WWE Smackdown/ECW House Show Results – 4/23/09
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Craig King sent this report in:

Hey everyone, I am just back from the WWE SmackDown/ECW House Show in Glasgow, Scotland and I throughly enjoyed it. Here is my review:

Okay, so we departed my house, myself, my brother and his girlfriend who wasn’t attending but was kind enough to drive us there. Anyway, we got there and we walked around inside the shopping center for a little while and then got to the arena and seats for just going on seven o’clock. After about fifteen minutes the person came on saying that it’s okay to take pictures but not to throw and such.

Then, everything went dark and “Rock Like Me” played really loudly as Justin Roberts came out and welcomed us to the show.

Match 1
Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd

He then announced the first match was scheduled for one fall. Evan Bourne came out first and got a pretty good pop, Tyson Kidd’s music hit next and everyone was silent probably not recognizing the music and then he was booed pretty loudly. The match was decent with Bourne some of his usual stuff, hurricanranas and such. Bourne managed to pick up the victory with his stunning Shooting Star Press. Really good opener which the crowd was very much into.

Match 2
Belfast Brawl
Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) vs. Mark Henry

Justin Roberts announced that the next match was a Belfast Brawl, out came Finlay and Hornswoggle who got cheered quite loudly, they ran just slapping fans hands before entering the ring. Mark Henry came down to the ring ignoring everyone before getting in a fans face. Before the match, Hornswoggle got a laugh when he was trying to hit Henry and the referee’s feet with the Shelleigh. Henry locked in a lot of nerve holds and such but the crowd chanted “Finlay” through every one. The match itself was good, trash cans and canes were the weapons of choice and after Hornswoggle came in and delivered a cane shot to Henry, Henry was distracted, pushing Hornswoggle away, Henry turned into a Shelleigh shot and Finlay got the victory.

Six-Diva Tag Team Match
Gail Kim and the Bella Twins vs. Maryse, Natalya and Katie Lea.

Not the best of diva matches but the Bellas impressed me more tonight than they ever have in the ring and that’s a plus indeed, the entrances were quiet for the most part, some small cheers for Maryse and a lot of whistles from male fans were directed her way. One of the Bella twins, I believe Brie was worked on for a long period of time before tagging in Gail, Gail got the victory after hitting her finisher on Katie Lea. Natalya, Katie and Maryse started pushing each other outside of the ring before walking up the ramp as Gail and the Bellas celebrated.

I think it was at this point that the DX music played and Justin Roberts announced that the DX Invasion tour was coming back to Glasgow on November 5th.

Triple Threat Match
WWE United States Championship
MVP vs. R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin

The crowd seemed deflated for this one, they popped for the entrance of MVP and Truth chanting What’s Up with him and booed Benjamin loudly but during the match it just seemed like there was more talking than chanting between members of the crowd. I think Truth was the more favoured by the crowd in this match, it was a good little match and MVP retained his title after Benjamin ducked a Scissor Kick by R-Truth and hit the Paydirt before being hit with MVP’s Playmaker. The crowd seemed to become lively again near the end. R-Truth had “Whats Up” constantly chanted at him as he left.

Justin Roberts comes into the ring and announces that there will be a brief intermission. We leave for a bit and come back just in time for the Honey Monster who, to my surprise, is cheered a little. Honey Monster announces the password to enter the competition to win tickets to SummerSlam, he dances, is thanked and then leaves.

Match 5
ECW Championship Match
Jack Swagger vs. Christian

After the intermission, Justin Roberts announces that 12 Rounds featuring John Cena is out on DVD soon. He then introduces ECW Interim General Manager Tiffany, Tiffany comes out to a small reaction and asks “What’s Up Glasgow?” before saying she is privledged to be ECW GM, she then introduces Christian who got a very good cheer and Swagger who got pretty loudly booed. The match itself was really good and at a few moments, at the near-falls I thought that Christian might win the ECW title but that didn’t happen and I doubted it at the beginning due to it being a House Show. The crowd wanted Christian to win and it seemed the “Christian” chants were endless. Swagger won with his gutwrench powerbomb.

Match 6
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy came out first to a pretty loud cheer but there were some boos mixed in. Then, Jeff’s music hit and the place went absolutely crazy, Jeff’s entrance took about five minutes as he ran around the stage area clapping fans hands and such, they just went nuts, the loudest reaction I’ve heard in some time and the loudest I’ve ever experienced at a live event. Simply crazy. The match was good but went in real quick, Jeff Hardy picked up the victory with the Swanton Bomb, he gave me a fright, he didn’t twist his body until the very last second. Jeff celebrated some more with the fans, quite a lot and came over to my section climbing on a box on the floor taking in the adulation.

Justin Roberts says that he, on behalf of WWE thanks everyone for coming out tonight and cannot wait to return to Glasgow on November 5th.

Match 7
Main Event
Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase)

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes came out to some boos and taunted in the ring quite a bit.

Triple H came out to a very loud cheer but it didn’t match Hardy’s, Triple H stood at the top of the ramp for quite a while before during his usual entrance.

The Undertaker came out and the crowd went really crazy for him also pretty much the same reaction.

The match itself was good but the crowd started to get quieter and quieter and when Triple H was being beat down leading to the hot tag Taker’ had to keep banging the turnbuckle with his fist but eventually they won with Undertaker performing a Tombstone on DiBiase at the same time Triple H hit a Pedigree on Rhodes.

Afterwards, Taker’ went to the back and Triple H got a huge cheer staying out to celebrate for a good ten to fifteen minutes before also leaving.

Best Reactions (Face)

1. Jeff Hardy
2. Triple H (including after-match)
3. The Undertaker
4. Finlay
5. R-Truth

Best Reactions (Heel)

1. Matt Hardy (after entrance)
2. Shelton Benjamin
3. Legacy
4. Jack Swagger
5. Mark Henry

Overall, a very good show.