Miscellaneous videos for 8/12/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Top 35 Moves of EZ Money (Jason Jett) http://youtu.be/lM6tEYRjVt0 

Top 30 Moves of Alicia Fox http://youtu.be/YvZ0zQqs_dI 

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go (Episode 377) http://youtu.be/5eWJG82WPh8 

Worst Promo Ever (Episode 73) http://youtu.be/oBovZhXrE3M 

The Candice & Joey Show (Episode 54) http://youtu.be/YvZ0zQqs_dI 

Anarchy Wrestling TV (Episode 445) http://youtu.be/QhhrQTJKpJc 


8/11/14 WWE RAW “Fallout”: WWE Superstars & Legends Celebrate the Hulkster’s Birthday http://youtu.be/PefSUbo-w8c 

8/11/14 WWE RAW “Fallout”-Brie Bail-a http://youtu.be/a_Ykx6IAFS8 

8/11/14 WWE RAW “Fallout”-Hulk Hogan Celebrates His Birthday http://youtu.be/hhZR3XUx4Ac 

Totino’s Show Us Your Superstar (Episode 6) http://youtu.be/Nlgw1fYQgNA 

WWEInsider: The Rapping Superstar Gets Crunk http://youtu.be/AaWv_X1PFXw 

Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters Kids Vs. Pro Playgrounds Throwdown Featuring John Cena http://youtu.be/MjVkY-XducU 

Canvas 2 Canvas-The Most memorable Wrestlemania 30 Moments on One Canvas! http://youtu.be/yiuJVaw6ELc 


Ultra Pro Wrestling Zero Wrestling TV (Episode 72) http://youtu.be/fZ_8mtwk9gI 

AIWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling TV (Episode 186) http://youtu.be/4MNYlSpWNA8 

8/10/14 NWA Southern ALl-Star Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/ExVolCe8pa4 

8/11/14 Ground Xero Wrestling “Revolution” TV http://youtu.be/QhhrQTJKpJc 

8/9/14 Future Stars of Wrestling “High Octane” http://youtu.be/1loQfJqkYyw