Miscellaneous videos for 6/16/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


30-Second Fury: Alicia Fox http://youtu.be/a5s0-SGON8Y 

Paige Steps on to the Artist’s Canvas-Canvas to Canvas http://youtu.be/TTUQdbGa07c 


Top 35 Moves of Suwama http://youtu.be/hWDh1rHNERI 

Wrestle Talk TV (Season 4, Episode 16) http://youtu.be/REpIk_93dok 

DDP is Coming to Reality of Wresting’s iPPV http://youtu.be/1aQ70gR4Gxs 

Cody Hall on “The Apter Chat” http://youtu.be/BYzV7STtNiw 

#TheJourney 5-Canada Part 3: Jeff & Karen Jarrett http://youtu.be/1wu35Va1zUY 


6/9/14 Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling “PowerSlam” TV http://youtu.be/7PQorE8mRyw 

6/15/14 NW Southern All-Star Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/MenNLjEAYDw 


Slammiversary Coverage: Ethan Carter’s Final Thoughts Before Texas Death Match http://youtu.be/qKxB9PgQbE8 

Slammiversary Coverage: How Does Eric Young Prepare for his Title Defense? http://youtu.be/0TC8-fk9o5I 

Slammiversary Coverage: Magnus & Bram After His Match WIth Willow http://youtu.be/yUifek7L9XM 

Slammiversary Coverage: Austin Aries Following His Match With Kenny King http://youtu.be/c_it6ivnrAY 

Slammiversary Coverage: Devon Moments After Team 3D TNA Hall of Fame Announcement http://youtu.be/6THxz4G-QaY 

Slammiversary Coverage: Dixie Reacts to What Happened at Slammiversary with Bully Ray http://youtu.be/eND1kKKIKBc