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Week of April 20th ? 26th 2009
By: David Stephens of

Welcome back to the only WrestleView column covering topics both nowhere yet everywhere at once. If you are new to the column you are probably going to hate us for the first couple weeks, but then you are going to hit a point where you say ?oh wait a minute, I think he gets it?. Don?t worry, that’s exactly how it is designed to be. This column is all about gut reactions and traveling thoughts. As the great Andy Kaufman once said: ?I just want real reactions. I want people to laugh from the gut, be sad from the gut, or get angry from the gut?.

I?m in Love

It’s true. Odds are you?ve never seen a wrestling column start this way, so before you x out of the screen, let me assure you that I?m not about to relate my love to you via song a la Taylor Swift [though I did consider it]. This love I have currently stems from a relationship that has been to hell and back. It’s an experience which I know most of you share, at least in some part.

Join me next week as I discuss the love, hatred and tragedy that are all part of my relationship with Professional Wrestling. This will also include the explanation I know many of you have been pondering for quite some time ? why am I in such awe of Paul London? The answer to this burning question and more, next week!

Thoughts of Fantasy

It’s has been a couple weeks since I last looked at my Fantasy Wrestling League and the draft choices that I was making for my promotion. To catch you up to speed the basic guideline that I follow is that the draftee cannot have had a run in a major wrestling promotion. I classify these promotions as WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA. I will however allow the draftee a chance if his involvement was in the form of a one night job or dark matches. Essentially, having a legitimate contract with the company would disqualify the candidate.

This week I am going in a very different direction as I will not be selecting a wrestler. Instead, I will choose two other individuals that will have a deep influence on my promotion. In this very column I will be selecting my first writer, as well as my first commentator!

Let’s start out with announcing my first writer. Before I get a bunch of e-mails chastising me for this pick of writer/booker it is important for you to understand that I will be selecting a TEAM of writers for the product. While individually everybody will of course have their faults, once the full team is assembled it will be a force unlike the world of professional wrestling has ever seen. Besides, this is a fantasy so I can pretend that my writers will be able to put their egos aside to work together. Impractical? Yes, but like I said it is my fantasy, so let’s go.

Writer/Booker Draftee #1

*insert drum roll here* My FIRST member of the writing staff is ? Gabe Sapolsky!

Gabe Sapolsky
Hometown: Brookline, Massachusetts
Experience: Former booker for ROH and Full Impact Pro. Worked behind the scenes for ECW in creating merchandise and marketing for the promotion. During that time he also got involved with RF Video and would become an official employee with RF in 2001.This relationship with Rob Feinstein led the two of them opening Ring of Honor in 2002, Feinstein as the owner, and Sapolsky as the head booker.
Accomplishments: Was the Wrestling Observer’s Booker of the Year from 2004-2007.

I want to keep my explanation here short and simple. I know that some people despised the way Gabe ran things and others absolutely loved it. He embraced a style that seems to polarize people. What you can?t deny is the fact that he was part of the group responsible for putting Ring of Honor on the map. His booking style is going to fit great with some of my fresh young talent that are coming in with amazing aerial techniques that once honed and polished will take my promotion to the next level.

Like I said, Gabe is only one of a team of writers that will be scripting and booking my shows. Once I reveal the other members I?ll start delving into how it will be possible for them to work together in a synergy. Trust me; the end result is very promising.

Commentator Draftee #1

This pick was one that took a lot of thought and research in order to find a pick that I could be happy having chosen. The guideline of staying away from established talent is particularly challenging as commentators for the smaller promotions are really only found on DVDs and YouTube videos. I?ve listened to a lot over the years, but I was actually surprised with the choice I knew I couldn?t let slip away. My pick actually happens to a home grown talent if you will. Because my first commentator selection is none other than WrestleView’s own:

Adam Martin
Nickname: Marty, The Funky White Boy (courtesy of “Wrestling News Live”)
WrestleView Duties: Co-Webmaster, Editor in Chief (all the news you see is 99.9% conducted by Adam)
Hometown: Marion, Iowa
Occupation: Post-college graduate seeking employers who want a Journalism grad with a minor in Political Science in this wonderful economy we now live in!
Experience: Reporter for wrestling news since 1997, started my first wrestling website in 1999 called “Know Your Role Wrestling” (, left internet reporting in late 2000, returned in 2001 with a new website with Kevin Lowery called “Pro Wrestling Coverage” (, merged PWCoverage with in May of 2001, took on a role as Co-Webmaster with in late 2001/early 2002, recently named “Editor in Chief” of in late 2008 and have remained with since 2001
Entrance Music: “Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000
Signature Move: Spinning Side Slam
Favorite Wrestling Company: WWF/WWE (ECW is a close #2)
Favorite Wrestler[s]: Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Curt Hennig, The Rock, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles (renewed his passion of wrestling in 2002)

For the record, I didn?t make any of that up. It is all from information he gave me when I was putting together the WrestleView staff profiles. Now before people start complaining that I am just picking him because he is on staff, or because I?m trying to suck up or anything along those lines; I ask you to hear me out. I knew that I would get some heat from you guys on the pick if I couldn?t explain my reasoning, so allow me to elucidate.

At about the same time that AJ Styles was renewing Adam’s passion for wrestling, I too was going through a similar phase. For him it was AJ, for me it was Paul London. It seemed that when I learned of the Indy style of wrestling that an entire unknown world was revealed. Shortly thereafter, a friend introduced me to WrestleView. I had been visiting some other sites, but I was impressed with their professional demeanor, great layout, no pop ads, and the content was all free. It didn?t take long for the site to become one of my top ?go to? sites every time I went on the computer. As far as I was concerned the site’s recaps and columns became the standard to which all others were lacking.

Flash forward to several months ago when I finally decided to turn on Wrestling News Live and see what all the hoopla was about. I knew that Adam Martin and Hunter Golden [my bosses if you will] contributed to the show so I figured it was worth a listen. At that point I had already had several lengthy conversations with Hunter, so I knew his voice and could pick him out immediately. There were a couple other radio personalities talking, one of which really impressed me in terms of the tone and timbre of his voice. Nonetheless I wasn?t paying much attention to the show as I was waiting to see what Adam had to say about the night’s episode of RAW. I waited, and waited, and waited. Just as I was about to accept that Adam had taken the night off, I heard one of the hosts reference Adam by name. When the moment of realization occurred that the voice that had impressed was none other than Adam Martin’s, I had an instant moment of ?Eureka!?. I knew immediately that his was the voice I wanted.

It’s difficult for me to accurately portray the way he sounds and if I attempt to describe his voice it will inevitably come off as creepy imagery. Instead I urge you to do yourself a favor and go check out an archived copy of Adam’s voice on an audio show so that you can understand my zeal.

Now the question you may be asking yourself is where does Adam fit, Color or Play-by-Play? As someone that has read his detailed and enthusiastic reports for years, his innate ability shines clearly. His youthful voice [Martin is only 23] will bring a promising perspective and professional caliber to my promotion.

The bottom line is that Adam’s voice coupled with his meticulous recapping abilities [he still writes WrestleView’s PPV recaps] makes him a prime candidate for inclusion. I?m still searching for the man to join him in the broadcast booth, but until then Adam Martin is my league’s choice for Play-by-Play Commentator.

Current Roster

Kenny Omega
Ibushi Kota

Play-by-Play Commentator:
Adam Martin

Gabe Sapolsky

What’s in the News?

-Larry Sweeney announced that he quit ROH
He wrote on his Facebook page: “Alex Whybrow quit ring of honor this morning. For real. I don’t need to take this sh*t anymore and will be appearing back again for ian rotten starting veeeeeery soon. Fu*k it, I love it..”

-The Wrestler went on sale this past Tuesday on DVD and Blu-Ray
I have to say that this is the first DVD in awhile that I can?t wait to get my hands on. I?m really looking forward to watching it with director’s commentary if that is included, as well as all the special features

-Sting recently broke the TNA recorder for longest World Title run since they introduced their own TNA World Title belt; he also surpassed his own personal best Singles Title run

-CZW was featured on an episode of Discovery Channel’s ?Time Warp?
I was actually able to catch this when it was on, and it is definitely worth a look. The premise of the show is that they film in a very high speed so that the action can be broken down and the viewer can see normally unnoticed elements. There is a really sick punch to the face that makes the guy’s entire head ripple. Check it out if you get a chance

-Kaz hopes to be able to get back into the ring for TNA next month
In the meantime Christopher Daniels will continue his double role as Suicide. I really hope they increased his pay for all this extra wrestling

-Andy Kaufman DVD was released in Canada that includes ?My Breakfast with Blassie? and ?I?m from Hollywood?
It goes without saying that I am a huge fan of Kaufman. He’s an inspiring and intriguing individual. There is a reason why I open every column with his quote about wanting real gut reactions from people, because that’s EXACTLY what I?m striving for

-Jay Lethal has signed a new multi-year deal with TNA
as a side note I sat next to Lethal, Shelley and Rave at a small Indy show one time. This was the time that Rave heckled me as I was writing down my thoughts

-From the WV main page: ?During the replay of last week’s ECW on Universal HD, comments by Matt Striker and Josh Mathews were edited out from the John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne match. Striker used the term “match of the year candidate” and Mathews used the term “five star match” to describe the match, both of which were removed from the show. It remains to be seen if those are new terms that have been banned or if they aren’t allowed to be used in matches with people who are not main eventers?
This was of interest to me as I definitely noted the comments they made in my recap. I agreed with them that it was a stellar match. It will be interesting to see if an actual explanation is ever revealed or whether we just have to speculate. I can remember staying up to watch Velocity when it was on Saturday nights. I almost never missed an episode that had Paul London wrestling and as such really got into Josh Matthews? commentary style. That’s the main reason I was so excited about his inclusion on the ECW team. Matthews used to make comments like this back when he was doing Velocity so I didn?t think anything of it when he said it with Striker on ECW. Very interesting

WWE RAW ? 3.74
ECW on Sci-Fi ? 1.2
TNA Impact ? 1.2

WWE Stock Update
Week Ending April 24th
Open ? 10.82
Close ? 10.94
Low ? 10.34
High ? 11.21

Quick Results

-Randy Orton def. WWE Champion Triple H in a No Disqualification Match
-Big Show def. Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio
-World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest
-Women’s Champion Melina def. Beth Phoenix
-CM Punk def. Kane
-Batista def. Chavo Guerrero

-Hornswoggle def. Natalya
-Evan Bourne def. Paul Burchill
-Vladimir Kozlov def. local competitor

TNA Impact
-3D Tag Team Invitation Tournament Quarterfinals: Beer Money Inc. def. Lethal Consequences
-TNA Knockouts Championship #1 Contenders Match Ladder Match: Sojo Bolt def. Taylor Wilde
-TNA Legends Championship ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles (c) def. ?Big Sexy? Kevin Nash w/Jenna Morasca [DQ]
-Team 3D Invitation Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: ?The Outlaw? Jethro Holiday & ?Showtime? -Eric Young def. No Limit w/Kiyoshi & Sheik Abdul Bashir
-Cactus Jack’s Smack Attack Match (Street Fight): ?King of the Mountain? Jeff Jarrett def. ?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner

-Matt Hardy & Kane def. Jeff Hardy & CM Punk
-Big Show def. Undertaker?
-Divas Champion Maryse def. Gail Kim?(Divas Championship Match)
-United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter def. Chavo Guerrero (Non-title)
-Batista & Shane McMahon def. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

Must Read WrestleView Column of the Week
From The Desk of Mr. V #13
Technically this column doesn?t come out until Thursday, but in the interest of self-promotion I?m choosing it. This is because I have now become the DEAN of the WrestleView faculty by surpassing Joe Baiamonte for the most correct PPV predictions of 2009. Check out the column to see my statement of acceptance.

Loose Ends

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-I have Finals and papers due next week for college. Apologies in advance if I don?t have anything for you on the Column or Recap front next week. I?m going to try my hardest to get both out as it is the first week of VIP. You?ll hear from me one way or another, so don?t worry

-Hats off to Tom Van Stone [our site designer] for his incredible work in getting the site ready for this monumental step

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So ?that’s a wrap??. Love it? Hate it? Disagree with everything I said? Just want to chat wrestling? I?m always up for reading your thoughts so send them ?em on over.

David Stephens