Miscellaneous videos for 8/15/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Yakima Mayor Proclaims August 10, 2014 as “Goldust Day” http://youtu.be/ZLzuUun2lgY 

Five Things: Five Binge-Worthy Summerslams http://youtu.be/BZR1HSgBeMU 

WWE Supercard Trailer http://youtu.be/iB8Q4psrNpsMIS 

Totino’s Show Us Your Superstars (Episode 7) http://youtu.be/KgCWvdj4lQ8 

WWE Inbox (Episode 132) http://youtu.be/_S65nS8dvMc  

Stephanie McMahon’s Intense Summerslam Workout http://youtu.be/mpa9v2x02yc 

Top 50 Moves of Sheamus http://youtu.be/AiB_23y_yEo 

Go Behind the Scenes of Alicia Fox’s Diva Day Off Photo Shoot: August 14, 2014 http://youtu.be/T6Qf3QR65Dg 

Canvas 2 Canvas-The Biggest Fight of the Summer! SummerSlam http://youtu.be/ceFDEgHVMXc 


8/11/14 Snakepit Adelaide Professional Wrestling “Powerslam” TV http://youtu.be/wzdeeH4K3ZU 

SMASH Wrestling TV (Episode 12) http://youtu.be/oJvworgYKbc 

8/10/14 Southern States Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/F-J98vvYcIo 

8/9/14 Reality of Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/LQQVWrHRBks 

New England Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 72) http://youtu.be/ZXJYNPt_Yx4 

West Virginia Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 188) http://youtu.be/E22lg2TKR6M 

8/17/14 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling “Explosion” TV http://youtu.be/td1vos_xK3A 

IHWE TV (Episode 3) http://youtu.be/aNPCZi5X9kA 


#IMPACT365-The Hardys Before Facing Team 3D http://youtu.be/nky7Xn50vyY 

#IMPACT365-The Hardys Talk About Their Match WIth Team 3D http://youtu.be/Nmjw6oU9tms 

#IMPACT365-Gail Kim & Angelina Love Brawl Backstage after IMPACT Wrestling http://youtu.be/DnS4qjqf4dQ 

#IMPACT365-Kurt Angle Makes a Knockouts Match for Hardcore Justice http://youtu.be/ZP46h9S6stw 

Another Letter is Revealed…Who is Coming? http://youtu.be/3-8M4LLdob0 


8/13/14 Tercera Caida http://youtu.be/hHd-mjlXFyA 

Roberto Del Rio Promotes Triplemania XXII http://youtu.be/QDaWb8qNuGE 

Roberto Del Rio Promotes Triplemania XXII #2 http://youtu.be/5GzJDe4-xd8 

Roberto Del Rio Promotes Triplemania XXII #3 http://youtu.be/jw4SEyXVMFk 


Zane & Caleb #POTW-#Bubba http://youtu.be/iH2zM35y6sE 

Dad You Don’t Work You Wrestle (Episode 84) http://youtu.be/46qsW0n7nQQ