Miscellaneous videos for 8/18/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Brian Fritz’s Interview With Hulk Hogan http://youtu.be/jH5Zj40zp5M 

Brian Fritz’s Interview With Bad News Barrett http://youtu.be/TMvnY-X-9D4 

Brian Fritz’s Interview With Daniel Bryan http://youtu.be/JgYy7CJa-IM  

Sam Roberts’ Interview With Brie Bella http://youtu.be/tszCuYmP0Jo 

Sam Roberts’ Interview With Nikki Bella http://youtu.be/zDwqJJV3578 

Sam Roberts’ Interview With John Cena http://youtu.be/KS_3YDJwTjk 

WWE SummerSlam Kickoff http://youtu.be/IPmycv3ppFo

Stephanie McMahon Accepts the “Ice Bucket Challenge” http://youtu.be/1Z_XDJDsFs4 

Paiged Comments on Becoming a Two-Time Divas Champion http://youtu.be/TFVi2Pm-jYE 

Dolph Ziggler Comments on Winning the Intercontinental Championship http://youtu.be/JoSr6RvbJrA 

Lana Comments on Rusev’s Win Over Jack Swagger http://youtu.be/RCtoNpYhQ2M 

Seth Rollins Comments on the Chaos That Was the Lumberjack Match http://youtu.be/w9H16KPD-J0 

WWE Headquarters Has a Fresh Look With the Arrival of the WWE Logo http://youtu.be/WvnLdlrSLbw 

Totino’s Show Us Your Superstar: SummerSlam Journey Highlights http://youtu.be/hsmBiRRmEDA 

Canvas 2 Canvas-The Lunatic Fringe Captured on Canvas 2 Canvas http://youtu.be/5hMxdpwJl68 


Worst Promo Ever (Episode 74) http://youtu.be/4XRynSOeMys 

The Candice & Joey Show (Episode 55) http://youtu.be/o5F1xkPOqic 

Summerslam Wrap Up Report With Bill Apter http://youtu.be/IYnoDuLlDYI 


8/17/14 NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/6-aeRn1fieE 

Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero TV (Episode 74) http://youtu.be/MZrdJbz_xi8 

Anarchy Wrestling TV (Episode 446) http://youtu.be/tJ0rAvsrPdA 

8/17/14 Future Stars of Wrestling “Lowdown” TV http://youtu.be/4d4MqxNTnE4 

Darkhorse Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 26) http://youtu.be/d89M084WOCg 


Kurt Angle’s #IceBucketChallenge for ALS http://youtu.be/qjWKxtPwgNw