from those who liked the recap and even those who didn?t. Even if you just want to talk wrestling, I?m always up for that. Let me know!

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