Miscellaneous videos for 6/20/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Money in The Bank Contract Ladder Match Officially Added http://youtu.be/VinoePpNOQY 

Video Blog: Brandi Rhodes Answers Questions From the WWE Universe http://youtu.be/yx9EE942cGM 

Bad News Barrett’s World Cup Breakdown (Episode 1) http://youtu.be/aZ5toKAsmhc 

WWE Inbox (Episode 124) http://youtu.be/l4PrYT4bCdY 

The JBL & Cole Show (Episode 82) http://youtu.be/bDC-zKQBHq0 


On Your Mark (Episode 8) http://youtu.be/8AMRv5QGz9M 

6/20/14 CHIKARA Event Center http://youtu.be/5IVAIMZDoUQ 

“Dad You Don’t Work You Wrestle” (Episode 76) http://youtu.be/caIf-XYya9k 

Zane & Caleb #POTW-#Tinder http://youtu.be/TwgwTGkf1Pg 

Kurt Angle’s #MyComeback 12 http://youtu.be/VhQb0ifXf58 


Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero TV (Episode 65) http://youtu.be/juUDQh4Zens 

SMASH Wrestling TV (Episode 4) http://youtu.be/JNTvQllt1cs 

All-American Wrestling TV (Episode 15) http://youtu.be/aNTqthYnIJk 

New England Championship Wrestling (Episode 64) http://youtu.be/YK23zy1_zaw 

6/19/14 Future Stars of Wrestling “Lowdown” TV http://youtu.be/Lbg2V6jf_Pc 

6/22/14 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling “Wrestling Explosion” TV http://youtu.be/Y722SmXqSVQ 

6/21/14 NWA Smoky Mountain TV http://youtu.be/S7s8Jbd12b8