Miscellaneous WWE videos for 5/26/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


The JBL & Cole Show (Episode 78) http://youtu.be/L6vuZQv8XR0 

WWE Joins Rome’s Susan G. Komen Italia Race For The Cure http://youtu.be/iad4LswMTF4 

WWE Top Ten-Good Guys Gone Bad http://youtu.be/2R4dWBjsmdo 

5/19/14 WWE RAW “Slam of the Week” http://youtu.be/2LVhb8k1dEE 

5/23/14 WWE Smackdown “Slam of the Week” http://youtu.be/xNjiTcpkt2Y 

WWE Legend Mick Foley Sends a Shout Out to CAWS & to P.T. Player http://youtu.be/wikPAhXOJig 

5/23/14 WWE Smackdown “Fallout” http://youtu.be/evG0DpHLJBMmik 

30-Second Fury-Kane’s Chokeslam http://youtu.be/pJhd4Ez8E_s 

5/25/14 After Total Divas http://youtu.be/TMZaL1H7bCw