Miscellaneous WWE videos for 4/24/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


4/21/14 WWE RAW “Fallout”-Rhodes Brothers at a Crossroads http://youtu.be/fVvWBsaxjqw 

Sam Roberts Interviews Jimmy Hart http://youtu.be/Zb1o5zg-WO8 

Five Extreme WWE Superstars http://youtu.be/0UqW7P6odfI 

Bad News Barrett vs. Bad News Brown-Fantasy Match-up http://youtu.be/RSdTvMC_a0Y 

Paige Describes her Journey to the Divas Championship and Hints at the Future http://youtu.be/RSdTvMC_a0Y 

4/20/14 After Total Divas http://youtu.be/2QhgpBVovZk