Miscellaneous videos for 7/7/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


West Virginia Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 183) http://youtu.be/ajtwXfkX_30 

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV (Episode 775) http://blip.tv/ovw/ovw-tv-775-2-blip-tv-6958018 

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV (Episode 776) http://blip.tv/ovw/ovw-tv-776-blip-tv-6972202 

Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero TV (Episode 67) http://youtu.be/dxfmBUJm0sA 

Anarchy Wrestling (Episode 440) http://youtu.be/aee7-7kvPaw 

7/6/14 Southern States Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/n8cAkwBg_jM 

Darkhorse Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 22) http://youtu.be/I_e-2O5Xl0s 


The JBL & Cole Show (Episode 84) http://youtu.be/lWsfaHCz9GA 

7/4/14 WWE Smackdown “Fallout” http://youtu.be/D4QVcuGewFA 

WWE Top Ten: Shocking Returns http://youtu.be/kZ_8hx4FwwE 

6/30/14 WWE RAW “Slam of the Week” http://youtu.be/SneRrRJ0_ew 

7/4/14 WWE Smackdown “Slam of the Week” http://youtu.be/M_pyylY5w70 

30-Second Fury-Codebreaker http://youtu.be/ck8c7svoOY8 

Top 40 Moves of the Bella Twins http://youtu.be/aee7-7kvPaw 

WWE Canvas to Canvas-It’s Diesel in Custom Kliq Colors http://youtu.be/cpI6huF28Bc 


Dad You Don’t Work You Wrestle (Episode 78) http://youtu.be/KhS5ONSogSs 

7/5/14 Petey Williams Farewell Speech at XICW http://youtu.be/wQiSY4k1sV8 

Top 55 Moves of Cedric Alexander http://youtu.be/Bhett1AjZSg 

Ezekiel Jackson on “The Apter Chat” http://youtu.be/cG3Z3QSG_68